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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Death to Californian Education?

Killing education under Obama?

It Happened in your neighborhood? The political double standard in america...golden parachutes and 'work-your-head-off' 99%.

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Chancellor's Office, California Universsity State Dominguez Hills
Wed, 5 Oct 2011 00:29:07 GMT

Dear Friends,

While we are getting ready to strike--for quite a number of violations by the Chancellor's office of our previous contract in 2010--not to mention their plans for our future....I ran into the president of the Union, David Bradfield, several times today. I won't be able to show up during the strike because I will be away at a conference--SPEP--but otherwise I have offered to help when I can.

David told me the Chancellor's office pays $4,000 a day for a consulting firm to work on destorying the union. That is the cost per day of a class taught by an entire term class adjunct faculty member. Also, of course this is Shock Doctrine...and on it goes.

Plus the Chancellor's Office is saying significant pay cuts in the future--and we have already gone for 4 years without pay raises--and one year with furloughs.

I of course mentioned to David that the biggest problem I am coping with TODAY--is simply the work overload.
Around 60 students per class--and 5 classes--and because my classes are writing intensive--requiring at least 10 pages of writing per student--I never get a break, which is why it is so hard for me to keep up with any other expectations people may have of me---it's simply non-stop work. It's a 55 hour week--and sometimes some stressful days....and weekends too are lost.

Once time for research--of course reading--and exercise --start going--then it becomes demoralizing.

I work so hard to help the kids of course--and this semester, although plenty of students are failing, so far I simply had not had to face massive student disruption--or crazy behavior yet from a student--just mostly that they seem to need so much direction--and cannot follow directions--no matter how often I give them--or they are clearly stated on blackboard. Em...

But I am a bit beat--love when I just lecture (and do not have to spend the rest of the time grading--ha ha)--and perhaps I should contact my friend in Barcalona--and well, even with the problems in Spain, I can find work--won't pay much--but Spain always was a fantastic country. The Chancellor's Office and like will actually drive intellectuals out of the USA--we do not work for profit--but that MBA attitude--everything for the profit of the few--is just too much. These people are bad news. They are not educators--and, in most cases, they do not have Ph.D.s---and are not seasoned teachers. But they make the decisions.

And answers have been there--that would not cost the tax payer--but these are not public servants--and they have no real commitment to the missions of the CSU and UC system.

If this country and society have become that corrupt--etc.--then a beautiful climate like Spain--great music, art, history--and a language I can understand to some extent (not as well as German or even French--but somewhat adequately)--becomes more and more attractive.

So, along with apply to the USC system (when I get the time)--when I am at a conference--need to check out what research/conference thing I can do in southern Europe. I know the Euro system is a total mess too--but it's a question of culture--a dog-eat-dog capitalist system--runs by special interests--or a society still aware of community.

Dr. Robin Roth, colega mea.

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