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Sunday, November 27, 2011

December 10 OWS Meeting Across the U.S. of A

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As Occupy Wall Street enters a second month, more people are joining in to support the cause. Recently, union members have been speaking out to support the efforts of OWS but what's next? Do you support Occupy Wall Street? Why? Are you interested in the issues it raises? Which ones? Marketplace wants to know if you're a union member, what do you think about Occupy Wall Street.

Especially in Los Angeles, and Denver the powers that be are under investigation.

More Occupiers are seeking Nonprofit status would provide more financial oversight and perhaps spur people to donate to an official documented organization, according to Denver's

The treasury committee is looking to start a co-op and/or a 501(c)(3), and they're going to do things to make sure that we are self-sufficient and sustainable regarding all of our donations

This system is absolutely flawed. Californian Senators should start putting money back into education, and hire unemployed teachers. We have to stop politicizing education.
Schwarzenegger has bankrupted California and its educational system.

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