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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Aunty IOSEFCIUC ILEANA HAS DIED TODAY< Igazságot Magyarországnak's Wall

of Diabetes II.

God Bless,her, we love you. Scumpa matusica--

> To: mihaela cedrechi ; gelu ; danim
> Cc: alex lazin ; Olga Khan ; Olga magdalena Lazin ;; bocsak carmen ;; Danuta Szabo ;
> Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2011 8:36 PM
> Subject: A murit matusa ILEANA, MAMA, MATUSA SI BUNICA
> Draga mea verisoara DANIELA, MIHA ELA, verisor GELU SI VLADUT, cu durere mare in suflet, va anunt ca a murit Ilus matusika mea, bunica ta, din Sighet.
> Matusa Ileana A fost o femeie buna, care mi-a injectat vitamine cand am iesit de la Popa Sapca, plus ne-a ajutat mult CA SA CRESTEM MARI, cat si pe mama mea, Magdalena.
> EU AM S-O IUBESC VESNIC. Era IN MINTEA MEA DE COPIL plina de viata si ne facea sa radem cand eram copii. Ea facea cel mai frumos brad de Craciun, si ne daruia portocale. O vom IUBI si aminti VESNIC de ea, OLGA NEPOATA
> Mormantarea va avea loc lunea, la cimitirul Catolic din Sighet.
Jennnfer Cleveland is wrong about our move from 207 Dear Amir, as you know, We Moved only small items out of the apartment on Saturday the 5th, Sunday the 6th, and Monday the 8th. The elevator out of service WAS the 6th, 7th, and 8th , and Jennifer / Meigan Knew it Because they sent year emergency "Lift Doctor" to BAW on Sunday the 7th - I let Him into the building When I found the front door Him lost outside of the building and did HE know where to go so I Showed Him to the Basement). He said the problem Was Not the elevator But the electrical circuit braker for the elevator and HE HAD to order parts.Thus the elevator until the 9th Was Not fixed. We HAD the moving truck programmed for Monday the 8th, But with the lift out Could only small things move down the back stairs, and it WAS most inconvenient and costly to use the stairway and THEN Hopefully reschedule to move the big items to Sun the 9th. Indeed, We did now know until the early 9th That the elevator back WAS WAS in operation. Meanwhile, make the connection to Jennifer That failed with the lift out on the 8th, She should have removed the mats Not running from the elevator to 207 until after move out on the We Could 9th. We Will send her a bill from The moving company for the cost of HAVING to move out on the 9th Rather Than the 8th. We did note in the dings Any leave back stairs - the marks That is There seem to BE from the "scuffing" of colored sports shoes worn by students who run up the stairs (Often Stumbling) putting all of us at risk and banging things That they have is they Carts Carrying or pushing. (Why do not they use the elevator INSTEAD of Using the back exit wires, the wire doors slamming Also I run up and down the stairs Thos?) There WAS no broken glass When We left. The photo of broken glass WAS green - and We have never ever had colored glass in our green Any life. There WAS small box of food left by the mover at the front door of the building so That Would HE and his helpers have Something to eat , But they forgot it. To throw it away is no different than throwing out the accumulated That Many items away at the mailboxes. Jennifer Wants to make a big deal about nothing, and Indeed the Management Company owes us for failure to keep the electrical ITS system for the elevator working on When the movers Were the 8th scheduled. Fürther, Power Management HAS TO BE faulted for moving out mats on the 8th When they Knew That WAS the elevator out of service and have to take our move Would like the next day. Indeed, how did Jennifer get into the elevator to move the pads in for the 8th Out On That Night When the elevator door WAS locked in the closed position electronically? The photos show no visible damage That Was Not There previously. Thanks for sending this message on to Jennifer. Amir, as I recall you already Asked Jennifer We Could have how the movers get us out with the elevator on the 8th note in operation. Is the denial of simple facts Jennifer? Saludos, Jim --- On Mon, 8/15/11, Jennifer Cleveland < > wrote: > > From: Jennifer Cleveland < > > Subject: FW: 207 Moving out > To: "Amir" < dr.aazarnivar @ >, "Melody AZARNIVAR" > < melodyazarnivar @ yahoo. com > > Cc: "Jim Wilkie" < @ james.wilkie >, "Dr. Olga Lazin '< > > Date: Monday, August 15, 2011, 1:37 PM > > > Hello Guys: > > > > > > Several of the Residents Told Me That There Were A Few issues in the building > When You Moved Out. There is damage to the stairs That Needs To Be Fixed. > > > We Will have to get estimates for this and see what it cost to fix Will. Since > this WAS caused an from your move-out this Will have to BE paid by you. > > > There WAS Also on the premises and left trash broken glass. See pics Below. > One of the Residents WAS Enough to clean it up nice. > > > > > > Also, as you know, you have to tell the board Suppo 7 days in advance When > you is moving-in and out. You guys did tell us, But only for the 8th. Several > people have Told me That you guys to move your stuff for Continued Several > days after and the before. > > > The Reason We Need to know the exact dates of When You are moving is Because > We Need to keep up the elevator pads , make sure the mats on the ground is. > Since you only That Told us you were moving on the 8th, We only ever had the mats > down for the 8th. > > > There is a $ 200 fee to move out. It is non-refundable. I have attached the > rules from the building this is WHERE it states That the fee. This WAS sent to > all homeowners previously. > > > > > > Also, There are dings and marks on the unit ¹ s front door and on the walls. > Will all woven items have to BE repaired. Please see pictures Below. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > We swept up broken glass this next to the mailboxes That WAS and cleaned up > whatever WAS on the wall. > > > > > Large mark on the wall between units 207 & 205. It wasn ¹ t There Last Night > When We Moved the mats. > > > > > The door and frame of multiple dings and gouges HAS 207. > > > > > This box of perishables WAS left open in the lobby. I threw it into the > Dumpster. > > > > > > > >

Igazságot Magyarországnak's Wall

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