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Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Students and Professors For Improving Schools in Los Angeles


A Project I am working on. I am starting with UCLA. Please feel free to join:

You're invited to an all-member call One year ago we launched a movement with one clear goal: to put the needs of students first.

It has been an extraordinary year full of both unexpected challenges and victories as we set an aggressive policy agenda, battled to change the status quo, and led the effort to reform laws in seven states. And as I reflect on the incredible start to our movement one thing is clear to me: We could not have done any of this without our members.

That's why I want to invite you to join me for a Students First Conference Call on Tuesday, December 17 at 8:00 p.m. EST/ 5:00 p.m. PST on We will take an insider's look at the past year and discuss how we will keep fighting to ensure every child will get the education they deserve.

Together we have dispelled the myth that the desire to improve our schools is an issue divided by political party, union affiliation, age, or profession. Our membership comprises Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; union members and corporate executives; middle school students and grandparents, democrats and republicans.

By the end of the month we expect to reach an astonishing one million members. Organized and working together, we can create tremendous change in our schools.

Join us for 15 minutes on Tuesday, December 13 to learn how you can be a part of improving the schools in your community. RSVP to join the call now:

Thank you for joining us on this important journey. I look forward to speaking with you on the 19th of December, from Budapest, Hungary, via video conference.


Dr Olga M Lazin-Andrei

With my Class at UCLA:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Here is the best description I have found to date:


Opinion L.A.
Observations and provocations
from The Times' Opinion staff

Here's what’s wrong with the 1% [Most Commented EDITORIAL TODAY, FRIDAY]
December 5, 2011 | 2:26 pm

Your opinion?

What's so awful about the 1%, asks Bradley Schiller in a Sunday Op-Ed that points out several one-percenters who started out just like us. The professor of economics at the University of Nevada-Reno writes:
The Occupy Wall Street movement envisions the 1% as a monolithic cadre of entrenched billionaires who have a firm and self-serving grip on all the levers of the economy. But a closer look at that elite group reveals how untrue that perspective is.
Forbes magazine compiles a list of the richest 400 Americans every year. To get on that list, you must have at least $1 billion of wealth. They are the creme de la creme of the 1% -- indeed, the top 0.0000013% (!) of Americans. So who are these dastardly people?
The late Steve Jobs was in that elite club this year. In his earlier days, Jobs would have been camped out with the OWS crowd, probably passing around a joint. Should we count him as one of "us" or one of "them"? (And you can't use your iPhone or iPad to vote "them.")
He goes on to list several more success stories including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Google developers Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz.

Readers say Schiller is missing the point. While some have left comments saying they're glad to see the 1% reflected in a rare positive light, most have posted rebuttals and arguments. Here's a sampling from our discussion board:

The 1% needs to pay its fair share
The question is not that the 1% are wealthy or how much they have contributed to society. The problem is that the wealthy, through buying politicians, do not pay their fair share to support the very country that provides them with their largess. If the 1% controls 50% of the wealth they should pay 50% of the taxes and they do not. By the way, I don't think that Paris Hilton has done anything to deserve her inherited fortune on which she pays only 15% in taxes.

The Subway founder has enriched our country? Really?
I'd challenge the author's statement that Subway has "enriched the country in significant ways." Google yes, Facebook maybe, but a five-dollar footlong? come on.

Are we sure we should be grateful for Apple, Facebook and Google?
Apple/Facebook/Google they are all trying to gather and control data and dominate our cyber lives. When we wise up to their idealistic/Utopian dreams of one World Wide Web corporation caring for us all -- it will be too late.

WE don't need mega domination by one corporation or even by 10 corporations -- we need fractured cooperative human scale open source lives.

Another perspective on the 1%
Very easy to write this folksy article with well-known names like Steve Jobs and George Lucas. You're missing the point of the OWS movement. No one is angry at the wealthy, or the banks, or the self-made millionaires, it's the CORRUPTION of such that infuriates, that makes the 99% feel powerless in this America. Our nation and our uber-wealthy now only make money with money. Equity firms, Investment firms, banking firms, etc. These are the powerful that shape our nation now, that fight regulation in their skwed version of "capitalism". They trade and price-fix and speculate on every basic commodity, they acquire and flip companies in the span of days and weeks, laying off hundreds in the process. That's the one percent you need to write about. Steve Jobs, Schultz, Lucas, these guys create jobs and innovations for America. Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup and their ilk, they create wealth, wealth off of us, wealth that is funneled back into itself to create wealth for the wealthy, nothing more.

