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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dr Lazin Creator of Adult Tutoring & Career Management, Listen To Passionate Women Online | Blog Talk Radio

New ideas around the world, new ways to "think outside the box,"new books to be written, and new methods of analysis in my Upcoming

Passionate Women Online is meant to help women and men make decisions on where to find and land a "niche" in the already extremely competitive job market. I dedicate this show to people who want to switch careers, and warn them of the dangers lurking out there, like for e.g. MLMs like Herbalife.

I speak here  for 30 minutes every Sunday, at 3:30PM, to marginalized groups like immigrant Women, Native American and LGBTQ individuals! Truly global, passionate inclusive Life and career management expert.  New ways and new ideas, in reinventing yourself.
This Session is about  thinking outside the box, Coaching, and Tutoring:
American For Academic Purposes
-Research and Methodology in historical Perspective; 

Can spin off to:

1. Help professionals find their appropriate position 
2. Help authors with research
3. Help take "green" travel and Mindful management of your career.

In Praise of Dr Lazin:

Dr James W Wilkie, UCLA Professor, and avid listener: "Congrats on the first show:

Way To Go! "

E-mail I have received from BTR:

Hi Passionate Women Online,

Congratulations on doing your first show! We want to know how it went. Fill out this short survey and let us know so that we can make your experience on BlogTalkRadio that much better.

Before your next show, check out one of our most popular resources among hosts, our 10 Show Prep Tips Guide.  Congrats on becoming a radio show host. We can't wait to hear more from you on the air!

Happy Hosting,

The BlogTalkRadio Team

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