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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reframing Latin America's Contribution to Education, Forum For Ageing & Education in California

Reframing Latin American Issues in California, Los Angeles

RESEARCHPROJECT_Proposaldocx.docx by Olga Lazin

Research & development Contributions of Professor Gil Fernando:
The Need in California By addressing the dramatic demographic changes affecting the North and South American continent, as well as the Pacific region, LA LAB will draw upon the trans-migration of populations that have made Los Angeles a multi-cultural capitol and that allow Los Angeles to be a laboratory upon which the America’s and the Pacific Basin can examine and address mutual interest of migration, immigration, refugee flows and the aging of societies. This latter issue lends itself to a unique feature of California, Los Angeles and Latin America/Asia; these regions are aging while their replacement levels/fertility rates are decreasing, leading to a global challenge of increased older populatios, fewer young workers and a need to replenish the workforce with immigration, migrants and pro-natal policies. Los Angeles and California represent these trends and can illuminate the problems, experts can find potential solutions and opportunities. This will allow for the establishment of a public forum for discussion of all this issues. LA Lab will contribute to reframing the intellectual and cultural capital of California, and a public forum for scholars interested in Latin American issues.
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