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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Biografia Dr Olga Lazin - Escaping Transylvania to the West

PROFMEX Opening To Europe & Russia With Dr James Wilkie

June 23, 2016, UCLA

I grew up in the beautiful and bucolic Maramures region, Romania, where I have my first memories. The region was much nicer, ethnically more diverse, better climate, and more geographic diversity, with the Mountains of Gutinul and the rivers of Iza and Tisa, as Tisa was the natural border with the Ukraine before the cold war settled in 1947 in Romania.

As folklore has it in the West, vampires comes from Transylvania. We had vampires, and wolverines, but all these mythological characters were actually members of the communist party, which everyone had to join.
Except for me. I had always been a maverick.

In college I excelled in History and English, as well as French Languages.
I was admitted to the University in Cluj, in the heart of Transylvania, namely the American Language and Literature –Romanian Language And Literature Department of Philology. The Boljay University is still considered the best University in Transylvania with respect to the Professors having a vertebrae. Once I started mentoring other students, I was happy and had the sense of freedom, reading and writing comprehension being my forté for the following years at the University in the heart of Transylvania. I always dreamt of being a professor, and a writer. In the 5th grade I had to make a crucial decision regarding the foreign language I chose to learn, and yes it was American,not Russian!

The college professors, started reading the mounds of new Decrees every day, which made me laugh, and staff of the university was suspicious of me not believing their “expose” in the classrooms. One of the marxist history teachers, Banica, was the most dogmatic, and did indoctrinate half of the class. Professors were trying to befuddle us with words from a wooden language, totally bent toward twisting our brains into confused submission. Professors, securitate officers were acting as sweaty bureaucrats, and Eagle minds trying to tell us what to think. Not one professor ever asked us, “What do you really think, all of you?”
Each professor had their favorite students and made sure they pointed this out in class, stifling any competition, and were showing openly their favoritism or nepotism.

When I reached 22 years, I started being argumentative, and started criticizing professors, esp. the history professor. I was getting so sick at academics yelling at us, and being forced to do the military service as a woman in the academia. After all, Americans were coming to take away our socialist country. We were doomed as a nation, I was taught in History classes, by being taken over by foreign powers, especially the Americans. Because the Russians already did. Sic! The Russians have been directing Romanian politicians since 1947!
As awful as it sounds I learned the hard way and bought my books from the black market.
Students like myself back in 1982 couldn’t buy books in English, and I was an English major.
We couldn’t talk to foreigners, and the atmosphere was dreadful in classes. Restrictions were plentiful and absurd. Speech was not free; one couldn’t argue in class, or make any real analysis or debate. You had to regurgitate what they were telling you, and read whatever was there in the old books stacked in the communist library.
I was an English major, but could not get the books in English necessary for the Exams. They did not exist. Talking to foreigners in English or answering one question was a crime, according to a stupid decree. Abortion was a crime for 20 years. Doctors performing it ended up in jail, and so did the pregnant women. Punishments were ridiculous, e.g. 5 years jail for an abortion for 40 years.
Furthermore if my uncle from Canada visited us, we were all under surveillance, the entire family. Even today, in 2014 one has to go and declare if you have family visiting from the USA or CANADA for some bizarre security reasons. Well after 22 years, not much has changed in poor Romania.
Nobody underwent this.

I was a professor of Romanian and English in Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures County, at School #2. It was very exacting commuting all the time from Tisa where I lived in our private Museum (Pipas Museum of Art) to Sighet. So, finally I decided to leave in 1986, and traveled to the border, as well as paid a smuggler to take me to Yugoslavia. We were caught on the border and sent back in 1984.
The jail was so cold in Timisoara to keep the bacterias and viruses that it made everybody sick internally with the cold and the flue. Most of civil society was imprisoned, for trying to open the system, and denounce the Ceausescu dictatorship. The blanket was as warm as a Kleenex tissue. Moreover there were no pillow, and the concrete slab where inmates slept was a back-breaker. The lights were on 24 hours a day, blinding all of us, and there was constant observation. Every hour one was awakened to be counted at 5am. All under the guise of watching out for suicides. But everyone could be clearly seen by the guards, and there was no need to sleep-deprive inmates, as they were doing. There was also someone in the higher echelon ripping off the food bill. They served only baby carrots, and spicy beans.

My poor mother was so confused by the propaganda, that she started crying when I was freed from jail, feeling very emotional after the death of the nation’s father, Ceausescu.

Fed up with all the restrictions, and full of frustrations, I hit the border with Yugoslavia.
I have been unfairly jailed as I tried to leave the country in 1986. I was ready to give up my freedom, just to escape an impossible country, with impossible leadership.
In 1989, Ceausescu finally pardoned everybody who tried to escape the horrendous conditions in the country.
The first act of freedom I have performed it was to secure a passport for myself. And got married to Valerian Pipas, a famous violinist from Virismort, Tisa in Maramures county. Otherwise the consulate would not have given me the visas. Conditions were one had to be married, and own a house. Truly I enjoyed being married to a musician; he played the violin and I danced tango and csardas in weekends.
I have been teaching English in Sighet, Tisa, and Giulesti, as well as Camara for another 10 years. Conditions were absolutely horrific; no heating in schools, no teaching material, and constant harassment from colleagues of being informed on. And constant surveillance.
Over 1000 young students were killed in the University square by the Securitate (security) agents when Ceausescu was shot. By gunshots. A bloody revolution started that winter.

