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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lessons from Dictators

Relative to the uprising in Lybia against Muammer Gaddafi, I would argue that the U.S. had no interest in intervening in the toppling of Nicolae Ceausescu (Romanian dictator) in December 1989, simply because the Black Sea petroleum was too far to transport to the U.S.

There are many similarities between Nicolae Ceausescu and Gaddafi. He "reigned" for 40 years and destroyed the Romanian social fabric, as well as the Romanian economy by paying off all debts. Seif Gaddafi even resembles perfectly Nicu Ceausescu, Nicolae's son. Defiant and hateful. Except Seif has "bought" himself a Ph.D. in the U.K, which tells you a lot about western institutions, I must say.

(This information from "UK University Director Quits Over Libya Links" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

During the last days of Ceausescu's regime, he used its fighters to bomb towns held by opponents of his regime, especially in Timisoara, where the uprising begun and quickly became a bloodbath.

The Securitate, or the State Security agency killed at least 1.000 people, but no western media has filmed or documented this bloody revolution in 1989.

But 32.000.000 Romanians have learned a lesson the hard way; change all the key ministers and so-called clique that surrounded the dictator, otherwise you find yourself in the same "serpent hole" in which the people of Egypt find themselves, that is "the hornet's nest" will restructure immediately and will continue its eroding activities for another 20 years. The same will happen within the Egyptian society, if tainted officials are not being removed ASAP.

In Romania Ex-security officers continued running the country because of all the "know-how" and expertise, this time only to enrich themselves.

Obama should insist that after the overthrow of Gaddafi, completelly new elements should be put in place, people untainted by the previous regime, qualified to lead, and only if they submit themselves to frequent mental health check-ups.

Egocentrism and megalomania are terrible scourges - indeed all future presidents should be evaluated for mental sanity.

This is the crucial lesson we have to acknowledge as we insist on replacing the dinosaurs of this malicious regime in Egypt, and hopefully soon in Lybia.

No wonder Muammer Gaddafi and Ceausescu were such good friends - they were both "vampires", living off the blood of their own people.

This article is dedicated to the Romanian idealistic people who were killed in the Romanian Revolution hijacked by Ion Iliescu.


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