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Friday, July 20, 2012

Shenyang - - A Rising City

Why is Shenyang a lovely city? 

It is  the city with the highest foreign population in Northeast China. Mainly because it is part of CHAMPS (that is ChongqingHefeiAnshanMa'anshanPingdingshan and Shenyang) which is an acronym that represents the top 20 emerging cities in China. 
It was first coined in October 2010, by Stephen Joske, Director for China Forecasting,for the eiu. It was created to support a report conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Access China Service, ‘CHAMPS: China’s fastest-growing cities’. 
These cities are favorited by the government for several reasons, including the breadth of business opportunities available, the on-going construction boom, rising home and vehicle ownership, and mostly spending on personal appliances.

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