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Friday, June 15, 2012

Save Education from Further Budget Cuts: Message Confirmation | The Office of Advocacy and Institutional Relations (AIR) | CSU

Message Confirmation | The Office of Advocacy and Institutional Relations (AIR) | CSU:

Education Pays Off

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Time is Running Out on the Budget Vote
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Time is Running Out on the Budget Vote
A recent report from a diverse group – including the California Chamber of Commerce, Campaign for College Opportunity, and the California Civil Rights Coalition – confirmed what the CSU has always known: funding higher education provides the state with a great rate of return on its investment.
As the state seeks to balance the budget, the study clearly showed that investing in higher education is worth it for California. Now is the time for the state to heed this advice, and provide an opportunity – through reinvesting in higher education – to turn the state's economy around.
Something else that the study showed was that in hard times, the least educated experience the greatest decline in employment and earnings. "College pays off for every Californian, regardless of ethnicity," it states. What's more, for every individual who gets that college degree, they return $5 to the state for every dollar invested in them. That's a pretty solid investment.
It would be a bad economic move not to invest in higher education, and its human capital. The state and the legislature need to make higher education a priority again if California wants to return to prosperity.
With 100,000 job-ready students graduating each year, the CSU continues to supply more individuals for California's workforce than any other university. It is critical that the opportunity and access for students – only made possible by a reinvestment in state higher education funding – be a high priority.
The legislature has until June 15 to adopt a final budget. Make your voice heard. Tell your local representatives that higher education needs to be a priority, and that they should reject further cuts to the CSU budget. It is critical for decision makers to hear from you about the importance of funding for the California State University.
For more information and a copy of the entire study, go here.

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Our state is heading toward intellectual poverty: write your letter to your represeantatives. Thanks you, Dr Olga Lazin, Jun 15, 2012  
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