We need to stop enabling the rich to get richer
This author takes a narrow perspective. Apple products are made at a plant in China where 435,000 workers make small wages and work long hours. The very well-to-do pay for the campaigns of politicians who put forward legislation that serves the interests of these campaign donors. The playing field has been further tilted toward the wealthy campaign donor by capital gains tax,income tax, and estate tax "reform" that leaves more money in their pockets. "Usury" laws allow banks to charge 16% interest while the Fed loans the banks money at .05%. We must not forget that ZERO jobs were added to the private sector economy during 2000-2008. The playing field needs to be more level. No billionaire makes his fortune solely on his own hook and our society needs to protect workers, families, children and not just pass laws that help the rich get richer. After all if these billionaires created that many jobs we wouldn't have 9% unemployment!

We need to focus on social mobility for all Americans
To say that the 1% is "evil" is to willfully miss the point. OWS is protesting the social, political, and economic policies that have funnelled more wealth to the American "1%" than to the bottom 80% combined. This is a pattern of economic inequality that is more typical of the Third World than the rest of the First World.

The other rich advanced democracies ALL do a far better job of creating societies where wealth is not so completely concentrated among the top 1%, and where the bottom 25% do not live in the kind of precarious misery that America's poor do. America now has the LOWEST social mobility of any First World country; the "American Dream" of being born in a low-income family but working your way to the upper-income class is now far more likely in Denmark than it is in the USA.

So yeah, saying "but the 1% are good people" is just an irrelevant strawman argument.

If we US (company owners) paid workers in US workers to make I pads, I Pads would cost $4000.oo each and we could not afford them. Our congress people should not accept bribes and therefore companies would have to pay
higher taxes. If a person worked all his life and was thrifty and accumulated some wealth should
he give it to the lazyman to make it "fair". Sorry folks, we are not Europe yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

*For clarity purposes, spelling errors in the above comments have been corrected.

You will be having fun in the afterlife.

A peek in to the American Culture Series

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The 99% Against Karl Rove

Launching a Campaign to take out Rove:

Why are the 1% funneling big money to Karl Rove's attack ads against Elizabeth Warren? Because she scares them. Listen to her words and just imagine her in the Senate:

For years I worked to expose how Wall Street and the Big Banks are crushing middle class families. It just isn't right. I stood up to the Big Banks and their army of Washington lobbyists. I worked to hold them accountable. I led the fight for a new agency to protect consumers—and we got it. But Washington is still rigged for the big guys, and that's got to change.1

A new poll shows Warren with a clear lead for the first time, but the big threat now is Rove's attacks—in fact Rove just launched a new $524,000 attack ad against Warren this morning.2

We've got to make it a top priority to elect Elizabeth Warren and other candidates like her who will never stop fighting for the 99%. And with the first primaries in these races less than 100 days away, we need to start immediately.

We'll create ads and videos to educate voters about Warren's fiery populism and her opponent's corporate backers, and we'll organize actions to get those themes into the media. We'll send MoveOn members out talking to voters, and we'll bring the same approaches to other key races around the country. But we need to know whether we'll have the resources to pull it off. Please support MoveOn's effort today:

Chip in $5 to MoveOn's big plan to elect Elizabeth Warren and other true progressives.

The rise of the 99% movement—the fight-back in Wisconsin, the Occupations and actions against Wall Street, the campaigns to stop Congress from siding with the 1%—creates an important opportunity to build progressive electoral power. We need to focus on electing champions who'll fight for the 99%, rather than pouring our energy into electing marginal Democrats, so that we build power to take on economic inequality in 2012 and beyond.

We're preparing a massive campaign for 2012 to help elect Elizabeth Warren and identify hundreds of other candidates who will stand up for the 99% and help them win races up and down the ballot. We want to help ten times more candidates than we've helped in previous years. Here's some of what we'll do:

* Prioritize several key races with candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Ilya Sheyman, and Eric Griego, who stand strongly with the 99% movement and will be champions in places like Washington or Sacramento.
* Direct grassroots support for hundreds of candidates who commit to supporting the 99%, including mobilizing MoveOn's 5 million members to call voters, go door-to-door, and more.
* Create a progressive ballot guide that lets local progressives know who should get their vote, from school board to statewide races.

