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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barak Obama Is George Soros' Whimp Biotsch

Hope It Doesn'T Get Any Worse!

Barak Obama is a whimpy vampire; his purple lips bleed of so many lies.

All the campaign promises turned out to be a marketing pitch. None of the promises have been fullfilled.

Soros' whimp has not closed Guantanamo prison.

Our esteemed president has not delivered on health care, and only lined the pockets of the bankers on Wall Street. He promised he will clean up the "hill", purge it of lobbyists, but never made or cracked any heads.
My health insurance bill has risen three times since the healthcare bill has passed! It is $360/month now.
Not acting when action is needed now to stop a bloodbath in Libya, and eliminate Gaddafi. Where is Bush when we need him?
What a pitifull president, and sloppy jackass.

Dessilusioned, half of the country is barely scraping by.
Obama you gotta Kick some ass!

Dr. Olga Lazin & Jessica Elihu
the Lazin Family, and
Teodor Lungu, IN MEMORIAM

P.S. Where is Arianna Huffington; she is really the bomb!


  1. I agree...sort of! It's not really Obama's fault. It's the's a conservative country. Look at all the resistance he gets to even the weakest positive initiatives. A person representing your views (and mine) could not get elected here, because they are not the views of the majority.

  2. Bill de sanatate a trecut!!!!!!!!

  3. Something has to be done with Gaddafi, this brute animal with 400 Special Ops


  5. Pride was the downfall of many great empires; politics might be what dooms US. When everyone has "rights" and too few have grown up to learn about "obligations".... It's a sense of entitlement and lack of care that can't be compensated with random " good will" donations motivated by tax reasons. The politicians are a sign of the time; they reflect the state of the nation.


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