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Monday, August 31, 2009

September 1, 2009

Watched a Fine movie today;

“The Baader Meinhof Complex,” a really taut and unnerving, forcefully historic fictional film about a West German terrorist group whose founders ran bloodily amok in the 1970s. I was only for years old, It’s 1967, and a beautiful Ulrike Meinhof (Martina Gedeck), is playing a journalist turned bad.

Posted a Petition online;


iReport titled "LA Most Loved City".

My doctoral Dissertation:

My doc templates;


What Dr;
Jesús Arroyo says in his recommendation:

As an experienced scholar at UCLA, who has contributed to the advance of academic life at other Los Angeles Universities where she has taught in the United States and Mexico, Professor Lazin has worked effectively to create citizen-groups to advance the well being of multicultural groups in society.

Dr. Lazin is one of our resource scholars in Mexico in that she advises several universities (National University of Mexico, University of Michoacán, and Mexico City University as well as my University) on issues in Mexican historical development and her new analysis of Chicano society in the United States.

She opened the PROFMEX Office in Moscow in 1993 in order to bring Mexico into comparative historical studies with Russia, where scholars and policymakers have been very interested in Mexico's relationship to its economically more important to the United States. Dr. Lazin has been the interlocutor for leaders concerned about how Russia will be able to protect itself against the economically more powerful European Union.

I look forward to developing with Dr. Lazin joint seminars that could allow us to receive your students to participate in seminars at the University of Guadalajara— seminars that I would be pleased to support with funds for student air fare and per diem.

In summary, I recommend Dr. Lazin to be named Assistant Professor of History in your Department, to which she will bring great credit. She is a “best bet” to succeed as a congenial contributor to your departmental affairs, and I hope that you are able to attract her to enhance your faculty.


Jesús Arroyo
University of Guadalajara
Dean, School of Economic and Societal Studies
Professor of Economics
UCLA Visiting Scholar in Latin American Studies

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