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Friday, September 14, 2012

SAMPLE COURSE On Blackboard: How To

example of online course OR How To:


Posted on: Friday, September 7, 2012
Thank you for taking time to peruse a sample of our online course offerings. Feel free to look around.
NOTE: This is a fictional course, provided to our guests as a sample of our online course offerings. The content is not complete. Please feel free to look around. To speak to an enrollment specialist, call 888-710-0014 or email us at Enjoy!

Posted by: B Admin

Happy Week 2!
Posted on: 2012
Hello students!

I just finished grading your Week 2 papers, and your plans were impressive! To be honest, I did not have a class like this when I was learning 'how to be a teacher,' and it would have helped me so much! My first day was.... Yikes! Ha-ha

You will notice that you will now begin an on-going assignment called, "Classroom Management Journal." You will want to be sure to read and follow the directions carefully, as I will not be grading this assignment until the end of the course. This means you may not receive feedback for this assignment until it is too late to make adjustments with any errors caused by not including all required elements.

Does this make sense? As always, please feel free to ask questions, if necessary.

I hope you are enjoying your week, and I look forward to reading your discussion board posts, as well as your case studies!

Take care,

Posted by: here goes lecturer's name
Discussion Board Note
Posted on: Thursday, May 10, 2012

I hope you're having a nice week.

I just wanted to let you know that you are required to post a reply to each "Prompt" in every week's discussion board assignment. If these initial responses are not posted by Wednesday at midnight, I must take off points for late submission. Also, you need to reply to two classmates' posts in each "Prompt," as well. These replies are due by Sunday at midnight.

I just wanted to clarify, so that you will understand the score you receive for each week's discussion.

I do read every post, and I really enjoy the ideas being shared and discussed by everyone!


Please let me know if you have any questions,

Posted by: dr Olga L.
Posted on: Wednesday, August 29, 2012
I'm so pleased that you've enrolled in EDU 40632: 'Managing the Educational Environment' this term and that you've chosen to learn online. I'm OL and I'll be your facilitator for this course. If this is your first online learning experience, please rest assured that I'm here to assist you every step of the way. If you've taken an online course before, welcome back! I invite you to assist your fellow classmates in becoming comfortable in our cyber classroom.
Over the next eight weeks we will be exploring resources for instruction and classroom management, contemporary discipline strategies for the classroom, and issues that affect relationships with students of different cultures and backgrounds. We will also formulate working philosophies of classroom discipline. I've prepared some information to help you understand how this course works and to help us get to know one another. Please begin familiarizing yourself with our virtual classroom by clicking on the Getting Started link below, or the one at the top of the column at the left.
Here's my contact Information:
Phone Number: 888-710-0013
Time Zone: Pacific time
Availability: Please feel free to contact me by email or by phone. We can arrange for an extended phone conversation at a mutually convenient time if needed. Every effort will be made to respond to emails within 24 hours.

Course Link/Getting Started

Posted by: Blackboard Administrator
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Accessible or not.
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