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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Better Medical Information & Media Demand



DEMAND STUDIO MEDIA:  We’ve made updates to our Contributor’s Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy effective November 14, 2011. The primary change is the updated arbitration provision in Section 11 of the Contributor’s Agreement. Please review the documents and accept terms below. Contributor’s Agreement This Contributor’s Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into between the Demand Media companies (“Demand Media”, “we”, “us” or “our”, and as further defined below in Section 18) and yourself (“Contributor”, “you” or “your”), effective as of your execution and submission of this Agreement by clicking the “I Agree” box or “Submit Application” link after reading this Agreement (the “Effective Date”). You acknowledge that this Agreement is an enforceable contract and intended to be a signed writing with the same force and effect as a traditional paper document signed in ink. Demand Media owns and operates the Demand Media Studios Website located or other Demand Media-controlled URL through which you access this Agreement (the “Website”) and this Agreement sets forth the terms that apply to any assignment, project, or task (collectively, “Assignments”) made available to you through the Demand Media Studios program on the Website or as directed by a Demand Media Studios Editor or representative. This Agreement incorporates both the Demand Media Studios Terms of Use (“TOU”) and the Demand Media Studios Privacy and Information Security Policy (“PP”). In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and the TOU or PP, the terms of this Agreement will control. In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, you and we hereby agree as follows: 1. Nature of Services; Assignments. Your application and all materials in support of your application to enroll in the Demand Media Studios program must be complete, accurate, and truthful. Your application must be reviewed and approved by Demand Media before you are eligible for any Assignments. We may, but are under no obligation to, make available to you or commission you for individual Assignments from time to time following your acceptance into the Demand Media Studios program. If available and applicable, Assignments for different project roles within Demand Media Studios will be posted on the Website from time to time. Each Assignment is governed by (i) the terms of this Agreement and (ii) any other terms and conditions set forth on the Website or as directed by a Demand Media Studios Editor as it pertains to your particular Assignment (“Additional Terms”). The Additional Terms, which may include deadline, compensation, delivery, promotional commitments, and scope of duty requirements, may vary from Assignment to Assignment depending on the project role (e.g., “Filmmaker” versus “Writer”). The Additional Terms will be readily accessible on the Website or otherwise readily conveyed to you, and we will notify you in advance of any material changes to the Additional Terms where applicable. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and any Additional Terms with respect to any particular Assignment, the Additional Terms will take precedence with respect to that specific Assignment. 2. Delivery; Contributions. For any Assignment made available by Demand Media Studios and accepted by you, you will either independently create or assist in the creation of an original work of authorship or other work product. Your original work of authorship or contribution to other work product is referred to as your “Contribution”. All Contributions must meet the quality standards set by Demand Media and any applicable style guide, as determined by Demand Media. You will perform the Assignment in a professional manner in accordance with the level of care customarily observed by skilled professionals rendering similar services. You must deliver each Contribution to us in accordance with the procedures specified by us. We will notify you if we have accepted or rejected each Contribution. If rejected, we may, in our sole discretion, provide you with an opportunity to modify the Contribution and resubmit it for approval. If we believe you have made a good faith effort to satisfy an Assignment, but we choose not to accept the Contribution for any reason, we may elect to terminate the Assignment and pay you a “kill fee” (depending on the Assignment, up to 15% of the payment amount specified in the Assignment for the completed Contribution). Demand Media will not pay you more than three kill fees during the term of this Agreement or your participation in the Demand Media Studios program. Except for the “kill fee,” we have no obligation to pay you unless and until we notify you in writing that we have approved a Contribution. If we reject a Contribution, all of your original rights (if any) in the Contribution created by you will, as between Demand Media and you, be held by you. 3. Payment. Following acceptance of a Contribution by us, we will pay you the amount set out in the Additional Terms directly through your PayPal or similar online, approved account pursuant to the information you provide to us (generally within 10 days after acceptance, unless otherwise set forth in any Additional Terms), or, at our discretion, by mailing you a check (generally within 15 days after acceptance). We reserve the right to require you to submit an invoice to us before payment will be issued. If you reside in a territory where VAT applies, our payment to you may include VAT if appropriate and/or your payment may be subject to a VAT invoice. We shall be entitled to deduct from the fees (and any other sums) due to you, any sums that you may owe to us at any time. 4. Your Grant of Rights. Each of your Contributions will be original and solely created by you as a “work-made-for-hire” specially ordered or commissioned by us, with Demand Media being deemed the sole author of the Contribution and the owner of all rights whether now known or hereafter devised (including all copyrights and all extensions and renewals of copyrights) in and to the Contribution, with the right to make all uses of the Contribution throughout the world and all changes in each Contribution. Without further obligation to you and without limitation, we may use, reproduce, publish, sell, perform, distribute, display, exhibit, edit, change, add to, take from, translate, reformat, make derivative works from, or reprocess the Contribution in any manner. If for any reason a Contribution is not deemed to be a work-made-for-hire under applicable law, you hereby irrevocably assign