But we can't pull it off without you. We need to take on Wall Street together. Can you chip in $5 to MoveOn today so we can launch this campaign immediately?

Thanks for all you do.
–Adam R., Elena, Milan, Kat, and the rest of the team


1., accessed December 8, 2011

2. "Poll: Elizabeth Warren soars 7 up over Scott Brown," Boston Herald, December 8, 2011

"Crossroads hits vulnerable Dems with $1 million in new ads," The Hill, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Robu, Vaida si Balai

Remember Silvia Chis (Rachis?)

Letter to Gazeta de Maramures:

From: "Dr. Olga Lazin"
Subject: Sighetu-i oras micut, un oras de frontiera, as adauga la articolul tau
Bcc:, annamaria borlean-elek , Antonela Puti , Cristi ALDEA , Daika Attila , Mihai Andrei , Rodika Apan , ona andrei , Liliana Bledea , rodica costin , Dani Murczko , Dani Purcaru , Dani Sergiu , David Florin , Delia Miruna , Gyuri Duma , Veronica Gavris Todinca , Eugen Neagoe , Eugen STOICA , Fetyko Gabor ,, Levi , Marius Mois , Iustin Manciu , Magda Gulin , marcel florut , Maria Pop , Marioara Pop , Marius Orosanu , Mintau Marcel , Mona Gavrilas , Monica Popescu , N Oszkar , nelu sacalos , Grecu Oana , Petran Florin ,, horia scubli , Sandy , sima camelia , Sergiu Stan , Teo Ivanciuc , pali, petyz, laci2

Buna ziua, Ioana L. si Nicolae Teremtus--

Ma doare sufletul, dar trebuie ca sa va dau un feedback la articolele voastre publicate recent.
Sighetul reflecta, la scara mai redusa, ceea ce se petrece in Baia-Mare, cum a dezvaluit Nicolae T. in articolul recent din "Gazeta de Maramures" Este un oras multicultural, orice oras de frontiera, unde nu sunt jurnalisti cu pregatire, doar novici care nu stiu sa faca o frantura de investigatie, pentru aflarea adevarului, ci sunt preocupati cum sa "dezinformeze."
Functionari publici sunt alcoolizati...iar oraselul nostru a devenit un refugiu pentru cazuri extreme psihiatrice...cimitirul politicienilor de clasa a doua si a treia.
Juristul primariei este chiar Iacob Balai, un criminal, care a omorat o fata de 17 ani, Silvia Rachis, in 1982. Tot oraseanul cu memorie stie acest fapt (Vaida, Robu si Balai).

Halal jurist! Un avorton de primarie; lucratorii isi bat joc de oameni; oameni care le platesc salariile.

Vatafii pe care i-ai mentionat au nevoie de curtea veche pentru a bea mai mult (in spatiu privat)...ii cunosc, niste mizerabili care maninca literalmente bani contribuabililor; doar buzunarul propriu ii intereseaza...asteapta chilipir de la proprietarul actual. Stilul este tipic; vatafii vor ca acesta sa faca "sluj", ca un caine (actualul proprietar al Curtii Vechi).
Astia iti sunt sighetenii la putere, niste capuse.
Pacat, deoarece oamenii de rand sunt deosebit de ospitalieri, inteligenti si creativi.
Este necesara instituirea unei organizatii de tip "watchdog", care sa insite asupra transparentei in gestionarea bugetului local; si terminarea 'sedintelor' cu usile inchise, a practicilor ilegale de intabulare fortata a cladirilor de catre primarie. Functionarii primariei sa poarte ecusoane, iar numerele de telefon sa fie afisate la intrarea in primarie.

