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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Noii Sovietologi Scriu despre Inamicii Romaniei

Noul serial despre razboiul rece, intitulat Mostenirea clandestina, in noua episoade, poate fi urmarit pe Mostenirea Clandestina IV from Razboiul Secret on Vimeo.

O noua carte, publicata in limba romana, a agentului Larry L Watts aduce argumente in sprijinul ideii ca de fapt, Rusii au fost dintotdeauan, inca de pe vremea lui Petru I, dusmanul cel mai inrait al Romaniei, si al poporului Roman.

Aici este fostul agent CIA, format la Academia Frunza Verde, unde a obtinut un Doctorar pe vremea odiosului, convertit acum scriitorul Larry L Watts, vorbind despre expertiza sa in istoria Romaniei, intr-un neaos dialect American: Istoricul dezvolta ideea ca de fapt Romania a fost dintotdeaua "prietena" a USA, si explica de ce s-a gandita ca sa il omoare pe Ceausescu, in anii de studiu in Sinaia, 1982-1984.
Partea a doua:

Larry Watts despre Razboiul Secret pentru distrugerea Romaniei. Mostenirea Clandestina IV from Razboiul Secret on Vimeo.

si partea a III-a: Pina la Partea a 9-a. Enjoy con artist Larry the "benefactor" :-) Los Angeles News: Jan 16, 2013 LA WATCHDOG - The Mayor Villaraigosa, and the City Council have not engaged in any serious budget, pension, or staffing reforms over the last years. They have been busy, other than blowing a lot of hot air in our faces. Yet, once again, the City Council together with the Mayor are attempting to close the four year budget gap of over $1.1 billion on the backs of immigrant community, and teachers, rather than addressing the underlying cause of the deficit, homeowners and companies. EDUCATION News: Finally, ex-governor Schwartzenegger has repaid the loan he took from education five years ago. Good job! Jan 07, 2013-- Will she be the new Mayor of Los Angeles? - A six month investigation by Los Cerritos Community Newspaper (LCCN) into the official activities of Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel has shown that, in possible violation of the Los Angeles Governmental Ethics Commission Ordinance, she has spent an overwhelming majority of her official schedule for the past three years attending lavish dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and social events in an effort to advance her 2013 mayoral campaign. Greuel is in a heated four-way campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles in the upcoming March 5th Primary Election against fellow city councilmembers Eric Garcetti, Jan Perry, and former Federal Prosecutor Kevin James. The research shows 7 years of Campaigning for Mayor on Taxpayer’s Dollar. What California Can Teach Washington Ennunciating the problem: how to keep a government, an economy, and a society functioning in the face of Republican obstruction. The latest nonsense surrounding the so-called "fiscal cliff" shows that the House Republicans have learned well from their Sacramento counterparts. How obstructionism works in Sacramento:
The method is the same: make Democrats do what they otherwise would not do by threatening to block passage of crucial legislation, then up the ante by rejecting initial deals and demanding even more once Democrats have shown they will make concessions to avoid the predicted disaster that comes with legislative inaction. The resulting deals were destructive to the state's economy and safety net, worsening the already bad financial and social crisis.
Dr Olga Lazin Project -- the "Los Angeles Production Benefit" Out sourcing to Hungarians, yes, Boolywood, spelling out the freakoeconomic crisis we are in Los Angeles and introducing the lucky premise to have our people here, @ Home Depot. As an expansion on my initial strides, I am now introducing a new plan to bring entertainment jobs to Los Angeles.This tiny plan is called the Los Angeles Replenishing Project and it brings independent film production and union crews here.

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