An all out civil war started in December 15th, in 1989. Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was shot, together with his wife Elena, execution style.
Luckily I could start now get a passport and visas I was dreaming about for escaping to the West. Even when Ceausescu was dead, change was happening excruciatigly slow, in all domains of life.

After I met Jim, in the city of Sighet, I decided to finally leave Romania, well after an execution squad shot the Ceausescus in December 26, 1989 for Christmas. Such a nice gift to the Romanian people.
When the regime changed in 1990, I was free to get a passport, and started Organizing Conferences and Seminars at the University of Babes-Boljay, in the heart of Transylvania. Together with James Wilkie, we have opened a PROFMEX office in Moscow, headed by Boris Koval.
I was mostly writing on destatification and privatization of Romanian companies. 51% of MARA, the textiles company I researched was finally sold to the Germans. The opening up of Romania to the world has finally begun. And so did my eyes open with having met James W Wilkie on a beautiful day of September 16th, in 1990.
It was on a rainy September 16tth day, in Sighet. Being the only English speaker in town, I was called to translate for a small group of academics by the mayor. Shortly after I have met James Wilkie, and James Platler, the two American professors from UCLA, I realized I could leave and that I was meant to see the world.
The two professors were doing a study on the effects of the Cold War in post-socialist countries.
I stated my observations and my truths to James Wilkie, as I saw a kindred spirit in him the moment I have first talked to him. Many of my thoughts were very valuable to Dr Wilkie, who then asked me to guide the academic group through Eastern Europe.
The academics were traveling in a German Opel (a U.S. made car). I took them to the Museum of my friend, Ms. Mihaly de Apsa, in my hometown, Sighet. We then went to the Merry Cemetery, the unique “happy cemetery” in the world.
I will start by explaining the places I went in 1991, mainly one of the most beautiful part of Romania, through Pasul Prislop. We then continued and went together around Romania, visited the monasteries of Moldova, C-lung Moldovenesc, Suceava, Sucevita and Agapia monasteries. Then we went to Lacul Rosu. We took the scenic road to Cluj Napoca, where I was trying to get the plane in order to fly out to Paris, in France. I had all the visas. But there was no flight. Nobody took credit cards at that point in Romania. James Wilkie taught me what CREDIT was.

I fell in love with Jim Wilkie. After this I am going to call him JW.
I was deeply in love with James Wilkie, whom has hired me as a guide.
After I explained to Prof James the failed privatization process in Transylvania, he said: “call me Jim”, which made conversation much easier,on a first person bases.
Being very adament on leaving the country, we finally left for Budapest after the airport visit in Cluj Napoca. There were no planes there whatsoever. So, Dr James Platler was driving strong, and in 2 days we got through Budapest, finally, and then got out towards Austria and Germany.

Dr James Platler, Jim’s colleague was worried that I was a spy that is because everywhere we went, we received special private rooms, and great Hotel deals, plus good lunches at the Monastery, where I was a good friend with the Mother Superior.
But, after reflecting on the situation, James decided to help me get out of Romania. In Budapest I obtained the Austrian visa, where I needed a simple transit visa. James Wilkie had tremendous confidence. He was irradiating confidence.
After, getting the Austrian visa, we next travelled to Kobentzl, overlooking Salzburg, in Austria talking about the global economy. We even spent most of our time down Salzburg city, taking pictures, and JW was teaching me constantly economics, how the world of development worked: finances, credit, and interest. JP had more faith in me than ever.
Then we went to Munich, where we celebrated Oktoberfest.
I have decided to stay in the West, which is in France. I had my family friends waiting for me. I took the plane to Paris, from Munich, to fly out to Bordeaux to meet the family, which invited me to France. JW had to go back to teach. He promised he would return for me soon. I was already missing James W., hardly had he disappear from my sight at the Paris Airport when we separated that year, in 1991.
After ten weeks in Bordeaux, JW came to visit me. After one year in France, in Paris, I was refused asylum in France. The national security Bureau headed by a Gris guy (security officer) was constantly menacing me…with turning me back.

JW returned for me and arranged with Gerard Chaliand so that security won’t meddle constantly in my life, and I could leave for the United States, moving towards freedom faster than ever imagined by me. It was a very wonderful fall, in Bordeaux, so we drove to see all the castles along the Loire River.
The 1st trip was to and along the river of LOIRE; we left in September, and came back in December. Then we went to Paris, and visited the Versailles, Champs Elysee, the Montmartre, and Montparnasse. We had everything to ourselves, and then we went to the beautiful port of Marseille, while listening to the PASTORALES, and exploring the beautiful green lands of France.

In Marseille we stayed at the Sofitel, JW was overlooking the Bay, into the icy cold town. And we went to the COTE Azure. We stayed at Hotel Welcome. Then rode over the serpentined Cornish roads, overlooking the Mediterranean, Cap Ferrat, and Monaco. Then Jim W. had to fly out to teach again, and I flew back to Bordeaux, where I took numerous courses in European Union Regulations for the environment, and sustainability. I was deeply in love with James.

In Bordeaux France, 1992

Life with the nuns in Bordeaux, France, the city of Commerce, was excellent. The mother superior took me to Toulouse Lautrec’s castle, and swam in the Atlantic Ocean. Then I flew to meet Jim in NICE, in 1992.
It is now another beautiful stay at WELCOME, in Beaulieu sur Mer.