to us all right, title and interest whether now known or hereafter devised (including all copyrights and all extensions and renewals of copyrights) in and to each Contribution throughout the world, including any and all of your rights to commercially exploit each Contribution by any media and means now known or hereafter devised (including without limitation to use, reproduce, publish, sell, perform, distribute, display, exhibit, edit, change, add to, take from, translate, reformat, make derivative works from, or reprocess the Contribution in any manner) and to authorize and control the exploitation of the same and to sue in respect of past infringement of any such right, title and interest so assigned. To the extent permissible under applicable law, you waive all “moral rights of authors” that may exist or any similar rights. We may, but are not obligated to, provide attribution to you in connection with any Contribution or to display, use or otherwise exploit any Contribution. You hereby grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, nonexclusive, worldwide, transferable license to use and display any biographical information or photographs that you provide to us in connection with this Agreement in any and all media now known or hereinafter devised. We shall be entitled to assign or sublicense all or a portion of all rights and licenses granted herein without additional payment to you. Upon request by us, and at your own cost, you will promptly provide us with such documents and agreements as we may require to further evidence, give lawful effect to and confirm your representations, warranties, and covenants under this Agreement, including material and location releases and assignments. 5. Talent & Expert Program. This Section 5 only applies to Assignments made available under our Talent & Experts Program and to Contributors who deliver approved Contributions under the Talent & Experts Program, in addition to all other terms and provisions of this Agreement. a. Additional Grant of Rights in Your Likeness. Depending on the nature of your Assignment, your Contribution may include or be accompanied by your name, image, biography/resume, words, recorded actions, outtakes, voice/sound print, photograph, picture, video, movie, or other likeness (collectively, your “Likeness”). You agree that Demand Media is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other rights in and to all Contributions, tangible works, and any results and proceeds arising from the use of any or all of your Likeness in connection with your Contribution. You further agree to give us the royalty-free right to use, incorporate, exhibit, reproduce, distribute, promote, publicize, and otherwise exploit your Likeness in any and all media, now known and hereafter devised, throughout the world and in perpetuity in connection with your Contribution. For the avoidance of doubt, our rights to your Likeness are limited to that which you submit to us as part of or in connection with your Contribution (for example, we have rights to video of you that you submit but not video of you that may exist elsewhere). We shall be entitled to assign or sublicense all or a portion of all rights and licenses granted herein without additional payment to you. b. Limited License. Notwithstanding your grant of rights in your Contribution(s) to Demand Media under Section 4 and Section 5 of this Agreement, Demand Media grants you the limited license to include your Contribution(s) or portions thereof in your personal demo reel; provided, however, (i) that proper attribution is provided according to the guidelines set forth by Demand Media from time to time and (ii) that you do not license, sell, or syndicate such content to any third parties. c. Equitable Remedies. The rights and services which are the subject matter of this Agreement with respect to the Talent and Expert Program are of a special, unique, extraordinary and intellectual character which gives them a peculiar value, the loss of which cannot be reasonably or adequately compensated in damages in an action at law and which would cause Demand Media great irreparable injury and damage. Accordingly, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement (including Section 11), Demand Media shall be entitled to injunctive relief, specific performance and other equitable relief to preserve its rights and interest in and to such rights and services as are set forth herein. This provision shall not, however, be construed as a waiver of any rights Demand Media may have for damages or otherwise arising from any breach of this Agreement. You agree that your sole remedy in the event of any default or breach of the Agreement by Demand Media (including, but not limited to, the failure to pay any sums which may be due to you, and/or to comply with any credit provisions hereunder) shall be an action at law against Demand Media to recover monetary damages actually suffered, if any (but no special, consequential or punitive damages). Specifically, you agree that you shall have no right to enjoin the distribution or exhibition of any Contribution or Assignment, any other motion picture or other work based upon a Contribution or Assignment, or to terminate or rescind any of the rights, releases or privileges granted hereunder to Demand Media, or to obtain any other form of equitable or injunctive relief, any right to which you irrevocably waive. At all times, Demand Media shall have all rights and remedies which it has at law or in equity pursuant hereto or otherwise, all of which rights and remedies shall be construed as cumulative. 6. Status; No Employment Relationship. You are an independent contractor and are not authorized to make representations or commitments to third parties on behalf of us or our affiliates. This Agreement does not create an employment or agency relationship. Nothing in this Agreement shall render you an employee, worker, agent, or partner of Demand Media and you shall not hold yourself out as such. 7. Term. This Agreement begins on the Effective Date and will continue until terminated by either party with 10 days’ prior written notice to the other party. If this Agreement is terminated by either party while an Assignment is pending, such termination will not be effective until the Assignment is completed. Section 4 (“Your Grant of Rights”), Section 5 (“Talent & Expert Program”), Section 8 (“Confidentiality”), Section 9 (“Representations and Warranties”), Section 10 (“Limitation of Liability”), Section 11 (“Governing Law; Arbitration”), Section 14 (“Severability”) and any other term that should reasonably be construed as surviving the termination of this Agreement, will survive termination. But, after termination of this Agreement and as soon as practicable after your written request therefor, we will cease displaying your biographical information other than your name and photograph on any web site that we own and operate except with respect to Contributions submitted under the Talent & Expert Program. 