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Friday, July 20, 2012

Teaching American for Academic Purposes, and How Ka Higher Education CN Helps Foreign Students take Precedence Over moneyless/Poor American Colege Graduates

How do Chinese students get priority to enter at UCLA, or other highly ranked American University:

Well, the United States is introducing Kaplan and its 11 centers in CHina. The major introduction is that of the Northeastern University credit courses (US-of Sino Pathway Program) credit courses.

This includes American Universities, Intensive English Programs, including the characteristics of high school students in America, and a comprehensive consideration of the demand for guidance of SINO students, overseas, in the U.S., U.K, and Australia.

The Experimental Middle School of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, Experimental High School of Kaplan International 2012. K International Department of Experimental Middle School of Liaoning Province The active participation of students, teachers and parents, to show the wonderful performances, especially the program of the Experimental Middle School of Liaoning Province Kaplan parents are more an expression of the wishes of parents who moved to the presence of students and teachers, we all stay out of the moved tears.


IS U.S. visa needed to provide funding? Yes

The U.S. visa is required to provide funds must be greater than or equal to the sum of the need to spend tuition and living expenses for undergraduate study, completed in the United States American University's tuition and living expenses vary widely, so funds need to be prepared in conformity with the amount of the University of calculation.
If the student is prepared after the completion of summer courses to University of Utah to study the amount of the deposit cannot be less than 600,000 Yuan.
If the student is ready to go to Baylor University or the University of Vermont to study after completing the summer courses, the amount of the deposit can not be less than 700,000 Yuan
If the student is ready to go to Northeastern University after completing the summer courses to study, the amount of the deposit can not be less than 800,000 Yuan
If students are not sure they want to go to schools to learn, the amount of the deposit is prepared not on the high and low basis. For example, students planning to go to the University of Utah or the Baylor University, he needs to prepare a deposit of not less than 700,000 Yuan

If you change majors, it does not apply at all. Depends on what grades you are getting, too.

·      American University's annual tuition is?  How much has UC tuition gone up the last 5 years;
·      Every university is different. At UCLA was 5 years ago, it has gone up from $3.000, and now it is $15.000. 3X more.

BY WHAT CRITERIA ARE U.S. universities ranked?

Many rankings, such as "U.S. News and World reports" (U.S. News and World the Report), "Princeton reviews" (of The from Princeton Review,), "Business Week" (the Business Week,), "Wall Street Daily" (Wall, Street, of) each rank is unofficial, and the ranking criteria are not the same.
Ranking is generally measured by the University's international reputation. Professional ranking is to measure the University's academic quality.
Ranking difference of 20 universities is not much difference in the quality of undergraduate teaching. 

D. SAT is important or TOEFL important?

TOEFL is a standard examination. TOEFL must pass the minimum standards of the school, or students will be asked to participate in the study of the language of the school curriculum.
SAT results are 50 universities in the pre-application are very important to the university after 50 is only the icing on the cake to the role. Therefore, we recommend that student’s first security TOEFL Zaigong before the SAT.

To apply for American universities need to TOEFL results of how many points?

When they go to high school they have to take ESL (they work the devil of those kids), American universities will ask them to provide TOEFL their scores from the Chinese high school in order to apply for university. Each university's minimum TOEFL standards are not the same.
The top 30 universities in general need a TOEFL score of at least 100 points.
The first 30-120 ranked universities requires a TOEFL score of at least 75 points score ranging from 61 to 90 minutes minimum, as the general situation requires.

American curriculum at Kaplan is helping students helicopter in the United States University as a sophomore
University credit courses (USPP) by Kaplan in the introduction of the Northeastern University credit courses, international courses certified by the best American universities. Chinese students in the country to complete the first year of the American University credit courses, course content includes the American university credit courses, intensive English courses. Northeastern University students in the country applying for admission to student status, enjoy the same treatment as American students. Curriculum content has internal assessment standards, standardized tests, and it is a TOFEL-free domestic university admission in advance of being admitted in the U.S.
In addition, almost all professional members of the business, engineering and other disciplines are open to receive Chinese students to fully credited and fully certified members of the United States University, after leaving the country only through 10 weeks of courses. You, the Chinese student who took Kaplan courses In China, can enter the second year of the American University of your choosing.

D.     Kaplan provides throughout the school year the GMAT and GRE training, and a variety of vocational qualification certificates of training, and numerous opportunities for the students to continue their studies in the U.S.[1]
American university credit courses provide students with solid academic preparation at the same time, also provides students the integration of education services, including: the annual Union University sent admissions officers visited the campus, organizing a special choice of schools to choose a professional one-on-one consultation to help students rational choice. Experienced consultants to teachers and academic teachers to help students make a personalized college application and visa planning. There is a Union within the University admissions system and deployment of systems made to protect University security entrance.

Kaplan Higher Education China 

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Dr Olga Lazin-Andrei
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