Vatafii din Consiliul Local Sighet

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PETITION: Tell Boehner the Payroll Tax Cut is not 'chicken sh--.' SIGN NOW:

The defining issue of our time:



PETITION: Tell Boehner the Payroll Tax Cut is not 'chicken sh--.' SIGN NOW:: PETITION: Tell Boehner the Payroll Tax Cut is not 'chicken sh--.' SIGN NOW:

Sent to:


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Victor Roncea Blogspot: CE E BINE SA STITI despre unul dintre patronii SC (societatea civila) ROMANIA SRL: George SOROS si Reteaua sa secreta. The Secret Financial Network

Victor Roncea Blogspot: CE E BINE SA STITI despre unul dintre patronii SC (societatea civila) ROMANIA SRL: Imbecilul de George SOROS si Reteaua sa secreta. The Secret Financial Network

Americanii Nu Stiu Istorie

Nici cata stiau in 1987!

Vai si amar de curul lor! Noroc ca m-am nascut in Romania, unde fiecare minuta era un moment istoric! Toti nemernicii faceau "istorie", huliganii in Decembrie 1989, iliciescu cu frontul scufundarii nationale, ilie nastase cu Tiganiada lui impotriva lui Tokes Laszlo, toti magarii inventau "istorie", de nu se plictisea "poporul" deloc :-)

Don’t Know Much About History… Still!

That headline in yesterdays’s AP story gave me no pleasure. The latest in the perennial drumbeat of bad news about failing American History grades in American schools has just been released. And it is as bad as ever.

We seem to be no better off now than we were back in 1987 when the first major survey was called “What Our 17 Year Olds Know.” (It would have been more appropriately entitled “What they don’t know.”)

So the first simple question is:

Why Are we so Bad at History?

There has been an assumption that we all hate history, probably because all the surveys keep telling us that. But the simple fact is that people really don’t hate history. They just hate the dull, watered-down version they were forced to learn in school. And that is Reason #1 that we don’t know much about History.

Reason #2 is an old problem that has gotten worse. We don’t spend enough time teaching history. That problem has worsened over the past few years, according to history teachers I speak with, because of No Child Left Behind. History teachers often tell me that they are pulled away from their regular curriculum to assist in standardized test preparation in math and reading because judging school performance and funding for schools has been reduced to how well children do on these tests. And yes, far too many teachers have come into the system without sufficient understanding of history and its importance.

Reason #3 is the media –both news and entertainment. There is still tremendous distortion of history in the daily news –some of it deliberate by people with agendas. Then there is the problem of Hollywood History. There are millions of children who think that Pocahontas was a buxom Disney character in a tight, deerskin skirt.

What Can We Do?

The solution to this epidemic of historical ignorance is fairly simple.

•If we think history is so important, spend more time actually teaching it.

•Throw out the textbooks. Okay, maybe not actually. But I don’t know any teachers or students who enjoy textbooks. History is first and foremost STORY. Tell great stories of real people doing real things. We are in a golden age of great historical writers who know how to tell stories. Use them in the classroom. I have seen kids in elementary school who show total curiosity and enthusiasm about history. By high school, that excitement is sucked out of them by rote learning and dishwater dull textbooks.

•Field trips. I know. You shudder at the thought of brown bags and bus rides. But going to the places where history happens makes all the difference in the world. My love of history came from camping trips to places like Gettysburg, Valley Forge and Fort Ticonderoga. And you don’t have to be near Boston, Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia to see history. It is everywhere.

•Stop lying. Museums and historic sites have to tell the truth, not a sanitized, cosmetically perfect version. In Florida, a recreated Spanish village tells visitors that the French were “banished” from Florida by the Spanish in 1565. That’s just not true. They were massacred in a religious bloodbath. Now that is an interesting story. Places like Monticello and Mount Vernon, on the other hand, have come light years from the stodgy museums they once were. They are exciting but more important honest. Both openly deal with the question of slavery in realistic and vivid terms. They don’t try and hide the truth that Jefferson and Washington were slaveholders.

•Use the media. There are some great movies about history, like Glory. Use them to teach. There are many more awful movies about history. We can use them too, by watching and saying “This is not the way it happened.” The real story of Pocahontas is a lot more interesting than the Disney cartoon version. Use that –don’t run away from it.

•Cross-pollinate. By this I mean what the academics like to call “interdisciplinary approach.” Teaching American colonial history? Make sure the English teacher is having the class read The Crucible. Then you can talk about the real Salem Witch Trials –who isn’t interested in witches?– as well as the McCarthy Era which inspired Arthur Miller to write the play.

