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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Apply to be a Grow consultant
Apply to be a Grow business

Grow Business

What is your name ? *

What is your email address ? *

What is your telephone number ? * (Please include the international dialing code)

What country is your business located in ? *

What is your business in ? * Agriculture
Real Estate
Financial services

How old is your business ? *

How many employees are there in your business ? *

Have you worked with a Grow consultant before ? *

Please tell us about your business ? * (What is its name, where is it located and what does it do ?)

Please tell us about your experience ? * (How long have you worked in business, what is your current role, what is your educational background ?)

Please tell us what are the three most important issues that currently face your business ? *

What areas would you like your Grow consultant to help you with ? * (Please tick all that apply. This will let us to allocate a consultant to you with the appropriate expertise. however please remember that you may only have time to focus on one or two key areas with you consultant in your sessions. ) Marketing
Human resources
New business ideas / research
Business planning

What are your expectation from your Grow consultant ? *

How did you hear about Grow Movement?

Please confirm that you agree you will only be on the Grow scheme if you successfully complete the first three sessions within five weeks of starting on Grow ? *

Due to the difficulties outlined above all consultants and businesses are required to serve a probationary period of three sessions before formally being included on a Grow assignment. As a charity, Grow also seeks to minimise its administrative burden so consultants are expected to update the online tracking forms without prompting. If these requirements are not met in the first three sessions the party responsible (business or consultant or both) will be removed from the assignment and prohibited from further participation on Grow projects.

I consent to the terms documented above.

Please add to your email contacts to prevent our emails from being sent to your spam folder.


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