James came back 10 weeks later, when getting a break from UCLA teaching. So, the second time together, we travelled to Carcassonne, a fortified city, through Andorra (a gambling center, in the Pyrenees’) Mountains. The Principality of Andorra was rich and ostentatious with baroque buildings. And gorgeous La Rochelle, a beautiful Bay, nested in the mountains.
Then entered into Spain, toward Madrid, and stayed at Hotel Paris for a week, in the center of Madrid. We were studying the Spanish cultures, and later, I had a great background in the Peninsular thinking of the Spanish conquistadors. Major Spanish cities are named after in Mexico.
In Toledo, we enjoyed the charales in the main plaza. Morelia, in the state of Michoacán reminded me of Toledo later on.

We left to Toledo, the town of knives, and then headed to the town of Trujillo. In Trujillo we went and took pictures while walking on the red roofs of houses, perfectly lined up for us to walk.
I took great pride that I was free and nobody minded my business for the first time in my life. Jim and I, we were only taking care of one another.
We went up to the Devil’s Throat (a town deep in a canyon, tucked into the mountains) to continue up in the mountains, and then went down to a walled town of Avila, to Trujillo, and continued to rainy Madrid.

Then we headed toward El Escorial, the monastery, and then JW flew out of Madrid. I took the plane to France, and in Bordeaux I joined the nuns again, and continued my studies of Folklore at the University of Bordeaux, where I was writing about the mythical Lilith.

To paint it in a picture of words, I am flashing out the pageant, of that beautiful Catholic Church, as we went down from La Rochelle, along the clean river, and the gorges of the Pyrenees Mountains

Out of many, Switzerland is my favorite European country; the majestic mountains and the rivers impressed me.
Monte Rosa’s Peak and Matterhorn were absolutely fabulous, left us breathless, and the chalet Michabell was looking down on Italy. The view out of the window was that of Matterhorn Mountain in Zermatt.
We enjoyed the lovely scenery in Luzern, and Interlaken, with the beautiful lake with little bridges leading up to the center, all dressed up in geranium flowers. Multicolored geraniums flowers were hanging out from each houses’ window. The beautiful trip was to go up on a chairlift (teleferico) to wheel you up over the meadows, seeing cattle and, magnificent glorious view of the Swiss Mountains, and the peaks. It is a very gentle and slow trip.

In 1991 in summer James and I left France for the United States, more specifically to Los Angeles that is to UCLA, where I wanted to get my master’s degree in History.
In L.A. I have arrived just in time to witness the 1992 riots. We found a lovely place in Marina Del Rey, where we stayed for a week, and read all the books on Los Angeles, and its diversity.
I have escaped from the bad world into the good world. We loved each other so deeply.

OPENING PROFMEX To Russia And Eastern Europe
In 1992, we went to Russia and opened the PROFMEX office with Boris Koval our Latin Americanist, and great pianist, thus marking the opening of PROFMEX to Eastern Europe. Publications followed.
Next we went to Hungary and opened a PROFMEX office in Budapest, the capital on the majestic Danube River.
Professors, academics were curios about Mexico, and its leadership in Free Trade. And special trade regions, how Mexico has become the linchpin for trade in the western hemisphere, and NAFTA was in works.

Determined to continue my education, we moved into Westwood and enrolled into the UCLA’s Master program in the summer of 2004. I graduated soon after in 2005, but no family was present, as my mother died of a heart attack, and could never travel by plane. Prof James was there for me, and so was Aida Mostkoff of PROFMEX, with flowers; an unforgettable uplifting moment registered forever.

Attending Conferences and seminars on free trade, and managed trade was a full time job now, in the big family that was UCLA for me. We went to a great Conference in Toronto where I could also see my uncle who fled Europe from the Russians. My uncle Nicholas Lazin, who has fled to Hungary in 1947, and settled down in Oshawa, Canada, invited me to visit, Oshawa, and the General Motors Plant, where he worked for over 40 years. It was wintertime in Canada, and it was a harsh experience staying there and getting accustomed again to cold weather. It just does not work with me; we don’t mix, the cold weather and me, it was as simple as that.

Discovering new places and peoples.

It was a good feeling escaping Ceausescu’s tyranny and discovering the hidden side of the word. I realized how we lived in the dark for 20 years, and one does not be the prisoner of their own thoughts and limited spirit of the others, living the same nightmare, as I did back in Romania.
James and I enjoyed the nuns in Bordeaux; they were free spirits and happy women, with a great sense of humor especially the Mother Superior. In France we even visited Toulouse Lautrec’s castle, and spent good times on the beach where the Atlantic Ocean met the Pacific Ocean. I had spent unforgettable moments of discovery, and fraternization with the nuns.

But the most beautiful place on earth is Mexico’s Morelia Michoacán. Then Mexico D.F. Even though the air is too polluted in Teotihuacan, I have found Mexico D.F. a nice city, so we travelled around Mexico D.F. and finally visited the Pyramid of the Sun, the pyramid of the Moon, and I found this sacred place a nice place for meditation.

After having worked a long time on getting a Mexican passport, I discovered Mexico as the most beautiful country on earth. Its diversity is mind-boggling. James and I went to Mexico every month for the past 24 years, except for this year.

But as all ironies are happening, when I arrived to L.A., the riots were in progress.

It took 8 years of College and University learnings with James Wilkie to better understand the Los Angeles riots for me. James taught me in 1992 that there were no black or white issues, but there are the “greys” in life too.
Moreover he taught me life-skills, like e.g. how to balance a checkbook, and how to swim. And how to be the best version of myself. All these are very important things for survival in the 21st century.