These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned about getting people interested in History. So the secret to this success was simple: “If you build it, they will come.” Just tell people about history in a way that is lively, meaningful, fun, relevant and most important, human, and they will listen. Work with curiosity instead of destroying it with myths, lies and tedium. Make it fun. But mostly make it real.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vote Democrats, Forget republicans

Salut amigas-os__

Saludos --

A veces me pregunto si los precandidatos Republicanos entienden que sus palabras tienen consecuencias.

No sé si se te has enterado, pero últimamente, la competencia entre los Republicanos para ganarse el voto del Tea Party se ha intensificado. Entre ellos, luchan para ver quién puede ser el más extremo en cuanto al tema migratorio.

Simple y sencillamente, los Republicanos nos están usando como parte de su juego político.

Mitt Romney es el que está tomando las posiciones más extremas del grupo. Obligaría a todos los indocumentados a salir de sus casas, de sus comunidades, y del país. En cuanto a la inmigración, Mitt Romney sería el candidato más extremo de nuestra época.

Por su parte, Rick Perry orgullosamente anunció que cuenta con el apoyo del Sheriff Joe Arpaio, famoso por sus políticas anti-inmigrantes en Arizona. Perry proclamó que, si fuera presidente, "ordenaría la detención y deportación de cada inmigrante ilegal que sea capturado." Ese mismo jueves, Newt Gingrich manifestó su apoyo a la nueva ley de Carolina del Sur que permite que la policía le pida papeles a cualquier persona que sea detenida, aunque sea por una violación de tráfico.

Con las elecciones de Iowa a menos de un mes, los precandidatos Republicanos están desesperados por recibir el apoyo del Tea Party -- y cada día queda más claro que están dispuestos a demonizarnos para recibir su apoyo.

¡Ya basta con la retórica peligrosa de los republicanos! Acompáñame en mandarles un mensaje claro. Sus palabras tienen consecuencias no sólo para la comunidad hispana, sino para todo el país. Ya no estamos dispuestos a que nos traten de dividir.

Entre los 11 millones de indocumentados que el Partido Republicano quiere expulsar del país, hay abuelitos, madres, y padres de familia que han vivido en nuestro país por décadas, contribuyendo a nuestras comunidades, pagando impuestos, y arriesgando sus vidas para defendernos en las fuerzas armadas.

Capturar y deportar a todos los inmigrantes, sin considerar sus historias ni las contribuciones que hacen a nuestro país, destruiría a nuestras comunidades.

Ese no es el país en el cual tú y yo creemos. Nosotros creemos que, en vez de dividir al país y a nuestras comunidades, juntos somos más fuertes.

El Presidente Obama apoya una reforma migratoria integral basada en el respeto de las leyes del país y en el reconocimiento de que somos un país de inmigrantes.

El Presidente Obama apoya la Ley DREAM porque aquellos jóvenes que fueron traídos al país como niños deben de tener la oportunidad de estudiar, defender a nuestra nación, y permanecer en el único hogar que conocen. De hecho, bajo las órdenes del presidente, el Departamento de Seguridad Interna ahora se está enfocando en deportar a criminales y no a DREAMers y familiares de veteranos o miembros activos de las fuerzas armadas.

En esta elección, la opción será clara. Tenemos que alzar la voz y decirles a los Republicanos que ya no nos usen como parte de su juego político para ganar el apoyo del Tea Party.

Alza tu voz y únete a la lucha:


Friday, December 2, 2011

Today's Challenge & Education in California

Put children first:

Your challenge today, Saturday, December 2nd:

The Economist-InnoCentive Transparency Challenge

Recent world events have shown how social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) can help citizens coordinate large-scale action and facilitate the spread of democracy. But what is the next step? Identify an emerging technology or global information platform, and describe how it can be used to motivate transparency in governments.

This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution.
Challenge 9932802
Deadline: January 10, 2012
Reward: See Details


Mechanism to Transmit Information Through a Rugged Environmental Barrier

Share this Challenge: fb_button tw_button

Propose a mechanism for transferring a stream of information from a data source, through a column of fluid in a pipe, to a receiver that is 1,000 to 25,000 feet away. Wireless data transmission that makes novel use of physical phenomena as the information carrier is of special interest.