8. Confidentiality. During the term of this Agreement, you may have access to our or our affiliates’ confidential and proprietary information (“Confidential Information”). During this Agreement and for two (2) years after termination, you will not disclose or use our Confidential Information for any purpose other than as necessary to perform an Assignment. You agree that breach of this provision constitutes a material breach of this Agreement, and Demand Media will be entitled to any damages caused by such breach, including, but not limited to, the recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees. In performing your services under this Agreement, you will not use improperly or disclose to Demand Media any confidential or proprietary information or trade secrets of any former or current employers, clients, or other third persons. 9. Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant that: a. you are at least 18 years of age or older and that you have the right and obtained all authorizations and consents necessary to execute and enter into this Agreement and perform your obligations; b. you will comply with all applicable laws; c. your Contribution (i) is original, (ii) does not and will not defame or disparage any person or entity (or their goods, services or business) or infringe upon or violate the intellectual property rights, rights of privacy, or any other rights of any person or entity; and (iii) is not the subject of any litigation or other claim or proceeding, or, to your knowledge, any threat thereof; d. you have not conveyed and will not convey or purport to convey any right, title or interest in and to the Contribution to any third party, nor do anything else to impair in any way our right, title and interest in and to the Contribution; e. if you learn of any claims alleging that any Contribution infringes any third party's rights or is unlawful, you will immediately notify us; and f. all of the information you have provided and will provide to us in connection with this Agreement is and will at all times be true and correct and not contain any material omissions. 10. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR CONSEQUENTIAL (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOST OPPORTUNITIES OR PROFITS), SPECIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. OUR AGGREGATE LIABILITY IN RESPECT OF ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE SUFFERED BY YOU AND ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) OR FOR BREACH OF STATUTORY DUTY OR IN ANY OTHER WAY, SHALL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAYABLE BY US TO YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. NOTHING IN THIS AGREEMENT SHALL LIMIT OUR LIABILITY FOR DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY RESULTING FROM OUR NEGLIGENCE OR FOR FRAUD. 11. GOVERNING LAW; ARBITRATION. a. Governing Law. This Agreement will be interpreted according to the laws of the state of California, United States of America, excluding those or choice of law principles or other laws that would give effect to the laws of a different jurisdiction. b. Forum for Legal Disputes. You agree that any claim or dispute you may have against us must be resolved exclusively by a state or federal court located in Los Angeles County, California, except as otherwise agreed by the parties or as described in the Arbitration option discussed below. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within Los Angeles County, California for the purpose of litigating all such claims or disputes. c. Arbitration Option. FOR ANY CLAIM (EXCLUDING CLAIMS FOR INJUNCTIVE OR OTHER EQUITABLE RELIEF OR ANY CLAIM WITH RESPECT TO CONTRIBUTIONS OR ASSIGNMENTS MADE PURSUANT TO THE TALENT & EXPERTS PROGRAM) WHERE THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE AWARD SOUGHT IS LESS THAN US$15,000, YOU MAY ELECT TO RESOLVE THE DISPUTE IN A COST EFFECTIVE MANNER THROUGH BINDING NON-APPEARANCE-BASED ARBITRATION. IN THE EVENT A PARTY ELECTS ARBITRATION, THAT PARTY SHALL INITIATE SUCH ARBITRATION THROUGH AN ESTABLISHED ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION ("ADR") PROVIDER MUTUALLY AGREED UPON BY THE PARTIES. THE ADR PROVIDER AND THE PARTIES MUST COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING RULES: (A) THE ARBITRATION SHALL BE CONDUCTED BY TELEPHONE, ONLINE AND/OR BE SOLELY BASED ON WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS, THE SPECIFIC MANNER SHALL BE CHOSEN BY THE PARTY INITIATING THE ARBITRATION; (B) THE ARBITRATION SHALL NOT INVOLVE ANY PERSONAL APPEARANCE BY THE PARTIES OR WITNESSES UNLESS OTHERWISE MUTUALLY AGREED BY THE PARTIES; AND (C) ANY JUDGMENT ON THE AWARD RENDERED BY THE ARBITRATOR MAY BE ENTERED IN ANY COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION. d. Contacting Us. Demand Media has provided the above options to provide you with a neutral and cost effective means of resolving disputes. Before resorting to binding legal adjudication, we encourage you to first contact us directly to seek resolution of any claims or disputes by going to the “Help Desk and Contact Us” page on our site. 12. Taxes and Guild Payments. You are responsible for calculating and paying all taxes owed on all compensation received by you from us. If we are required, pursuant to any applicable present or future law, rule or regulation of any competent governmental or other administrative body, to make any deduction or withholding in respect of tax or otherwise from any amount or amounts payable to you pursuant to this Agreement, we shall: (i) be entitled to pay the amount or amounts in question after the deduction of the amount of such withholding or deduction; (ii) promptly pay to the relevant authority within the period permitted by law the amount of such withholding or deduction; and (iii) provide you with written evidence (including certification where appropriate) that we have made the payment to the relevant authority. If we do not make such withholding or deduction, you shall pay any and all taxes and other charges payable on account of such sums and you indemnify and agree to keep us fully indemnified from and against any liabilities or expense in connection with such withholding or deduction. If any governmental entity determines that we are responsible for paying taxes on your behalf, any further compensation will be net of taxes and you will promptly refund to us the amount(s) which we were required to pay on your behalf. If you are a US resident or a US citizen, you must complete and submit to us an IRS Form W 9 and any other applicable tax documentation. All other Contributors will be required to complete a form W-8BEN and any other applicable tax documentation. No worker’s compensation or other insurance will be obtained by us on your behalf. No payroll deductions for employment taxes or insurance of any kind will be paid by us. We are not a signatory to any agreement that would require any payments to WGA, DGA, SAG, or any other union or guild in connection with this Agreement. 