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In Los Angeles, we are on Pacific Standard Time; 9 hours earlier than Hungary. In summer, The USA is 10 hours ahead of Hungarian Time zone. So please adjust your clocks.

Contact us; We are not responsible for any destruction to the housing, or any fines incurred by the students during their stay.
Contact Us:
Westwoodi szállást,saját költéri medencével, Wi-Fi szolgáltatással,oktatást, film studio látogatást, kirándulást az Pacific-óceán partra, kikötőbe,csoport kísérő Budapest - Los Angeles és Los Angeles-Budapest
Contact Hungary: Miss Julia Zintz: Email Tel: 36-20-280-3778
United States Dr Olga Lazin-Andrei: & Link:
tel. 1 (310) 208 2244
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History Class at UCLA Dr Olga Lazin & Dr Wilkie

Lecturing at UCLA.  History Class:


Los Angeles: UCLA Summer Seminar
History Class At UCLA:

My dear friends: Check out my Portfolio on! Love how I look on this new free service.
Organizing Scholars Key Advisors Include: Olga M. Lazín, UCLA, who is a consultant and has taught throughout universities in Mexico in the area of education and globalization of technology, and distance learning. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court since 2003 and previously a consultant to the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and United Nations. Fernando Torres-Gill, UCLA Professor of Social Welfare and Public Policy and Chair of the Social Welfare Department in the Luskin School of Public Affairs. [OMIT UNTIL WE TALK WITH HIM ON WEDNESDAY—see our opening comments above.] James W. Wilkie, UCLA Professor of History & Policy Analysis, who is the Editor of the Statistical Abstract of Latin America and Director of the Lain American Oral History Program, which interviews Latin American Leaders by combining autobiographical and biographical approaches.
Marcelo Suárez-Orozco, Dean and Distinguished Professor of Education, UCLA GSE&IS, and one of the preeminent experts in the world on mass migration, globalization, and education. Sat, Dec 14, 12-4pm Saturday Afternoon at the Labyrinth Unwind walking the labyrinth. See beauty within you. Tap into the peace--then leave recharged!
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