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Monday, June 6, 2011

Innovation In the USA: Global Public Square - Blogs

A. Why is the USA Going SOuth?

B. Now that Venus in Gemini, why is Gemini playing such a large role in our love lives this week?
Moon in Scorpio is turning up the passion in romance. Just Say what you really mean during this week

A. Why are immigrant scientists leaving for ASIA?

Global Public Square - Blogs: "Share
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Introducing the Global Innovation Showcase
Editor's Note: Amar C. Bakshi is the editor of the Global Public Square and World Producer at  Jamie Zimmerman is the Director of the Global Assets Project at the New America Foundation and the organization's lead on the Global Innovation Showcase.
By Amar C. Bakshi and Jamie Zimmerman
The world is rapidly changing and global innovations are leading the way. Innovations in technology, business practices and design are changing how we make friends, make money and have fun.
And innovations are coming from all over the world, not just Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurial hotpots exist in Singapore, Kenya, Brazil and South Korea, to name a few.
Local innovators and global companies have created billions in wealth and millions of jobs in fields such as telecommunications, health, financial services and clean tech.

Post by:
CNN's Amar C. Bakshi, Jamie Zimmerman"

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