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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dr Olga Lazin's Blog Wednesday

Olga Lazin's Video Links: Why we need labeling of food; I like a lot dried aged beef. Why chicken tastes like rubber in the U.S. of A. gastion goes shopping for ox tail. Why can’t we find ox tail any more in the market? And B. Understanding net Neutrality:

Videos I love:

And Ricco Salvatore preparing fruit juices @ Whole foods:


Embed: Job Posting: Come work with the industry leader in streaming TV & Film. Come work with the industry leader in streaming TV & Film. I'm looking for tech savvy individuals - Specifically from UCLA. The goal for this position is to acquire images/raw source files for use on the streaming service's website. Assets are to be acquired through FTP,,, emails, and Business 2 Business websites of entertainment studios. Proficiency using Windows 7 is necessary, knowledge of mac is helpful. Must have skills to traffic and meta-tag a steady, never ending stream of tens of thousands of image and source files. zipping and unzipping, .zip .sit .sitx should be very easy for you. Must have experience following file-name and file-structure conventions. Photoshop, Bridge and photo editing knowledge is desired- at the minimum you must be able to easily determine image width and height, perform cropping or scaling, and perform general image processing (change psds to jpgs, cmyk to RGB).
Creating pdfs with Bridge, Acrobat, and Powerpoint should be easy for you. The candidate should work quickly with Excel Formulas, Vlookup and Index/Match, and conditional formatting (this is for tracking progress on trafficked/processed assets). If you have other coding or scripting knowledge, formulas can likely be learned in a few days. Experience with Excel VBA/Macros would be great. Experience with Filemaker is helpful. Experience ingesting assets into a DAM is a plus. Experience with Windows Powershell is a Bonus++ .

Experience with Microstrategy is MAJOR Bonus++++. email for more info. please send a resume, or a description of your skills and background. There are multiple positions available, and if you are the right fit, the position will likely start immediately. Apply at: AND D. Link: NetworkSeminarwith Tim, inventor of www: Nov. 29, 2007: Network Theory Seminar with Tim Berners-Lee

And Ricco Salvatore preparing fruit juices @ Whole foods:

Dr Olga M. Lazin, Copyrighted 2012

JOB Application: Park today - - Gmail:

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