13. Interpretation; Construction. In interpreting this Agreement, the words “including” and “includes” are meant to be illustrative and not limiting. This Agreement will not be interpreted in favor of one party or the other based on any presumptions regarding the drafting of the document. The section titles used in this Agreement are for convenience of reference only and have no legal or contractual effect. You may not assign or otherwise transfer any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement. This Agreement is binding upon and inures to the benefit of the parties and their respective permitted successors and assigns. All notices under this Agreement must be in writing and will be considered delivered if sent via confirmed e-mail to an address provided by the recipient party to the sending party, or by overnight delivery service, or hand delivery to a provided address. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable: (a) the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement will not be affected; and (b) the unenforceable provisions will be replaced with valid provisions the effect of which comes as close as possible to that of the unenforceable provisions. 14. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement which shall remain in full force and effect. If any provision of this Agreement is so found to be invalid or unenforceable but would be valid or enforceable if some part of the provision were deleted, the provision in question shall apply with such deletion(s) as may be necessary to make it valid. The parties agree, in the circumstances referred to in this Section 14, to attempt to substitute for any invalid or unenforceable provision a valid or enforceable provision which achieves to the greatest extent possible the same effect as would have been achieved by the invalid or unenforceable provision. 15. No Assignment. You must personally perform the Assignment and you are not entitled to assign the benefit or burden of this Agreement or ask any third party to perform a part of or assist in the performance of the Assignment under any circumstances whatsoever without the express written consent of Demand Media. 16. Data Protection. You consent to us and our duly authorized agents and employees holding and processing both electronically and manually the data (including personal sensitive data and information contained in email, email attachments and other forms of electronic communication) that we collect, store or process that relates to you, for the purposes of the administration and management of our contractors and business and for compliance with applicable procedures, laws and regulations. To ensure regulatory compliance and for the protection of our workers, contractors, clients/customers and business, we reserve the right to monitor, intercept, review and access any communication facilities provided by us that you may use during the Assignment. We will use this right of access reasonably but it is important that you are aware that communications and activities on the equipment of ours cannot be presumed to be private. 17. Entire Agreement; No Waiver. This Agreement, including the Terms of Use, Privacy and Information Security Policy, and the Applicable Terms (if any), constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to this subject matter and supersedes all prior understandings and agreements relating thereto. This Agreement applies to all Contributions submitted to us by you. Any material modifications to this Agreement must be agreed to in writing by both parties. A party does not waive any right under this Agreement by failing to insist on compliance with any of the terms of this Agreement or by failing to exercise any right hereunder. 18. Definitions. The “Demand Media companies” means: a. Demand Media, Inc., a Delaware corporation, which owns and acquires all United States domestic ownership, intellectual property and distribution rights in the Contributions submitted under this Agreement; and b. Demand Media International Holdings Limited, which owns and acquires all international (other than United States) ownership, intellectual property and distribution rights in the Contributions submitted under this Agreement. Writer Sections Apply to desired Section(s) You can apply to as many Sections as you are qualified for. Please review the requirements carefully and apply Automotive Business & Finance Careers XXXXX Culture Education XXXXXX Family & Relationships XXXXX Fitness & Well-being Garden Health Home Home Decor Legal Nutrition XXXXXXX Parenting Pets Real Estate Science Style Technology Travel XXXXX Current sites include: eHow Education, GlobalPost Education, Seattle P-I Education, Ideal applicants will meet one or both of the following requirements: • Three or more years of experience working as a teacher or in the education field (including guidance counselor, school psychologist, etc.) • Three or more years writing or editing education topics for an established publication or organization. PROFMEX.COM You will also be required to submit a writing sample demonstrating your ability to write on education topics, incorporating expert research, in an informative and helpful manner. Place the Goddess Score by each Goddess name - seeing which goddesses have the highest ‘scores’ and the lowest ‘scores’. The highest ‘scores’ suggest the goddess energy you feel most comfortable with--predominating in your consciousness. The ‘lowest’ scores reflect qualities you are least connected with on a conscious level. These are qualities you may be least familiar with in yourself. You may wish to keep this in mind as you read about the various goddesses in this site. You may discover a desire to cultivate qualities of the goddesses for whom you received lower ‘scores’ Hera: ____ Wife & helpmate Demeter: ____ Mother/Nurturer Athena: ____ Career - Wisdom - Accomplisher Hestia: ____ Spiritual Focus »Issues of Power« »Issue of Relatedness« »Issue of Purpose« Persephone: ____ Underworld/Mystery Aphrodite: ____ Love/Beauty Artemis: ____ Nature-lover/ Animals Back to Top of Page A brief