After graduating from UCLA, my self-development took me again to Toronto to see my uncle Nicholas, and cousin Caroline Lazin. I started teaching History pretty soon, when I returned to UCLA as a Teaching Assistant for 4 years, during my MA and Doctoral Program.

After 2 years in the Doctoral Program in History at UCLA, I graduated in 2001, in January. After graduation I have published my Doctoral thesis, and a second book on the bright and dark sides of Globalization with Dr James W Wilkie, Professor at UCLA. Our books are widely read around the world and are used to teach Courses at College and University levels. To get the books we have written together with James Wilkie, download them from the PROFMEX website.

After 9/11 the whole world has changed. And this will be the topic for another book. A book in which we are still research/investigate what has changed exactly in these 25 years in Los Angeles, and how change has impacted us, at PROFMEX. We, James and I want to come more often to Mexico. I have been teaching a course on Globalization and its impact on Mexico and the world of Free Trade, or managed trade in 2012 and we stellarly did it irregardless of what the press was saying about TJ. The other course we co-taught in Cancun, at the Universidad de Quintana Roo. It was a great success. I miss the peaceful time in Mexico and the U.S. I miss the indigenous people’s traditions and customs. I am now focusing on writing a new Chapter of our lives, with Prof. James Wilkie, and my resolve is growing as per why we are we missing those good things of the past (rituals, customs), as a collective. That is we are together bent on recovering the collective memory of our academic freedom.

And here we are now, paying tribute to James Wilkie the man and the Academic of the Century! Thank you, Jim! Vivat Academia.

With Prof James W Wilkie

In Hawaii, 2014. Copyrighted, Olga Lazin 2016

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Let me introduce myself: I am a writer, author and university Lecturer. 

I am a Doctor in History, and I have earned my degree from  the University of California, Los Angeles in 2009.
My research and teaching interests focus on food development and food technology transfers from Europe into Latin America and the United States.  I am particularly interested in understanding global trends in nutrition, and how food companies they promote continuity and change. I am currently working on my second book about how trade and technology have changed for the good human food sources, focusing mostly on organic food and a very special type of agriculture.

                                              May 19, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA


                                                                   Olga Magdalena Lazin-Andrei

UCLA Visiting Scholar, Education Department
PROFMEX – R&D Director, Published Author

Web page:


2004 - 2012 UCLA Visiting Scholar, Department of Education
2003 - 2004 UCLA Post Doctoral Scholar, History
2001 ----- Ph.D. in History, UCLA
1996     M.A. in History, UCLA
1990 B.A. in Philology, Babes-Bolyai University    

Professional Experience: 1990 – present  PROFMEX (the Consortium for research on Education) – R & D Director  at UCLA.

Book: Decentralized Globalization:
(sole author) Free Markets, U.S. Foundations, and the Rise of Civil  and Civic Society from Rockefeller’s Latin America to Soros’ Eastern Europe

published in Spring 2007, by UCLA and the University of Guadalajara Press
UCLA Program on Mexico, PROFMEX, and Juan Pablos Editores.


Second Book:
The Positive and Negative Sides of Globalization. Lados Obscuros y Brillantes de la Globalización, 
Co-author, James W. Wilkie, Universidad de Guadalajara, UCLA, 2011


Third book sole author:   Rise of the American Model for Philanthropy, 
2001, Online:

Online Publications:

Book presentation:
At the Convention Center, Los Angeles, May 20 -23, 2012. Book Fair, Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

Academic Competence: 

Latin American History; Health Systems  in Latin America: 
Regional project on Coordination of Research Policies with the Latin American Countries: American Culture and History: Latin America and Its People, Constitutional History; Social and Political Philosophy of the Unites States, History of Free trade Blocs in Global, and Regional Perspective: NAFTA, Macroeconomics: Climate Change
Governance & Health 
Human Rights
Race & Ethnicity
Social Determinants of Health-Southern California
Comparative Free Trade Blocs Analysis; History of Globalization; Philosophy of  Individualism; Philosophy of Film & Hollywood Culture; Ancient and Modern History; Creative Writing; Creating Thinking; U.S. History; the Age of Revolutions, Elitelore, and Folklore: Critical Thinking; Marxism; Capitalism, American Pragmatism; Feminism; Ethics; Environmental Studies; Asian Philosophy and Religion; Religious Studies (East and West); Aesthetics; Philosophy and Literature.

Languages:     Polyglot Speak Read Write
English          
French          
German    
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Spanish          

ESL Teacher: City of Long Beach.


Online:  1990 -- 2012

Dr. James W. Wilkie, UCLA Professor of Globalization History and Policy Studies
President, PROFMEX 
1242 Lachman Lane, Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272
Cell (310) 454-8812, office 206-8500

Dr. Carlos Alberto Torres, UCLA Professor of Education
Professor of Social Sciences and Comparative Education
Social Sciences and Comparative Education (SSCE) Division Head, 
Director, Paulo Freire Institute
Tel 310 455 1090

Dr Peter Lowenberg, PROF. Chairman international Psychoanalitic Association
449 Levering, Los Angeles, Ca 90024-1909
Tel; 1 (310) 471 3039

Dr. Jesús Arroyo Alejandre, Professor and Dean, School of Economics
University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Tel: (011-52-33) 36-33-54-45

Dr. Iván T. Berend, UCLA Professor of East Central European History 
Director, UCLA Center for Eastern Europe and Russian Studies
UCLA, 6343 Bunche Hall,405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90095
Tel. (310) 825 1178
E-mail: iberend

Dr. Ronald E. Hellman, CUNY Professor of Sociology 
Director, CUNY Center for Science and Society in the Americas
City University of New York
365 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10016
Tel. (516) 477-4011

Rafael Rodríguez Castañeda, Professor
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Eucaliptos 59
Izcalli del Bosque
Naucalpan, Edo. de México 53278 Mexico
Tel 011-52-55 53 73 14 05 

Teaching Experience:

History Lecturer: UCLA, California State University, Cal State University Long Beach, Cerritos College, Santa Monica College, West LA College, and El Camino College.

