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Thursday, May 31, 2012

High School Graduates Entering College; Frank de Cziro's case

Spreading the word about education:

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I ask you to make the California State University (CSU) a priority in the state budget negotiations.

"California, once a leader in higher education, is falling behind other states and nations in developing the highly skilled workforce necessary for our future prosperity," states a recent report by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).

PPIC advises state leaders to set state priorities and fund them accordingly - and the CSU agrees.

The CSU is critical to the state's full economic recovery and future vitality.  According to the institute there has been a drop of 12 percent in the number of high school graduates entering college over the past three years, despite higher demand and more students being college ready for our workforce and economic health. According to the study "these enrollment declines translate into a loss of about 12,000 college graduates per year. This decline represents a significant loss of human capital to California—one that the state can ill afford."

The Governor's May Revision increases the possible cut to the university to a minimum of $250 million if the tax initiative doesn't pass in November which would result in the lowest state support to the CSU in 17 years at $1.8 billion.

The CSU and its over 400,000 students need you to protect the future. Given the significant impact the CSU has on California's workforce and economy, it is critical that you stand up and support higher education and the CSU this year and into the future. California's future depends on the CSU and you making the right decision.

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