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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr Olga M Andrei's Services

Dr Lazin's Publishing SERVICES

Professional Staff:

Our experienced freelancers consist of published authors, short story writer, screenplay writer, columnist, and journalist, as well as native translators. We often consult each other and collaborate on projects. Clients benefit from these collaborations by receiving more than one writer's (or editor's) opinion.

Personal Attention:

We work closely with our clients to provide the services they need to succeed. We offer several levels of editing your Master's thesis, or Doctoral dissertation, ghostwriting support, and book writing assistance to ensure quality products that fit our clients' budgets.

Straightforward Pricing:

Many editing services charge by the hour. For most of our services, we charge by the page, so you know up front how much the service will cost.

1. Manuscript Critique Rates - $4 per double spaced page ($50.00 minimum)
2. Conceptual Editing - $2 per double spaced page
3. Website Edit ($40/page)

4. Writing Assistance ($25/page)

5. Resume Assistance ($10)

6. Translations: $30 per page; (American into Spanish, Romanian into American, American into Romanian)

7. eWriting Courses ($50 per hour)

8. Digital publishing of your book: $50 per book, including ISBN assignation.

Copyrighted Olga Andrei 2011

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