This Challenge requires only a written proposal.
Challenge 9932936
Deadline: January 30, 2012
Reward: $24,000
Referral Award: $2,400


Seeking (Hetero)aromatic Sulfoximides

Share this Challenge: fb_button tw_button

Material supply of non-commercial compounds matching the shown core structure is desired. The Seeker intends to award multiple Solvers for each of their qualifying submissions.

Building Block Challenge: In order to submit to this Challenge, you must allow the Seeker to view the structure of your compound in the Structure Selection stage of the Challenge.

Intellectual Property: In return for the Initial Transfer Fee of $250 per compound, you are expected to grant the Seeker only a non-exclusive license to test your compound(s) in their in-house assays and/or use the compound(s) to prepare other compounds for in-house testing.
Challenge 9932979
Deadline: January 26, 2012
Reward: Varies
Referral Award: Varies


Solid-Phase Detection of Bacteria & Viruses

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A technology that enables detection of biological materials such as bacteria and viruses is required. The technology must be amenable for integration into solid-phase consumer products that are used by non-specialists.
Challenge 9932630
Deadline: January 29, 2012
Reward: $30,000
Referral Award: $3,000


Isolating Active Human Endogenous Interleukin-25

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The Seeker requires paper submissions describing protocols, methods and technologies for the endogenous expression and detection of extracellular, biologically active human interleukin 25 gene product.

The Seeker wishes to engage with a small number of winning Solvers who are willing to implement and validate their proposed solution. It is intended that this implementation will be part of an 'invitation only' Challenge for a high-value award.

This Challenge requires only a written proposal.
Challenge 9932934
Deadline: December 29, 2011
Reward: $15,000
Referral Award: $1,500


InnoCentive 2012 Video Challenge: Unlikely Innovation

Share this Challenge: fb_button tw_button

This is the fifth annual InnoCentive video Challenge with the goal of getting to know our Solvers and discovering their passions. This Challenge is open to everyone, with prizes in three categories: open, US colleges, and international colleges. InnoCentive will choose the winners based on what it feels are the best submissions matching this year's theme. Winning videos may be used in future marketing campaigns, and the winning Solvers may be asked to participate in promotions on behalf of InnoCentive. The winning college Solvers will also be required to show proof of enrollment in the form of a letter from the registrar, as well as a school ID stating that the Solvers are full time students at the time of the Challenge deadline.
Challenge 9932966
Deadline: December 30, 2011
Reward: $5,000
Referral Award: $500


Chordoma Cancer Cell Lines Needed to Save Lives!

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The Chordoma Foundation requests cell lines or animal models that can be used for research into chordoma - a slow growing bone cancer that is often resistant to radio- and chemotherapies.

This Challenge has now been opened to include animal models and the deadline has been changed to a 3 month rolling deadline. This innoCentivee Challenge will close once the Seeker has 3 submissions to evaluate, but the Chordoma Foundation will continue to incentivize research into Chordoma and potential therapies.
Challenge 9451318
Deadline: December 31, 2011
Reward: $10,000
Referral Award: $1,000


Seeking Inhibitors of Ketoacyl Reductase (EC

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Material supply of compounds which are inhibitors of ketoacyl reductase (EC is desired. Potential structures which meet this requirement, as well as additional information about this enzyme, are provided in the Detailed Description of this Challenge. The Seeker intends to award multiple Solvers for each of their qualifying submissions.

Intellectual Property: In return for the Initial Transfer Fee of $300 per compound, you are expected to grant the Seeker only a non-exclusive license to test your compound(s) in their in-house assays and/or use the compound(s) to prepare other compounds for in-house testing.
Challenge 9932865
Deadline: January 17, 2012
Reward: Varies
Referral Award: Varies


Cleveland Clinic: Build an Efficient Pipeline to Find the Most Powerful Predictors

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Given genetic variables (expression levels for ~7400 genes) and outcome data, deliver an efficient computer program that selects the most powerfully predictive variables, then uses these to accurately predict outcomes. Acceptable solutions must be implemented as an R package, with source code delivered to the Seeker.
Challenge 9932794
Deadline: January 18, 2012
Reward: $30,000
Referral Award: $3,000

Best Regards,

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