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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing: My spontaneous friend

Superb Tony!

Just lovely: Writing: My spontaneous friend: "My friend you need a break, you're not just physically at stake, stress is not good for your delicate  intellectuality  And if I really ..."


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12 Aspects of Spiritual Forces: Binaural beats, biogeometry, healing music downloads | Healing Music for Altered States by PranaHigh

Very powerful:
Clean your energy, clear obstacles, and start healing now:

binaural beats, biogeometry, healing music downloads | Healing Music for Altered States by PranaHigh

My favorite one, the energy machine:

The big 12 is a 30 minute file of all 12 fundamental rays or primary faces of chi or prana. It is also refered to as orgone energy. Knowledge of these 12 aspects or spiritual forces goes way back in myth and symbol…The 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 apostles, 12 signs in the zodiac, the 12 pillars, 12 colors in a rainbow, and so on. The 12 faces of prana are; positive green, negative green, higher harmonic of ultraviolet, higher harmonic of gold, white light, indigo, blue, yellow, orange, red, infrared, and black. When we are out of balance, we need one or more of these qualities of prana. Holy means “wholeness”, and wholeness brings balance and bliss! No headphones required.


Audio | Healing Music for Altered States by PranaHigh

Listen to the White Light: Healing mp3

And tap:
I am lovable:

Audio | Healing Music for Altered States by PranaHigh: "White Light: Healing mp3"

I have Learned today that I am independent and I don't need other people!

White Light: Healing mp3 is a soundscape that takes you to your innermost self.
Try it, It worked for me!

B. Try also:

Mind Flow: Meditation mp3

It is called HRV Biofeedback technique:

Mind Flow: Meditation mp3

The 30-minute soundtrack heightens your meditative experience by decelerating your brainwave activity and balancing and synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This meditation is in the deep theta region. Also embedded in the file are the energetic frequencies of alpha, theta and delta brainwave patterns conducive for meditation. We added higher harmonic of gold for a blissful experience and for relaxation. The carrier wave is white light. Use with or without headphones!