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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dictators of the World:

World’s dictators and their CEOs launder money in the West:
Public and private leaders establish a basis for possible escape to UK/US by sending their children to earn degrees at prestigious foreign  universities

By Olga Lazín-Andrei

Many dictators and their cronies “buy” a basis for their escape to the West and/or foreign university degrees for their children who are expected to return home in the meantime to assume key positions.  Why would they want to “escape”? Their corruption means that when and if they are exposed, they will need a family basis in a Western country. College-age sons and daughters can and do open the way as they open family banking accounts gain knowledge about how to live in safe havens outside of their home country.
Buying degrees is accomplished through donations and “research subsidies” to universities under the guise of  "charity", but this activity needs to be investigated to assure that it is not unethical, if not illegal.
The procedure generally is illustrated in the following three examples based in Libya, China, and Syria : 
(1) Qaddafi, the Libyan dictator who was overthrown last year, made a donation to the London School of Economics (LSE) through the LSE Director who facilitated admission and the gaining of a doctorate for Gadafi’s son, Saif al-Islam. Later the Director was exposed to questions about having received $2.3 millon in funds for LSE research and exchange of professors from a tyrannical dictator, thus violating at least implicitly the ethical code of LSE.[1] After an internal investigation, LSC Director Howard Davies resigned, apologizing for having accepted on behalf of LSE tainted dollars for research and teaching.[2] Davies stated: "I have concluded that it would be right for me to step down even though I know that this will cause difficulty for the institution I have come to love. The short point is that I am responsible for the s[chool's reputation, and that has suffered."[3]

(2) For Chinese leaders. the most notorious case is that of General Bo Xilai (who was until March of this year Communist Party Chief in the municipality of Chongqing)  and his wife Gu Kailai. They transferred huge sums to England and the USA for the “education” of their flamboyant son, Bo Guagua, at Oxford  and Harvard Universities.  
Bo is currently jailed for corruption and his wife is charged with having murdered Neil Heywood with poison. Heywood, a British “business man,” has been called “Drinker, Sailor, Fixer, Spy.”[4] For Bo and Madame Bo, Heywood  laundered their fortune abroad as well as “arranged” admission to Oxford and Harvard for their reckless son.
The son, Bo Guage was suspended at Oxford before finally “graduating” and moving on to Harvard’s JFK Policy School to take an M.A.  At Harvard he became infamous for his life in the fast-lane (literally--with a bright red Corvette that earned him police tickets for moving violations--; and figuratively for his wild partying. Since  the son’s parents fell from power in March this year, Harvard apparently has tried to hush matters by refusing comment and making young Bo unavailable so that he can “graduate.”
Let me add that at least another five generals in China are known to have their children in U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs, but the circumstances have yet to be investigated by academia for these and possibly many dozens of other suspicious cases.
(3) In yet another odd case, 22-year-old Sheherazad Jaafari the daughter of Syria’s Ambassador to the USA “won” an unpaid Internship and admission to Columbia University on the “recommendation” of ABC-TV’s Barbara Walters as quid  pro quo for Sheherazad’s having “arranged” Walters’ interview with Syria’s vicious dictator, Bashir al-Assad, in December 2011. After critics took aim at Walters intervention at Colombia in this case, Walters said she should not have helped Sheherazad in such a manner. Walters stated: "In retrospect, I realize that this created a conflict and I regret that."  Walters said: Sheherazad Jaafari contacted her following the reporter's return from Syria to the United States after her interview with “President” Assad and asked for help at Colombia University.
Since admission to Colombia, with Walters’ help, Sheherazad has faced anger by her classmates because in February 2012 the hacking group Anonymous revealed that Sheherazad had coached al-Assad before the interview about how to describe the violence in Syria, according to e-mails discovered and released by Anonymous. Sheherazad told Walters: "Don't talk reform… American's (sic) won't care, or understand that. ... American psyche can be easily manipulated when they hear that there are 'mistakes' done and now we are 'fixing it.'"[5]
         As we see this new epidemic in which dictators and their henchman  are “buying” access to prestigious universities, let us note that this type of money laundering occurs at the highest levels.  Education has become a commodity, at the easy reach of the great moguls and tycoons who too often are engaged in mass murder.  
         To its credit, the London School of Economics is the first to investigate such behavior and has clearly revised the School’s code of ethics to help prevent the buying and selling of its degrees with offers to fund universities, always in need of funds for research and exchange of professors and students.
         Numerous Chinese leaders have already escaped from China to the USA and UK. From Libya, Saif sought to go to Mexico, but was undone by the quick collapse of Qaddafi.
 For unknown and unnamed other leaders, the wide “world of  the West” seems to and the need to be open for hiding to prevent extradition to their home country. Unfortunately for Bo and his wife, they were arrested before they could even begin their plan to seize control of China to re-implant Moaism,[6]  or to escape to laundered funds held abroad in secret accounts, as we may surmise.[7]
Why was Heywood not with Bo and wife to prevent their arrest by spiriting them out of China? Opps, Madame Gu had murdered him. Thus Bo could only meet with some army commanders based nearBo’s home in could only meet with some army commanders based near his home in could only meet with some army commanders based near his home in Chongquing, but clearly he could not convince them to join his Maoist “populist movement.”[8] They no doubt now wished that they had joined him because they may now be with Bo in Chinas’s secret Gulag for errant political elite, their mistake having been to hear his plan with their own ears.

[1] See Susan Ryan, “Now London School Of Economics Regrets That $2.3 Million Gift From Qaddafi foundation”, Dec 1, 2011:

[3] Ibid.
[6] “Sing red [for Mao], smash black [code for Capitaitist]
Bo’s danger to China.” Demdigest on March 5, 2012:


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