2014         History 161 – UCLA, Spring Quarter
Latin American Social History Survey Course, Co-taught with Dr James W Wilkie

Syllabus link:

2011       UCLA Extension, Topics in Latin American History,  
Summer Quarter & Winter Quarter

2010   “Women and Globalization,” Upper Division Women’s Studies 
Course 401I California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

2009   “World History Since 1500,” Upper Division History Course,
Course 380 at California State University, Long Beach, Spring Semester

2008   Course 301, History: The Individual, the Family and the 
Community, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, for 7 years, every semester.

2008   “Women in World History,” Upper Division History 380, 
California State University, Dominguez Hills, Fall Semester 

2007     Assistant Professor; “Mexico Since 1910,” UCLA Upper Division         Course History 171, 
UCLA Extension (UNEX), Spring Quarter

      “Health Systems in Latin America: A Comparative Perspective”: 
Santa Monica College, Summer Quarter

History 8B – History Instructor, Summer & Fall Quarters with Ingrid FEY.

2007 – to date The United States and the World 
Director Research & Development

2006 Lecturer: “History of Latin America,” Upper Division Course  
“History of Mexico,” Upper Division Course 
Santa Monica College, Summer Quarter, & Fall

2005 “History of the Americas,” Lower Division History 8.1  
Cerritos College, Winter Quarter

UCLA Teaching Assistant
Experience:  Department of History: Lecturer 20 years.

Managing Editor-in-Chief:

PROFMEX Web Journal

Articles Authored & Book reviews:

2010   Lydia's Open Door: Inside Mexico's Most Modern Brothel, 
University of California Press, by Patty Kelly, 2008.  On under olazin & In  H_NET Reviews on books upon Latin America. 

2009 Conference, Mexico and The World: Online articles:

2002     “How to Improve Heath Services in Tijuana.”  “Expansion del Papel del Instituto Nacional de Migración de México (INAMI) y Establecimiento de Un ‘Think Tank” Dedicado a Mejorar la Calidad de Vida en La Gran Los Angeles-Tijuana,”
(México, D.F.: INAMI, 2002), Chapter 5.

2001 “History and Components of Globalization,”  Healthcare, Education and Telecommunications, in Statistical Abstract of Latin America 37
 (Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications),  pp. xxiv-xxvii.

2000a     “Romanian Globalization Theory and Its Impact In Latin America - The Neopopulist Discourse,” 
UCLA Historical Journal, Issue 19, pp. 12-34.

2000b Book Review  of Crafting the Third World: Theorizing Under-development in Brazil (Stanford University Press, 1996)
 by Joseph Love,” Mexico and the World  5:2

1999 “Mexico as a Linchpin for Free Trade in the Americas,” in Statistical Abstract of Latin America, Vol. 31:2, pp. 1173-1203. (Co-author James W. Wilkie)

1999a “Mexico and Romania Compared,” in Mexico and the World, edited by James W. Wilkie (México, D.F.: PROFMEX-ANUIES), pp. 206-233. Also in Mexico and the World  6:1

1999b   “Globalización Fast-Track  y el Surgimiento de Áreas de Libre Comercio (ALC) y Corporaciones Transglobales (CTG) Virtuales”, in México frente a la Modernización de China,  ed. Oscar M. González Cuevas (México, D.F.: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Unidad Azcapotzalco), pp. 307-359.
(Co-authored with James W. Wilkie)

1996 “Bloques Emergentes de Comercio Internacional:
Comparación |Entre el Área de Libre Comercio de América del Norte y la Unión Europea,” Carta Económica Regional, Universidad de Guadalajara, No. 48,  May-June, pp. 29-36.

1995a “NAFTA and The European Union Compared,” in Statistical Abstract  of Latin America, Vol. 30;1,  pp. 1205-1230. 

1995a “México Como Punta de Lanza para el Libre Comercio en las Américas,” in Ajustes y Desajustes Regionales,  eds. Jesús Arroyo Alejandre y David E. Lorey (Guadalajara y Los Angeles: University of Guadalajara y UCLA Program on Mexico), 47-112.
(Co-author James W. Wilkie) 

1985 “Originality and Stereotypes,” Nord, Baia Mare, Romania, Jan, p. 3.

1984 “Confessions,” Nord, Baia Mare, Romania, January 1, p. 5.

