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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dancing Pam Pam Americano at Crystal: Studying sacred Dancing

My favorite place in West Hollywood:

Live music, with Igor, & Fyodor, with Elena Bassarabskaya, great musicians.

We have been today Saturday 16th, with Maria-Eugenia & Miguel Angel Rivera to Crystal, and danced passed midnight.

I hope they are winning the CAHSE best restaurant business in West Hollywood with this occasion.
We will know for sure in January.

Natasha & Raisa are my good friends. Go girls!


Crystal Restaurant on Facebook. D Clearsension, if you prefer the massage, touch teraphy (see the Sufi mysthic touch, & flood yourself with gratitude). Clear cognizance, I am in tune with. Listen to sacred music in the meditation or your own voice, sanscrit mantras.

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