psychological overview of Athena Athena - extroverted and independent temperament--represents the goddess of wisdom and civilization--concerned with career, motivated by the desire for achievement, acquiring knowledge, she possesses a keen intellect, concerned with education, culture, social issues and politics. Athena is father’s daughter. She enters the male arena in the outer world. Athena is also known as one of the three Amazon women. (The myth of the Amazon women spoke of a society of fierce warrior women who lived entirely without men.) The story of her birth: she emerged, fully-grown, out of the Head of Zeus. CEREBRALA. She is an androgynous ‘virgin’ goddess who develops a relationship with her own inner masculine part rather than partaking in marriage to an outer male. Her awareness is focused. She relates to men as intellectual companion with whom she shares ambitions, career goals, and ideals. If a primarily Athenian-type woman chooses partnership, she seeks one who possesses sufficient self-confidence and who will appreciate her ambition and autonomy. GODDESS RATING SHEET: Goddess Rating Sheet 1. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 2. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 3. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 4. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 5. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 6. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 7. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 8. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 9. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 10. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 11. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 12. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ 13. A. ___ B. ___ C. ___ D. ___ E. ___ F. ___ G. ___ You see that each number category, #1 - 13 has seven letters (A. - G.) with a statement. Then, as you read each statement, A., B., C., you will consider HOW TRUE that statement is for you, NOW. (Note--We answer differently in different times in our life) Rating Range 3 = 90% or above (mostly always) 2 = 70 - 89% (most of the time) 1 = 50 - 69% (half the time) -1 = less than 50% -2 = doesn’t fit You decide to what extent you agree or disagree with each statement. Take that rating number and place it in the space next to the letter within the category to which it, in the first category: My style: 1. A. 2 and so on moving down each column. 1. My Style A. Because I prefer being at home with family rather than going out, clothing and make up are not all that important to me. B. I prefer casual clothes that are comfortable and have nice texture against my skin rather than dressy, or stylishly tighter-fitting outfits. C. I prefer clothing that is flowing, perhaps prints, floral designs, perhaps frilly, that match the girlish part of my feelings. D. My style of dress: conservatively well-dressed, pant or dress suit, low heeled shoes, minimal jewelry--but my nice diamond wedding ring, light make-up. E. I love dressing up, my style is quite feminine, sexy & flattering my attractive figure. I love jewelry tastefully selected, colorful silk scarves to enhance my outfit. F. I prefer tailored, classical clothing - some may perceive it as more masculine in style - I feel more on equal footing with men dressed in this way. I’m not so interested in the latest fashion. G. I prefer clothing that is practical rather than fashionable. I’m not interested in attracting attention to myself by my clothing; therefore, I prefer very simple styles in neutral colors. 2. Relation to my body A. I’m more connected to my thoughts & ideas than having any particular awareness of my body. B. My body requires regular exercise -- physical fitness is a priority in my life. I’m o.k. with some touch - I’m not interested in being fondled - I prefer some emotional distance. C. I enjoy and seek out physical touch, regularly, in my interactions with those I love. I love using scented, creamy lotions to create baby-soft skin to be touched. D. To be honest, I don’t relate much to my body - it’s just not in my conscious awareness - as much as my awareness of my inner thoughts, dreams & fantasies. E. I’m not very interested in focusing on my body, I have more important things to tend to-- my activities: organizations, meetings, promoting my families’ activities. I feel a bit uncomfortable dealing with concerns of the body. F. My body is built for the nurturing of children--holding, hugging. This sort of touch gives me more pleasure than any other. I’m not that concerned about sex for it’s own sake--unless I’m looking forward to having another child, a process that I adore. G. I take care of my body in a manner similar to that of my home. I don’t think much more of my body than it’s ability to function well. I enjoy touch with my husband when it occurs; however, it’s not what I’m thinking about. 3. Home and hearth A. If my home was located in a prestigious neighborhood, the impression I seek to convey in my home: conservative elegance, I prefer a large, stately home, neat and tidy - a place to impressively entertain my partner’s prominent colleagues--and where I shine as the hostess. B. I enjoy city living - therefore, I would enjoy a condo. A ‘plus’ if it was near bookstores and near my work, as I tend to work long hours. You might find my laptop on my dining table along with my paper work as I’m frequently in the midst of my work. C. My home often emits the smell of baking or cooking meals. I prefer a house that affords a lot of room for my family, children and children’s friends to visit. My home is rarely tidy, but it’s well-lived in and is well enjoyed by all. D. I adorn my home with candles and/or other accoutrements that create a special ‘mood’. I require privacy more so than a lot of visitors. E. My home has strikingly tasteful color schemes, beautiful art work, lovely art pieces, wonderful to-the-touch fabrics in my furniture, plush carpeting into which your feet sink. F. I prefer country living--closer to nature, than in the city. I prefer to be near a park if I live in the city so as to enjoy the trees and wildlife. In my home I prefer plants over fancy art pieces. My furniture is comfortable and simple. G. My homemaker self is strong in me and loves keeping house--I engage in this like a meditation. My home is neat and organized, but not rigidly so. I always have fresh-cut flowers. Fresh-baked bread is something I strive for at home. 4. My relationship to food A. I prefer healthy organic foods to traditional store-bought foods. I eat consciously as I value a healthy, fit body. My body requires adequate protein to fuel my physical activities. B. I’m more desirous of the ambiance where I dine, although I do enjoy good food - I like the sensuality of it...the experience of the textures in my mouth. I would get a kick out of feeding finger-food to my partner while sipping martinis. I enjoy the romantic-ness of it all. C. I prefer eating out - I don’t have time or interest for cooking for myself. I’d rather eat out with a friend and enjoy stimulating conversation with each other. D. I love having family & children at my home to cook for. I love preparing enough food for everyone to enjoy. E. Mealtimes are important family occasions although I expect people to behave with appropriate conversation and manners, as this is important to me. F. Eating isn’t all that important to me. I might grab a piece of cheese or whatever else my whim might be--but I don’t care to sit down to a meal. G. Meal preparation is an important aspect of my sense of home-making and I prefer to prepare nourishing meals in a quiet, unassuming manner. 