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Friday, April 29, 2011

Californians rebel against and anti-migratory program

Californians have always been progressive:
And here is the SEC_COMM, sounds outright Orwellian:

BBC Mundo - Noticias - California se rebela contra un programa anti-inmigratorio
The U.S. of special interests!

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  1. California rebels against an anti-immigration

    Valeria Perasso
    BBC News, Los Angeles
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    The Sec-Comm has been presented as "a modern approach to identify and deport criminal aliens."
    California is up against a federal immigration enforcement program: the southern state on Tuesday approved a policy to limit the dissemination of fingerprint records, promoted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (ICE) U.S..
    California lawmakers mostly opposed to the controversial Safe Communities Program (Sec-Comm), which obliges local authorities to share their databases, which contain information from detainees in prisons in the jurisdiction, with agencies like the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI).

    New Mexico is more like Arizona
    "It is aimed at the most dangerous criminals, as the ICE is the intention," claims the representative of the Asian Caucus.

    The Sec-Comm is underway in about 1,200 cities.
    The Sec-Comm is underway in some 1,200 cities in 41 states spread over U.S. territory.
    Between jurisdictions "rebels" in California has Santa Clara County, which has asked to be excluded from the program, and the prison authorities of San Francisco, accusing the ICE operations have begun cross-checks in their prisons without prior permission.
    In other states, the refusal is based on practical issues. Police in Colorado, for instance, argues that implementing fingerprint checks for all those arrested is simply too expensive because it requires an investment in technology that smaller counties can afford.
    One of the most criticized of the Sec-Comm is the signing statement to all detainees, regardless of whether they have already been convicted of a crime or not, to send the information to federal agencies. If it is found that the person is illegally in the country, ICE may request that person be detained, to pass then the system of immigration custody.
    This has soared, according to official figures, the number of defendants for lack of papers.
    Napolitano explains
    Some of the claims against the Immigration Service are based on that initially the program had been defined as optional for jurisdictions.
    " Essentially a program to share information between partners "
    Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security
    The Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano, was discussed by the misunderstanding about the course he called "essentially a program for sharing information between partners."

    The decision of the California Assembly members, however, calls into question the growth prospects of the Sec-Comm, which the administration of President Barack Obama had planned to expand nationwide by 2013.


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