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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Writings Online

Some of my writings:

Olga Magdalena LAZIN, Ph.D.

UCLA Visiting Scholar, Latin American Center

440 Veteran ave #207
Los Angeles. CA 90024

Tel: (310) 488 0061 cell. /310 208 224.

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"Ignorance and fear, are the two hinges of all religion."

PROFMEX Regional Program Coordinator

ISBN of my book: 970-27-0713-4

La Globalización Se Descentraliza:
Libre Mercado, Fundaciones, Sociedad Cívica y Gobierno Civil
en las Regiones del Mundo

Olga Magdalena Lazín
Mobil; 310 400 0061

Today I've Been Flying at 3.000 Feet above Los Angeles

Above Los Angeles, in a Cessna, with James Platler. We took off at Santa Monica Airport, and flew over Thousand Oaks, Palos Verdes and up to camarillo. Enchanting orchards, , Malibu Lake and terraced agriculture, wineries.
california is just so luscious green from up above.
We had headsets on, and I taped the entire flight. Will add a video.
I could also see the smog  in carson & Willmington. A brown belt around the area.