5. My childhood recollections A. Imaginary friends/animals were part of my life as a child-- companions or protectors in my day B. I imagined being ‘grown-up’ and having a mate to care for... and/or enjoying my dollhouse...having ‘adult’ tea parties. C. I loved playing ‘mommy’ with my dolls--wheeling them in the stroller. Feeding my dolls. D. I loved my books, I learned to knit/ crochet/ sew. I enjoyed playing scrabble, chess--mental activities or activities requiring hand/mind coordination. E. I loved being in the woods, exploring plants, streams, watching the little critters that lived there. I enjoyed exploring material under a microscope. I enjoyed archery and other sports. F. I loved playing ‘dress-up’ -- trying on glamorous clothes of my mother’s - walking around in her high heels - putting on make up. G. I kept to myself as a child; I was quiet yet independent. I appeared compliant; however, I was content to play by myself--quietly self-sufficient, I did not seek cues from others nor the desire to please others. 6. The type of “soul-mate” that I’m attracted to A. Earlier, I’ve tended to attract partners who weren’t particularly good for me--creative, moody, emotional, volatile, men who fascinate me, intense relationships, partners who stir me sexually, poetically verbal individuals, unpredictability, charming, sensitive lovers. As I’ve matured, I prefer a sophisticated, educated partner with good taste and the means to enjoy-- cocktails, linen, flowers, and romance. B. I’ve tended to be drawn to lovers who seek a maternal type of woman. I don’t have high expectations of them--they’re more “child-like”. I tend to give more than I receive. I do appreciate my partner’s taking care of me, financially, as I prefer not to work outside the home. I want to feel safe and secure and focus on family and children. C. I’ve tended to be attracted to individuals who are my intellectual equal. Their personality has a creative, artistic, healing or musical aspect. I want a partner who nurtures me. We have shared or complementary interests. We’re like ‘pals’ enjoying activities together that we love. We give each other a lot of space--that’s important to me. I need them to stimulate my love of adventure. I tend to be more practical than sentimental. D. I’ve tended to be attracted to successful partners who I tend to meet through my work life. I’m not all that flirtatious or romantic. My nature is more objective. I’m drawn to partners who are cultured and enjoy city life, intellectual and political interests. I need to be stimulated intellectually. E. I’ve tended to attract partners to me who are my complete opposite: street-wise, tough, magnetic; sexually alluring, dominant; or those who are much older who act as my “spiritual teacher/guide” and lover. I desire a partner who understands my inner world. F. I’ve always been attracted to upwardly mobile, powerful, successful partners who promise prominent position in the community of whom I can be proud. I’ve been willing to put my personal career on hold to support and to further their success. G. I tend to attract partners who are drawn to my quiet, unassertive, homebody yet self-sufficient nature knowing that I will make a good wife. My partner tends to be a traditional breadwinner head-of-household type. We’re both fairly independent and sex is not a priority in our relationship. 7. My experience or views of marriage or coupling A. Because I’m not very assertive, I’ve been persuaded to marry, or felt it was, culturally, what I was supposed to do. I’ve married with some reservations; or, I imagined something other than what actually became fact in my marriage. I believe in and yearn for a higher spiritual connection. B. Marriage is most important to me--what I’d been waiting for--I feel complete in a marriage... and, to become the wife of a promising, upwardly mobile, professional individual. The role we each play contributes to the stability of our marriage--which is important to me. I marry ‘for better or worse’. I want to experience devotion from my partner--to be their absolute #1 priority. C. Marriage in and of itself is less important than the experience of love and emotional/sexual intensity. When that’s over--it’s over, resulting in a pattern of serial relationships. As I’m not all that jealous, I understand the nature of ‘affairs’--I, myself, have tended to be flirtatious with others. D. I’m not particularly drawn to marriage--I possess a very independent nature and my freedom is very important to me. I don’t really feel the need for another individual to complete me. However, a comrade-type relationship could appeal to me. We might decide to live together rather than to marry. In my partnership I require equality--and it’s unlikely that I will change my last name. E. My desire for marriage is for the creation of a secure environment with a responsible partner with whom to make babies and to enjoy raising my children. F. I’m more interested in companionship--a mutually advantageous partnership- in marriage rather than passion. We greatly enjoy communicating about events, politics, and our careers. Feelings, on the other hand, are not a topic of discussion. G. I really don't have ambitions out in the world. I prefer a quiet life at home - and I’m fine alone. My partner may travel or be away from home working. I’m a homemaker and I appear traditional in that sense; however, I don’t need my partner to fulfill me emotionally. They do not provide my inner ‘meaning’. 