Books online and hard-copy:
 A. Libros de PROFMEX en Línea
 1. La globalización se descentraliza:
     Libre mercado, fundaciones, sociedad cívica y gobierno civil en las regiones del mundo (2007)  on and Kindle
     Por Olga Magdalena Lazín. Prólogo de James W. Wilkie
     Ver también Serie B
 2. La globalización se amplia; 2013, on and Kindle
     Por James W. Wilkie y Olga Magdalena Lazín. Prefacio de Rafael Rodríguez Castañeda
     Ver también Serie B                              

Course Readers Edited:

As Lecturer at UCLA:

2010         Immigration to the U.S. and Gender: UCLA, History 160B

2002         Women in Global Perspectives, Course reader, Gender Studies, 401I CSULB

Women in History: Globalizing Women and Gender Studies in History, California State University, Dominguez Hills

2001   Frontiers in Elitelore, UCLA History 169

1999         Elitelore Issues, UCLA

1995   Issues in Elitelore and Folklore, UCLA History 169

Research Awards: 

UCLA International Studies Overseas Programs

1999-2000 UCLA Travel Grant to Conduct Research on “Reconstructing the Legal Framework for Civil Society in Romania: The Mexican Model.”

1997-1998 UCLA Travel Grant to Conduct Research on “Women and Civil Society in Mexico”

1996               Latin American Center Fieldwork Award

Professional achievements:

2010 Reproductive Health & Women’s Rights in Mexico, Paper Presentation. Moderator on Research & Advocacy panel, UCLA School of Law, March
12th. Organizer

2010           The Economic Policy of Immigration, Paper presentation, Conference in Mazatlán, Universidad Autonoma de    Mazatlán, June 23-25, MX

2010 PROFMEX-UCLA Conference Organizing Committee, 
Paper presented:
Barriers to Reproductive Rights in the U.S. A. & Mexico Morelia, State of Michoacán, September 19-25.

2010 Co-Conference Organizer: “Women in Film, Hollywood”, Paper presentation, 
UCLA, May 1998

1997--2010 Director, Globalization Studies, UCLA Latin America Center

1999 PROFMEX Conference Organizing Committee, 
“Mexico and the World,” Paper Presentation, Morelia, State of Michoacán, December 8-15 //mexworld/issue6/art1

1994-- PROFMEX Director, NAFTA-European Integration

1993-- Organizer, NPPOs GLOBAL-Program for Legally Facilitating the Flow of U.S. - Based Tax Exempt Funds to Not-For-Private-Profit 
Organizations Worldwide. Conferences held in:
Belgium, Hungary, Romania, 1995
Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, 1994
France, Russia, Spain, 1993

1993   Chief of Project, Establishment of PROFMEX Office at the Institute  of Latin American Studies, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow June 15-26.

1992 Director NAFTA - European Integration Studies, based in France and Mexico. February 20-December 15. 

1991 PROFMEX Organizer, “Mission to Analyze De-statification in Eastern Europe, September 15 – October 12.

1990 Latin Language Professor, Cluj, Romania

California faculty Association, 2001.
American Historical Association
American-Romanian Academy of Science and Arts
American-Romanian Foundation (California Tax-Exempt Organization) Founding Member and Chair of Board of Directors, 1997-
Conference on Latin American History
Feminist Majority Foundation (Founder of Feminist Alliance, UCLA Chapter)
Institute for the Study of Gender in Mexico
Northern California Translators Association (NCTA)
PROFMEX–Consortium for Research on Mexico
Board of Directors, 1997—
Holmby Park Advisory Board,  Beverly Hills, 2001--

Conferences, Seminars Presentations and Invitations:

2013                     UCLA  “The Addictive Personality and Its Cure”, Sept 15
       UCLA Faculty Center, Eucalyptus Room

2010   UCLA Conference, School of Law, “Reproductive Justice in U.S. and Mexico:
Is Machismo Winning?”, March 12-15th, UCLA Los Angeles, CA 

2009 Conference on “Latin American Literature and Education,” Mexico City, June 17-24, Paper: “The Challenge of Globalization, Civil Society in   Latin America and Canada.”

Since 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, EPA Courses at UCLA: English for Academic Purposes, Full-time. Lecturer/Instructor.

2001 Conference on “Urban Poverty Worldwide,” Toluca, State of Mexico,            
       November 6-9, Paper: “Women in the Labor Force, Equal Pay”

2000 Conference Organizer, “Technological Knowledge and Women’s Role in the Global Advocacy Networking,” UCLA, June 4

2000 PROFMEX-UCLA Conference on “Mexico and Public Policy,” Organizer, and also Paper:
“Reproductive Politics & The Role of Women in Mexico” Morelia, 
Michoacán, Mexico, Sept. 14– 23.
TV Interview: Noticiero Canal 13 de Televisa Broadcast to Mexico/USA

1999 UCLA Colloquium in European History and Culture,
October 16, Paper:  “Globalization of Civil Society: 
The Open Society Fund in East-Central Europe–International Philanthropy” 

1999 Organizer, PROFMEX-Guanajuato Conference on Innovative Ideas for Mexico’s Development,” Paper “The Role of Transnational NGOs in Developing Civil Society in Mexico,” Guanajuato, April 14-19.

1999 Organizer, UCLA Seminar on “Globalization and Romania's        
         Transylvanian Region,” sponsored by U.S. Small Business Association, July 7

2002 UCLA History Annual Conference on Women’s History, March 17,
 Paper: “The Politics of Gender in Mexico”

1997    Romanian Academy Conference on “Civil Society ,” Cluj Napoca,
Romania, June 15, Paper: “Civil Society and the Transfer of the 
Mexican - U.S. Model to Romania,” 

1997  Civic Academy Conference on “Rebuilding Civil Society,”    Sighet, Maramures, Romania, June 22, Paper: “The Deliberate Detour  Of Romania’s Civil Society after 1947 by the Ceausescu Dictatorship” 

1996 UCLA Colloquium on Romania, June 17, Paper:
 “The Emerging Romanian Informational Infrastructure”

1996 UCLA Colloquium in European History and Culture, 
  October 16, Paper: “Civil Society and the Mexican Adaptation    
  of the U.S. Philanthropic Model”

1995 The American-Romanian Academy of Science Annual Meeting,
University of Reno, January 12 – 17.  Moderator: “Session on Culture”; Paper: “Orwell's  ‘1984’ and Life Under  ‘Big Brothers’ Stalin & Ceausescu” 

1994 PROFMEX Policy Seminar for Managing the Greater El Paso-Ciudad
Juárez Metropolitan Area, El Paso, March 14-15. Paper: 
“Simplifying U.S.-Mexican Visas”

1994 Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute, Invitee as International Observer  of the Mexican Presidential Election, Mexico City, August 19-22.

