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Monday, May 2, 2011

Activism, Pro Health Lobby: Obama Is Finally Kaput

How sick and common this is:

Lara Logan breaks silence on Cairo assault - CBS News

Second tip of the day:

How to raise money for a charity on FB (Stop animal Abuse e.g):

Tip #3 Lobbying against childhood obesity:

Let’s Keep the Momentum Going…


What do you get when you combine 330 You’re the Cure advocates meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and thousands more at home sending emails and making phone calls to their Senators and Representatives? A successful lobby day that was tough for Congress to ignore!

On April 12th, survivors, caregivers, youth, medical professionals, and researchers, took on Capitol Hill to urge Congress to support funding for research and pass legislation that will help fight childhood obesity. The stories they shared about their experience with cardiovascular disease stressed the need for our nation’s lawmakers to prioritize the prevention of our nation’s leading cause of death.

Now, it’s up to all of us to keep the momentum going:

1. Within the last month, 50 Members of Congress have co-sponsored the FIT Kids Act
Urge your legislators to show their support for quality physical education too by co-sponsoring the FIT Kids Act today.

2. 12 Senators have co-sponsored the Safe Routes to Schools bill, which was re-introduced in the Senate on April 12th! Ask your Senators to step-up for walk-able and bike-able communities that promote physical activity for kids and families.

3. Congress continues to debate funding priorities, including National Institutes of Health Research. Tell your lawmakers to make NIH funding a top priority in 2012 to ensure continued progress in the fight against heart disease and stroke.


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