8. Relationship to my sexuality A. For me, sexuality and marriage are united. Initially, I tended to be more reserved, sexually. Sexuality is part of my role and what I have to offer to my partner. I've relied on my partner’s expertise in arousing me, sexually. And, monogamy is essential! B. When younger I was rather seductive. I am highly sexually responsive -- easily aroused by my lover. I prefer lovemaking as a regular part of our interactions. My attitude toward sex is more casual. C. In my younger years I put my energy into my career. I tend to feel more related to my intellect than to my sexuality. I’m not so interested in sexual expression as much as other forms of expression--ideas, discussions. I can be a skillful lover if I put my mind to it. D. In my earlier years I was interested in having children--not just having sex. I would just as soon cuddle as make love -- to be honest. Sexuality for it’s own sake is not all that important for me--making babies would satisfy me more. E. Sex was like an adventure when I was younger. However, as I’ve matured my independence has increased; companionship, sharing activities with my partner--best friend seems more important than sex. F. I didn’t awaken sexually until a bit later in my life. It took awhile. If the truth were told, I felt more girl-like than woman--however, I felt really good about my self when I discovered my passionate, orgasmic nature. G. Sex in and of itself isn’t that important to me. In fact, my sexuality frequently lies dormant in me until lovemaking is initiated. I do enjoy lovemaking when it occurs - it’s a warm experience my partner and I share; however, I’m also fine in its absence. 9. How I feel about children A. I don’t have a particularly strong instinctive pull for motherhood although I do like children. I enjoy my athletic figure/activities more than ‘being’ pregnant. I would be equally happy to ‘inherit’ a ready-made family. With my children I tend to foster their independence, early. I enjoy taking them hiking & teaching them about nature & animals. B. I’ve had a strong instinctive pull for motherhood--giving birth and nursing my own child would be (is) so fulfilling. Not having a child would create an unmet longing. C. Children are part and parcel of being a family. I expect good manners and achievement from my children. They should make their parents proud. D. If I had my druthers, I would focus energy into my career rather than having children. However, I look forward to my children reaching the age of ‘reason’ so that I can enjoy conversations and projects with them. I prefer that my children demonstrate curiosity, logic and independence and are not crybabies. E. I adore inspiring my children’s creativity & self-expression and charm them into being well-behaved. I draw out my child’s abilities in a way that make her feel beautiful and accepted. I’ve been told, however, that I have tended toward inconsistency as I may give my child my total attention at one time and then may be off on my own social interests and desires at other times. I’m warm and generous with my children; however, I don’t make them the center of my life. F. I feel sensitive toward the needs of my children; however, I find it difficult to discipline them--don't set limits very well; I don’t feel comfortable asserting ‘power’ over them. As children, I enjoy nurturing their imagination through play and story-telling. G. I provide a safe and comfortable haven for my family and children. I provide them with loving acceptance. It’s not in my nature to push them in the world--I don’t have any great ambitions for them. Whatever they desire is fine with me. I’ve become aware, however, that I may be a tad-bit impersonal and undemonstrative toward my loved ones. 10. My favorite activities A. I love reading, writing, keeping a dream diary, imagining, reflecting, fantasizing, I love my garden and growing plants & flowers. Although I enjoy my friends, I need plenty of alone-time to renew myself. B. I love collecting fine art--paintings, ceramics, beautiful clothing and matching accessories/jewelry; I love attending art galleries and parties/open houses of artists. I so enjoy theater, dance and musical performances. I delight in social occasions. C. I am an avid hiker, I enjoy camping in pristine natural settings; I’ve enjoyed competitive sports and/or working out on a regular basis as I am naturally athletic. D. I am very involved in local volunteer efforts in the community and/or in conjunction with my children’s school. I receive particular pleasure being in charge and organizing. My work is something I do outside the home; however, my primary commitment is to my partner. I gear my activities and hours to match my partner’s time at home. E. I am very interested in reading up on the current political situations locally, nationally & abroad. I find these discussions with well-informed individuals very stimulating. I support minority group issues; I enjoy museums, lecture series, I look forward to thoughtful discussions following viewing of provocative films. F. Involvement with family and close friends is my most favored, shared activity. I love cooking for family, friends and their children as well. I find this experience so satisfying--bringing everyone together sharing in a meal--the children playing together. I also enjoy sewing projects, knitting, baking, and making cookies with my children and their friends. G. I enjoy quiet time--believe it or not, I enjoy my housework--it’s like a meditation for me. I focus on one chore at a time, getting into the rhythm of it without worrying about ‘time’. I also enjoy reading, baking, meditation, flower arranging. On occasion I enjoy tea and sharing quiet communion with a dear friend. Occasionally I look forward to attending retreats of silence. 11. Social Occasions A. You can usually find me in the midst of a group of men, frequently one of the only women--like one of the boys--in a heated political or intellectual debate. I’m not interested in the flirtatious elements in which other women engage. B. I feel rather shy in social situations. I’m more likely to be talking one-on-one with someone who is in need of an ear, listening to her or his concerns C. I would prefer being a hostess at my own social event with my husband’s colleagues & their wives--I like organizing and being in charge of my own event.... and to pull it off smashingly! D. I adore parties and social occasions--I shine! I love to mingle - mingle, and flirt, and weave my way throughout the room. I definitely notice the most attractive individuals and they notice me. E. I’m not so keen on social events with other adults outside the venue of my friends and family. I often feel reluctant to go. I don’t know what there is to talk about with these people. F. I tend to feel restless at social events--all the flitting & flirting about that goes on. I’d rather get together with a group of my women-friends and talk about things that really matter. G. I don’t care much for social occasions. I prefer to stay home and read a good book and enjoy my comfortable surroundings--my fireplace (or if I had one). 