1994 PROFMEX Conference on “Experiences of De-statification” 
 Mexico City, August 23, 1994, Paper: “NAFTA and EU Compared.”

1994 Romanian Internet Learning Workshop.  Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, April 29, Paper: “Ironies and Complexities of Redefining Civil Society In East-Central Europe.

  1993  Mexico City University (UAM-A), September 18, paper: 
 “Accelerating the education of Young Women in Mexico: A 
 Development Imperative. ” 

Member: American Historical Association.

Travel and Research___________________________________________

Europe                              Americas

Austria: Sept 1991         Canada: Oct 1992, Nov 1995
Belgium: Sept 1995 Mexico: Yearly, 1991-- 
Bulgaria: Sept 1992
England:  Jan and May 2001, 2009
France:    1991-1992 USA: October 1992--
Hungary:  1991, 1992, 1995 Guatemala, January 1999
Romania: Yearly, 1992--           Costa Rica, March 1999
Russia: June 1993           Caracas, Venezuela  2009
Spain: March 1992
Switzerland: June-July 1994
Turkey: July 2000 - 2009



International History Constitutional History 
Modern Latin American History Colonial/Imperial History (Spanish and Portuguese Empires)
Globalization The Green Revolution (2)
Development – Growth of Civil Society and NGOs Science and Technology
Development – International Trade and Economic Relations International Economic Relations 

My research and teaching interests focus on food development and food technology transfers from Europe into Latin America and the United States.  I am particularly interested in understanding global trends in nutrition, and how food companies they promote continuity and change. I am currently working on my third book about how trade and technology have changed for the good human food sources. (digitized on

2013 – present: Passionate Women Online – BlogTalkRadio Show host

On Social Media:

LinkedIn: Dr Olga Lazin
Tumblr: olga.lazin drolgalazin
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Skype: olgamagdalena
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NSA Surveillance Still Bugging Californians, Bad Ass NSA

NSA, prerequisites: Superior Customer Service Skills.
*Professional appearance and outstanding work ethic.

*Great attitude with high-energy personality.

*Must be computer literate. Internet Wizard, or we send you to Russia!

*Ability to follow instructions.
*Fast learner.
*People friendly personality.
*Pleasant and polite demeanor.
*Professional attitude. (bug your mom, and family if necessary)
*Positive personality. (say stupid jokes at innappropriate times :-)
*Ability to communicate clearly.

*Ability to work in high energy environment. (we hope you have been struck by lightening :-) HAHAHAHA!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 12:45 PM
No Escaping Dragnet Nation

Now on Moyers & Company
 No Escaping Dragnet Nation

This week, as the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein publicly accused the CIA of spying on her committee’s computers, Bill talks with investigative reporter Julia Angwin, author of Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance. The book chronicles the indiscriminate tracking of our everyday lives — where government and business are stockpiling data about us at an unprecedented pace.

Watch a 3-minute clip 
Watch the entire episode 
Don't Miss...
Grid Map Tackling Student Debt and the Privatization of Higher Ed
A broad coalition of unions and progressive groups is trying to start a revolution in education.
  Lawmakers Are Happy to Discuss the Issues — if You Have Some Campaign Cash
A new study confirms the conventional wisdom about how politics in Washington works.
            Snowden’s Legal Counsel: Forget About Orwell, Worry About Kafka
Edward Snowden's lawyer, the ACLU's Ben Wizner, discusses his growing concern with our surveillance state and what could happen if NSA programs aren't rolled back.
            Wall Street’s 2013 Bonuses Were More Than All Workers Earned Making the Federal Minimum
Wall Streeters pocketed more in bonuses than the paychecks of all of the 1,085,000 Americans who work full-time at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
            Report on CIA Black Sites and Torture May Provoke a Constitutional Crisis
Jonathan Landay, one of the reporters who brought the CIA's alleged monitoring of Congress to light, provides some background on the allegations.
Dragnet Nation
Who is Watching You?
In today's Web-centric era, our privacy is at risk of being violated by numerous entities in numerous ways. In this fascinating excerpt from her book, Julia Angwin outlines several ways in which your data can be accessed and used against you.


Tips for Protecting Your Privacy Online

Tips for Protecting Your Child's Privacy Online
FROM BILL MOYER"S SITE: Credit given to
Image Credit: Dale Robbins © 2012 Moyers Media. All rights reserved.

Dr Olga

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Avoid Addictions of Any Kind: Potatoes and Supplements Trump Harmful Alcohol or any other Drugs


AA is only one approach to alcohol addiction, but AA is incomplete and varies from group to group. This approach is totally wrong, as it insistes that people are alcoholics forever, which is not true.

