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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Get Your MA or PhD at UCLA. Radio Blog Talk Show, 03/22 by Passionate Women Online | Blog Talk Radio for direct deposit (check) Many who live in or visit California are aware of names such as Pico Boulevard, Pico Park, or Pico Rivera. The list of names serves as a reminder of Don Pico Rivera, California's last Mexican governor. Since the Don supposedly held land from San Diego to Santa Barbara, the list of places bearing his name is quite long. Yet few are aware of the man's ambitious attempt to rise from poverty to high estate. At a time when political leaders advanced through revolution and rebellion, Don Pico was no exception. He gained his first governorship in 1831 when his rebels defeated General Victoria. A victory at the Battle of Cahuenga Pass in 1845 established him for a second term, which was ended by the Mexican War. What does the passage say about political advancement in early nineteenth-century California? It was typically obtained through family influence. It was available only to those who had ambition. It was easier to achieve in some regions than in others. It was often gained through rebellion.X --------------------------------