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Saturday, May 21, 2011

DR. OLGA LAZIN | California State University, Los Angeles -

A List of Syllabi I have conceived of at:

DR. OLGA LAZIN | California State University, Los Angeles -

Ion of Breb

For many foreigners, Breb village is literrally and figuratively a time machine that transports you back several hundred years, in an age arch conservative and mottled, occasionally interrupted by the throbbing mini ATVs manufactured in China. Brebenii of Maramures are the last northern Romanians to seek work in the Latin West.

They resisted the temptation to the last hour, but many of Maramoroseni, when they could not wait any longer, started to leave to Italy and Spain and find work over there.
They came back with a purse full of euros and do what do all Moroşan: demolish their temple-house of wood, the beams that lasted hundreds of years, and construct a warehouse of concrete blocks,
From this house, they can see over the mountains of Gutinul, all the way to Baia Mare . This house he filled with global objects that are the trend : with plasma TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators.

They feel cool and have already bought that mechanical stitch to facilitate farm labour. The difference between them makes the live weight: estates that are classic mowing grass lies like pencil thin, while their new aids have two sets of collars and bellies as from contributions.

Gheorghe Pop watches old man standing still for 84 years. He went away from the house. An old ak stands motionless as a sentinel, who deceives the winds with his insidious whisperings and warps. It's dry as a stump, he is wearing on his head a black "fes" (Dacians were wearing in anciant history) and has agile moves hopping among his beehives.

" I Do not grow more than 20 families," hissed through his lips thin as a Custura. "So they take the house." Santa Pop studying bees for a living monarch. He knows everything about the behavior of the queen. "Old queen make good pets," he said. "It is two days and occurs when roieşte not move from this cherry tree, as I would expect. Young queen is not standing still. Fleeing into the forest, no longer find them, but swarms die, do not resist. Albina came as the cat, shoot the man's house. Without man, the devil. "
Gheorghe Pop is not the only landmark in the village, but it's the only part that kept noble degree. It would probably still be two to three degrees from owners in all Maramures, the Austro-Hungarian authorities were not collected and stored in the archives of the Convent of Lelesz or Reformed College of Debrecen. Pop armalist is noble, that owning a piece of leather dog coat of arms for his father's merits Zawa knight, knighted in 1607 by Prince of Transylvania, Sigismund Rákóczi.
Pop is a "noble seven plums" as they dubbed the armalişti the Austro- Hungarians, and that Diploma shows the earth, enveloped by two monkeys (his diploma). Parchment is the prince's original signature signed "Rakocy" in letters of gold. The crest is basked two monkeys, which looks exactly like the Yeti. I stumbled translate the text in medieval Latin, of which more than half legend describes heraldry.
Few people saw his diploma he keeps dearly.
The anthropologist Claude Karnoouh, who spent years in and wrote about "Romanians - Typology and mentalities," and this is is one of them. The book mentions Breb, but the author invented that the nobles of the village came to church services/mass with additional sofas, white gloves, as a distinctive sign of status.

Mr. Pop laughed at me and shows me his hands chapped from the cold. "The work began with the creation of the earth, but it will never end. One day, Prince Charles stopped in the road, he looked at me as I work and he motioned with his hand. Prince has four houses, two on one side and two on the other side of the street, third house from me. We are neighbors, but he (his majesty) rarely comes to Breb."
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