12. Type of friends I am drawn to A. My friendships are, to a large extent, related to children--my children’s friends’ mothers and mothers of other children. We have love of children in common as well as related family interests. B. I tend toward sisterly relationships/friendships with women. These relationships are very important to me--I am not like other women who prefer the company of men. I am drawn to women with more feminist leanings. C. I'm drawn to more intellectually oriented energy in friendships. We are typically discussing work, politics, and other intellectual debates. My friends possess, as I do, strong views, articulate them well and may at times tend toward intellectual competitiveness in a sporting manner. D. My friends tend to be different from me--I am able to be rather chameleon-like. My female friends tend to have somewhat stronger personalities than I do. I have some difficulty saying ‘no’ at times. I tend to have difficulty putting my feelings into words. As much as I enjoy my friends, I enjoy my time to myself quite a bit. E. I have numerous female acquaintances through my various organization and volunteer groups - however, if my partner’s job causes us to relocate, as my family is primary, I am able to pick up and move for the sake of my partner's career. This is more essential to me than friendships. F. I have a wide circle of women friends and acquaintances. My women friends are either similar to me in that we live and love with intensity--we don’t get offended as we tend to treat our plans rather casually. OR, I have other friends who seem to enjoy living vicariously through my love adventures. I tend to be generous with my friends when I am with them; however, I just seem to get quite busy with my social calendar. G. I have one or two female friends--we enjoy getting together from time to time. We tend to enjoy similar subdued sensibilities and share similar values. We provide each other a listening ear, compassionate heart and centeredness. We do not engage in gossip. We do not engage in intellectual discussions, either. 13. Books I enjoy and have around my home A. I most frequent cookbooks as I love trying different recipes; I have knitting and gardening magazines; crafts magazines and, on my bookshelves, a number of children’s books. B. I am interested in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine as it is important to me to keep abreast of tasteful home decorating; travel books, People Magazine, as I’m curious about the latest "scoops"; illustrated coffee table books. C. I have around me books on metaphysical subjects and/or spirituality, psychology, mythology and photography and creative writing. I very much enjoy my quiet time to devote to reading. D. I enjoy and have around me books on yoga, brochure magazines on kayaking & rafting, National Geographic, books on best hiking places, picture books of national parks. E. I enjoy books on famous painters and other creative artists/dancers, and collage. I also enjoy novels and period pieces involving romance. I have a subscription to a few favorite, contemporary clothing & jewelry catalogues. F. I enjoy material offering a stimulating intellectual read--such as political news magazines, journal articles, feminist writings & avant-garde literature. G. I enjoy reading stories about the lives of women in history--saints and other esteemed women. I have a few Buddhist books on centering practices; I also have some bread-making and flower-making books. Once you have rated your level of agreement to each statement corresponding to the appropriate number and letter, transposeyour Rate Sheet scores to the Goddess Tally Sheet, below. Example: Category #1, Question A. -- you rated yourself a -1...find row 1, then locate ‘A.’, (it is under Demeter) and place the -1 score in the space provided. Category #1, Question B. -- you rated yourself a ‘1’ - so, looking across the horizontal row of 1, find the letter B. (it’s located under Artemis) Starting with #1, working across, fill in your rating score for each of the letters. Then go to #2, working across, find your rating score and fill it in according to the corresponding letter You follow the same procedure throughout each of the numbers. After all the Rating Score numbers have been placed next to their corresponding Letters, you add up the numbers (vertically) in EACH goddess category (subtracting, when required). For a printable version of the Goddess Tally Sheet, click here. Goddess Tally Sheet Category 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Total: Athena F.___ A.___ B.___ C.___ D.___ D.___ F.___ C.___ D.___ E.___ A.___ C.___ F.___ _____ Aphrodite E.___ C.___ E.___ B.___ F.___ A.___ C.___ B.___ E.___ B.___ D.___ F.___ E.___ _____ Persephone C.___ D.___ D.___ F.___ A.___ E.___ A.___ F.___ F.___ A.___ B.___ D.___ C.___ _____ Artemis B.___ B.___ F.___ A.___ E.___ C.___ D.___ E.___ A.___ C.___ F.___ B.___ D.___ _____ Demeter A.___ F.___ C.___ D.___ C.___ B.___ E.___ D.___ B.___ F.___ E.___ A.___ A.___ _____ Hera D.___ E.___ A.___ E.___ B.___ F.___ B.___ A.___ C.___ D.___ C.___ E.___ B.___ _____ Hestia G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ G.___ _____ Place the Goddess Score by each Goddess name - seeing which goddesses have the highest ‘scores’ and the lowest ‘scores’. The highest ‘scores’ suggest the goddess energy you feel most comfortable with--predominating in your consciousness. The ‘lowest’ scores reflect qualities you are least connected with on a conscious level. These are qualities you may be least familiar with in yourself. You may wish to keep this in mind as you read about the various goddesses in this site. You may discover a desire to cultivate qualities of the goddesses for whom you received lower ‘scores’ Hera: ____ Wife & helpmate Demeter: ____ Mother/Nurturer Athena: ____ Career - Wisdom - Accomplisher Hestia: ____ Spiritual Focus So plug into: »Issues of Power« »Issue of Relatedness« »Issue of Purpose« Persephone: ____ Underworld/Mystery Aphrodite: ____ Love/Beauty Artemis: ____ Nature-lover/ Animals And listen to: Lets get do it, let’s roll. DO WHAT YOU’RE GOOD AT, AND MONEY WILL FOLLOW. THE BALANCE AND RISK BALANCE. 2 people is exponential. STAGES OF THE RELANTIOSHIP; U MARRY UR MOM, OR UR PA.=THE HONWY MOON. THE PEA? WE AR A COMBINATION OF HERION AND??? WE R DRUGGED UP. =ROMANTIC DELUSIONLAS TFOR A FEW MONTHS, OR 2 YEARS. THE EUFORIA WILL CRASH., ITS MORE OF A FANTASY. ------------------------------------------------ EMAIL; OLAZIN@UCLA.EDU, lower case.

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