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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Palomar April 15, 2011

RO vs HU

My favorite Hotel is PALOMAR in Westwood:

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants: Forward to a Friend

My Favorite Club:

"I Love Rotary!" International Network of Rotarians welcomes you
Dear New Member,

I'd like to personally welcome you to the the "I Love Rotary" group and to invite you to participate and initiate new discussions, share Rotary-related activities and personal experiences, club projects, and your passion for Rotary!

Kind Regards, Olga

Darlington sent you a message.
MintLuck Darlington
MintLuck Darlington12:48pm Apr 15th
Subject: hi pretty
how are you? hope your good, what a nice picture you have here so cute, sorry for jumping on you this way but, I hope you don't mind telling me a little about your self, am new to on facebook so I don't know much about it though but i believed a journey of a thousand mile start with a step, we can get to know each other from here what do you think, hope to hear from you soon.


TWITTER: olgamlazin
Facebook: Olga Lazin
Youtbube: magdalazin

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