The nutritional method seeks to restore the and maintain the chemical
electrical balance (in the body and brain) upset drinking alcohol. Even a thimble
of alcohol ( 10 drops) will cause the alcoholic to relapse.

In short, the nutritional method means dropping sugar from the diet
(sugar is the base addiction for the alcohol addition) and shifting from
carbs (also full of sugar) to a high-protein diet, vegetable/fruit diet.

Most important are adding to the diet vitamins and minerals, which have been
depleted by alcohol, this causing body & mind stresses):

Immediately put & keep addict on the following daily
DO NOT TAKE any product to which you may be allergic

PQQ, buy at for energy.
L-Glutamine 1500 (MRM brand, 1 capsule has 1,500 mg) take 1-2 capsules
3 times daily to calm the mind and body, take with or without food,
defeat cravings
Vit B1 (eg fromVit Shoppe, 500 mg 2 at breakfast)
Vit B5 (Pantathene by NOW Foods, 600 mg at breakfast 600 mg lun or din),
Vit B6 Country Life brand at Vit Shoppe, 1 pill (200 mg weekdays, 2 pills on
B12 (sublingual) 5 grams (500 mg) several time daily
Folic Acid (800 mg with food)
Vit B-100 Complex, 1 capsule has all Bs (but with only 100 mg each)
to assure integrated coverage, preferably without folic acid which
is already taken above), take with with food

L-Theanine (To enhance the effect of pills above and below)
vs URGENT stress, nervous, worry, cravings for sugar & alcohol
(Suntheanine is the type, 200 mg each capsule at breakfast, lun, din, bed
and anytime cravings are strong),

Grape Seed Extract, 1 or 2 capsules daily
Vitamin C 1000 mg with food (vit C as Ascorbyl Palmitate will not upse stomach)
Lecithin caps (if allergic to soy, take egg-yolk lecithin) at least 600 mg daily
Nuero-Mag (Life Extension brand at Vit Shoppe), 3 caps (2000 mg daily),
with or without food, calms the brain (THIS IS THE RARE PRODUCT
Magnesium (Now brand, 400 mg, 2 at bed to calm the body (if causes loose
bowels, take only one; if generally constipated, take 3 caps), also protects

Vinprocitine 1 pill of 10 mg daily with food for healthy brain (Vit Shoppe brand
Omega 3 (Fish oil 1,200 mg daily)

POTATO WITH SKIN (is not a carb), baked and use grapeseed oil
(Pompeian from Sprouts in tastiest) or butter; eat several times a
day and to help relax for a healthy night of sleep
see below:
Potatoes, Not Prozac (1999)
By Kathleen DesMaisons
In Potatoes [symbolizing complex carbohydrates], Not Prozac [symbolizing drugs & alcohol], Dr. DesMaisons makes her clear convincing case that persons who fear that they are self-indulgent, undisciplined, or lazy, may be in reality among the billions of people who are “sugar sensitive”.
Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don't even know it; they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, cookies, cakes pasta, alcohol or drugs.
These products trigger feelings of exhaustion and low self-esteem because their biochemical impact makes sugar-sensitive people crave these unhealthy products even more.
This vicious cycle of ever deepening cravings can continue for years, leaving sufferers addicted to being overweight, fatigued, depressed, and lost in alcohol or drug binges.
The Kathleen DesMaisons approach to preventing these unhealthy addictions involves preventing the imbalance of 3 factors:
1. volatile blood sugar level (shifting between low and high levels caused by unhealthy reaction to “simple carbohydrates,” which need to be replaced by “complex carbohydrates,” such as potatoes baked in their own skin;
2. low serotonin level (brain chemicals) that needs to be raised to stop impulsive addictive behavior and encourage feelings of calm confidence, well-being, self-esteem, and happiness;
3. low beta endorphins (the strongest of four endorphin brain chemicals) that need to be raised to counter addictive impulses of temporary euphoria that soon shift to exhaustion, depression, and often angry rants/tears, as well as feelings of failure and social isolation. Unhealthy levels of endorphins in the brain may be changed only seemingly for the “better” by taking sugar and a number of drugs such as alcohol, anabolic steroids, heroin and other opiates.
Do not engage in dangerous sugar and drug “highs” that result in physical and psychological “lows” caused by damaging biochemical reactions to body and mind.

The raising of beta endorphins releases natural pain killers, ends feelings of shyness, and creates feelings of “connectedness” and self-esteem, as well as “healthy excitement” about life in general.

Further, according to :
endorphins are most heavily released in the human body during or in moments of great pain or stressful events….. Also endorphins may be triggered by the consumption of certain foods, such as chili peppers, “which have been utilized in various kinds of medical treatments, especially as part of therapy for chronic pain, and are sometimes considered an aphrodisiac”.
Certain kinds of physical activity have been associated with endorphin [release] in recent years as well. Undergoing massage therapy or acupuncture, for example, is believed to stimulate endorphin release, and the natural painkillers may be responsible for the euphoric feelings known as ‘runner's high’ and ‘adrenaline rush.’”

Balancing these 3 factors is crucial to restore and maintain a healthy mind and body.
Sucking on cinnamon toothpicks helps a lot, gives you the endorphines.

P.S. Also, avoid grosse, stupid instructors like Dennis Kenmore, of High Gain Project, in Santa Monica; it will save your life!

Copyrighted ©2014 OLGA M LAZIN ANDREI

Price: In € 12
USA$ 9 Olga Lazin UCLA Course from olazin on Vimeo.


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March 30, 2014
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