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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There Is enough will for the immigration debate - The Review - local news, national and international from Los Angeles -

In his official report on the meeting, the White House specified that will intensify efforts to lead a polite debate on the area in the coming weeks and months. They also reiterated that can not be successful if the president is leading the debate alone.

There will for the immigration debate - The Review - local news, national and international from Los Angeles -

And here is more on cartels:

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Jose Z. Garcia's Blog"

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Saludos, OLGA

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  1. A new immigration meeting ended yesterday at the White House, pledging to revive debate on the issue nationally, but without results, in terms of immediate administrative relief for the undocumented population.

    About an hour extended meeting between Barack Obama and about 40 leaders from various sectors, which included religious groups, trade unions, businessmen and politicians. Next to them, members of his cabinet as the Labour sdecretaria, Hilda Solis, Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder.

    The government convened the meeting in a political context interesting. A few weeks ago the president announced the start of his campaign for reelection in 2012. A goal for which you need the Hispanic vote.

    During his leadership there has been an ongoing dialogue with Congress to advance this area, privately, as well as votes to push that took place in December with DREAM Act But politics, no doubt, is also part the current equation.

    The meeting took place amid mounting public pressure from pro-immigrant groups, to implement administrative relief for the undocumented population.

    Steps have been closed set in concrete. In a letter sent last March 18 Napolitano, obtained by The Review, 17 organizations, among which was the Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), called for specific changes.

    Among the measures proposed in the letter mentioned the freezing of programs such as 287g, the progress of reforms in detention centers, which were announced by the government in 2009, but have undergone a series of delays.

    It also recommended changes to the system of detention of aliens, due to a number of shortcomings in the process itself and how the executive agents arrested locally. A plan in line with the proposal by 22 senators, last week, the letter sent to President Obama.

    Asked about specific results on these requests, Ali Noorani, executive director of National Immigration Forum, said the president said he "would give a serious look at the recommendations, but did not rule on the matter, and gave specific signals."

    "I raised the issue of administrative measures, but they also understand that there are limits to what the president can do that the real goal has to be legislation," said Cecilia Muñoz, director of intergovernmental affairs in the White House.

    On the other hand, attending the meeting mentioned the start of a campaign led by the president to encourage national debate.

    "He gave no starting date, but I think that will begin in the coming weeks. He said he would promote a campaign to bring the message to the American people. That's going to go. The same thing you did with the health campaign, speaking in different and community forums to explain the importance of this, "said Eliseo Media for La Opinión, executive vice president of SEIU International.

    "He pledged to put as much energy on promoting immigration reform as it did with health care reform," said Noorani.

    "He made it clear that you can not move forward until they touch the hearts of Americans," he told Eric Garcetti, Councilman of Los Angeles.


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