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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Civic society gets "spray-ed" at U.C. Davis:

Absolutely outrageous, if you are following the Huffington Post article
(with its full video record)
you realize it is overfull of detail about police attacking sitting students in a protest at UC DAVIS.
Here I enclose an update from the article in the LA Times.

But the most important analysis of Occupy America, which
puts the UC Davis matter into the larger context, is that of

Pilar Marrero

which should be merged with some of the Huffington
Post article and its videos as well as with the LA Time
Article attached.


UC Davis Campus-- police attack peaceful protesters, reigniting
Occupy America Movement

The videos enclosed in the following article in the
Huffington Post have gone viral and
the after the Presidente General of University of California
and nine of the ten campus presidents criticized their colleague,
the president at UC Davis, the tenth president
she finally apologized, attempting overcome her spiteful
first remarks justifying the police action. In the meantime,
main-stream Americans
began to understand that Occupy American faces police who
use their own “violence” in the form of pepper spray to attack
peaceful protesters and the
Movement has gained new vigor.

More than 60,000 persons have demanded that the president of
UC Davis Campus resign and the police chief and officers be
charged with having committed a crime. Earlier court decisions have
ruled that the use of pepper spray agst seated, peaceful protesters violates
Constittion rights to free speech and the right to non-violent protest,
Opening UC to expensive lawsuits against
UC Davis.

What was impressive is that the students took them on and didn't back down. Another Tony Baloney show, Pike took a non-violen t protest and almost created a police instigated disaster. Luckily for the police the protesters were not prodded into violence.

The following account draws upon new articles by the Huffington Post
(with his full video record),

Los Angeles Times, and La OpiniĆ³n (with overview of Occupy America).

Occupy LA Updates:

Occupy LA's Press Relations & Media Relations Committee released this statement today:

We appreciate the city's generosity and desire to work with us and the General Assembly of the OccupyLA movement. The General Assembly, as sole decision making body for Occupy LA, will hold a special session tonight to discuss the details of this draft proposal. At this point, it is not clear how many Occupiers are for or against the offer. "

The city is trying to bribe the Occupiers, by offering them "offices", hahahahaha!
But occupiers cannot be bought! At least we hope so! Keep up the good work, occupiers!

More LINKS: Occupy LA Office: City Proposes Office Space For $1 A Year, Farmland and Housing In Exchange For Clearing City Hall Lawn (VIDEO) see video on LATimes webpage, november 22,2011.

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