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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ONLINE TEACHING - Academic Coach Goals

How Campaigning Matters;



·       Academic Coach Position Information and Expectations: Hehehehe, republican politics

·       Am responsible for paying all federal, state and local taxes (1099-MISC)
Am not entitled to pension, health or other benefits from Instructional Connections, Inc.
·Will keep all information and materials relating to my work with Instructional Connections, Inc. confidential
· Will not receive worker's compensation insurance from Instructional Connections, Inc.
· May accept or reject assignments offered to you prior to commencing the assignment
· Am responsible for all other expenses that may be incurred in the performance of services
· Coach a course during this session, if assigned,
· Consistently respond to student and faculty emails within 24 hours throughout the course (including weekend & holidays),
· Grade open-ended assignments within 72 hours (as directed by the faculty of record),
· Participate in weekly meetings with Coaches and Faculty as specified by the Lead or Coordinating Coach for the course,
· Complete all requirements, tasks, and timelines expected for the course cycle.
B. Astrology guides American financial traders
By Heidi Moore's

Spencer Platt/Getty
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
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New York is full of people who make big decisions about billions of dollars. To the person on the street, these decisions look rational, like something that's part of a bigger plan.
But the course of true investing never did run smooth, and there are some traders who look to the stars to tell them what to do. Financial astrologers like Karen Starich say traders know they're up against a lot of rich, smart people.
"They want to have that edge," she says. "They want to know what the future is."
Starich chargest $237 annually for her newsletter, which 300 traders subscribe to for news of what will happen to the stock prices of companies, or even bigger, to the Federal Reserve. She sees dark times ahead in the Fed's horoscope.
"They now have Saturn squared to Neptune, which is really bankruptcy," Starich explains.
Neptune represents money. But when Saturn shows up in a chart, it indicates restriction. So for the Fed, that means the "fiscal cliff is here, and there’s no place to go except to print more money or unravel these financial institutions," Starich says.
Of course, a lot of Wall Street traders, and others, don't want it to be known that they're relying on anything other than their own talent. Arch Crawford, a financial astrologer who actually got his start on Wall Street as a stock analyst at Merrill Lynch, recalls one subscriber asking for his newsletter in "brown paper wrappers."
Crawford warns his 2,000 subscribers particularly against the dangers of Mercury in retrograde, a time when the planet appears to be going in reverse across the sky. The phenomenon, which happens three times or more a year, indicates a month when communications will be screwed up. He warns his subscribers never to start anything new during that time. He points to the fact that Knight Capital launched a new software program in August, when Mercury was in retrograde, and the brokerage firm nearly went out of business. He also notes that most major market glitches have happened while Mercury was in retrograde.
Coincidence? Most people would say yes. Financial astrologers don't say they have all the answers. They say instead that they see a range of possibilities. Human action can change them. As Shakespeare once wrote, "our faults lie not in our stars, but in ourselves."

About the author
Heidi N. Moore is the New York bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent for Marketplace, where she reports and writes about the culture of banks, companies, financing and markets.
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isurus - Sep 19, 2012
WHAT? WHAT? Really? On Marketplace? I said all that (and more) while listening to Heidi Moore's piece on the radio; and I used to think she had a least a triple-digit IQ. She actually sounded sympathetic to the bozos who purvey this nonsense. Sounds like she reads her horoscope everyday - that tells us something, I suppose. Why not do some real reporting - who are the idiot traders who use astrologers (or psychics, or read chicken bones, or whatever); perform a little public service, Heidi, and give your listeners some useful insights. Or, challenge the scam-artists - is there really any actionable information in "warns his subscribers never to start anything new" when Mars in retrograde (...3 or 4 months out of the year!); maybe something like - don't take on any new clients, or don't start analyzing a new stock, or...

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