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Sunday, May 20, 2012

BOOKS by OLGA LAZIN & Jorge Ramos Interview/ @ the Los Angeles Convention Center; my books presentation.

BOOKS by OLGA LAZIN / @ the Los Angeles Convention Center; my books presentation.:

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Jorge Ramos Inteview:

The Jorge Ramos item you sent me was the most interesting, in part because it was visual, and I continue to find it interesting to watch el pelon talk and explain things.  I haven't seen video of him for a long time.  I agree that Ramos takes on an inquisitorial approach.  Still, it was good to see the whole thing.  

To me, the biggest question Ramos and others don't question very much is, what are the candidatos a la presidencia saying they will do about drug mafiosos?  My sense is that none of the 3 candidates are up to the task to come up with something better than what the michoacano is currently doing.  I fear the mafiosos are going to expand and corrupt the government even further.  

What I hear a lot of mexicanos en la calle saying is that the el priista bonito will negotiate with the mafia under the table and bring the violence under control the way, they say, it used to be under the PRI.  It'll go on but perhaps less determined to corrupt officials because they'd be left alone to transfer the cargamentos up to the border since the Americans don't really seem to care.  

Jorge Ramos is a terrible oral historian who plays the role of a vengeful, defeated prosecutor, mostly wasting time on the wrong questions.

Entrevista con Salinas de Gortari. [Ramos, incomodísima,
Pierde el debate]

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