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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Closing the Educational Budget Gap: Meeting California's Need for College Graduates (PPIC Publication)

Closing the Gap: Meeting California's Need for College Graduates (PPIC Publication):

Dear CSU Supporter, it all comes down to Prop 30 VOTE YES for our schools:

Last month the California State University (CSU) welcomed more than 400,000 students to 23 campuses spread throughout the state. Faculty are educating California's next generation of scientists, engineers, nurses, teachers, peace officers and social workers --- the professionals that are important to each one of us.

Yet, as the doors opened and students took their seats in class, the CSU Board of Trustees prepared for a worst-case budget scenario: the failure of the governor's plan to raise revenue for schools and public safety -- Proposition 30 on the November Ballot.

    * If voters reject Proposition 30, a minimum $250 million "trigger cut" to the CSU budget immediately goes into effect.

    * If voters pass Proposition 30, the enacted 2013-14 CSU budget would remain flat, which already includes nearly $1 billion in cuts the system has sustained in recent years.

CSU Board of Trustees acted in a fiscally responsible manner and adopted a contingency plan if Proposition 30 fails --

    * A five percent tuition increase for students and a system wide reduction of $132 million spread across the campuses, and;

    * Denying admission to nearly 20,000 eligible students and restricting course offerings.

State support is now at pre-1996 levels while campuses are serving 90,000 more students. To manage, the CSU has implemented numerous cost cutting measures including workforce reductions, employee furloughs, deferred maintenance and consolidation of services.

Here at the CSU, we will continue to serve our students with the resources we have. We know that for every dollar invested in the CSU, you the taxpayer will receive $5.43---a five-fold return on that investment.

We encourage you to become more informed about what is happening at your nearby campus. Below are links that contain more information about the state's divestiture in public higher education, the workforce skills gap and the important issues before you on the November ballot.

We also encourage you to share this information with grandparents, parents and your friends.


From Chancellor Charles B. Reed to Dr Olga Lazin-Andrei

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