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Friday, March 21, 2014

Healthy, Fit and Addiction Free - Best TEA on Earth GUARANA

Drink YOUR GUARANA Tea Daily:

Today we are talking about how to Release acetylcholine with guarana. Guarana is an herb that works like caffeine, only better. It releases acetylcholine like coffee does, but it’s a much slower release. The energy boost is much better. They’ve been using it to fight fatigue and increase physical endurance for thousands of years.[1]
But this can also deplete you after a long while, unless you take…
Regenerate your reserves. You need the nutrient choline to accomplish this. Here are the best food sources:
Food Sources
Serving Size
Beef liver
3 ounces
362.1 mg
1 large
125.5 mg
3 ounces
102.9 mg
Lean beef
3 ounces
74.7 mg
Cod (Atlantic)
3 ounces
54.9 mg
3 ounces
41.37 mg
Shiitake mushrooms
3 ounces
30.9 mg
I advise getting your choline from food, but you can also take it as a supplement. Take it after the guarana, or take them both at the same time.
To Your Good Health, 

P.S. Get RID OF YOUR BELLY FAT  : Drab Hall,  nutritionist says a hormone that regulates metabolism to maintain YOUR best BODY is LEPTIN. Supplement with IRVINGIA gabinensis.
cherries....leptin sensitivity....keep it high!
The gold standard of science research proceedure --
Olinolic acid activeaza GLP one by 20% increases LEPTIN production by 20%.
SHAN CHI, GINSENG. Go here: Leptiburn
YERBA MATE, synergystically increases LEPTIN production.

[1] Best coffee to drink , does not create acid in your tummy:  Psychotria nervosa, from Africa.     Read more here:


Rationality does not exist for the alcoholic. 1 cimbal of drink twists their brains. Like in THE ROOTS OF ADDICTION video:

Healthy chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and alfa endorfins are being trumped by sugarly alcohol. Rationality cannot overcome the chemical imbalance
One needs Vitamin B1, B5, and L Theanin, L Glutamine, Lecithin, unpeeled potatoes, and Grapeseeds extract, to restore  reality to the brain. One has to do away with cravings by power of the will, which is thrown out of the window if you have one more drink. It destroys the rationality. Do away with the last amber of craving that harms the rationality; have UNpeeled potatoes every night.

Most are also experienced hard time finding products free of problem-causing ingredients like dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.
Belmar has come up with a proprietary system they say could deliver oxytocin to your lymphatic network intact, so that you can absorb it. It sells OXYTOCIN>>YES!
The company has filed a patent on their delivery system called bioavailable lymphatic absorption. It is supposed to protect the oxytocin and help it avoid what Belmar calls the “first pass affect” of the liver so that your body can absorb it.
Belmar says their test shows you get good levels at 3 hours after you ingest the tablet, and your oxytocin will stay increased for up to 8 hours. It takes about 15-20 minutes to feel the effect.
Remember, oxytocin is released in large amounts during childbirth and breast feeding. Please do not use oxytocin if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant.
In the future, there might be a topical oxytocin you can use for more enjoyment in the bedroom. Several companies including Belmar have used it with patients who tell the lab stories of multiple orgasms and better erections with more sensations when you apply it.

Oxytocin is a nonapeptide (nine amino acids) hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary. Oxytocin produces action both peripherally and in the brain. Oxytocin is released by males and females during orgasm and is considered by many to be the hormone of desire, social recognition and bonding. 

Traditionally, Oxytocin has been administered by injection or nasal spray  because oral dose forms would be destroyed by the gastrointestinal tract. Belmar Pharmacy compounds new options for patients in both an Oral Tablet of Oxytocin in our BLA System and a Sublingual tablet which is dissolved under the tongue. 

The oral tablet version from Belmar utilizes our proprietary BLA System which is designed to present Oxytocin to the lymphatic network for absorption. Click on BLA System for more information about our absorption mechanism.  

Tablets (both oral and sublingual) are more convenient than injections and nasal sprays. They are scored for dosing options, stable and travel well. 

Oxytocin has recently received significant interest in the Autism community. Researchers have found that autistic children have lower plasma levels of oxytocin than those of other children. Oxytocin plays a role in social behavior, including but not limited to: repetitive behaviors, the desire to form social bonds, social recognition, processing social cues, regulated feeding, excessive grooming, stress response and being aloof. 

For more information on the use of Oxytocin in Autism Spectrum Disorder click the link below:

Oxytocin has also become the subject of studies in female sexual dysfunction specifically difficulty achieving orgasm. Oxytocin increases sexual receptivity and counteracts impotence. (Pedersen, C.A., 2002), (Arletti, 1997)
For more information on its use for this condition click the link below to see a presentation by Dr. Jorge Flechas:

Oxytocin has action on uterine contraction, milk letdown, orgasm, sexual arousal, bonding and maternal behavior. Side effects of Oxytocin from the literature on injection and nasal include: hemorrhage in the brain and uterus, increased blood pressure, heart rate and cardiac output, uterine contractions.
 Thursday, March 20, 14
#3: Exert Yourself
There is one other way to raise your oxytocin levels naturally, and this is the method I enjoy the most.
Different types of workouts such as walking, mountain biking and rowing can help release oxytocin and other endorphins into your bloodstream.
But as it turns out, no matter what activity you’re doing, to release oxytocin you have to exercise with intensity.
And that makes oxytocin release another benefit of my P.A.C.E. program.
I discovered this accidentally when I was reading what I thought at the time was totally unrelated research.
Some exercise physiologists in Europe were testing people to check their fluid balance during exercise. They were surprised to discover that the more intense the exercise, the more oxytocin people released.16
And here’s the most fascinating part to me: A steady, hour-long run on a treadmill did nothing for oxytocin. Yet when they had the people do intense exercise, testing for peak output and VO2 Max (the fastest rate at which your body can deliver oxygen to your blood), they discovered that it was exercising with intensity that did the trick. That is what had helped people release more of this essential hormone.
As I said earlier, oxytocin helps you with feelings of accomplishment and mastery of your environment.
And you know, my P.A.C.E. program contributes to that feeling too, in a very particular way. I believe this may be why “intensity” is the key to oxytocin release.
You see, when I show people how to incrementally and progressively increase the intensity of their workouts with P.A.C.E., they feel more in control of themselves.
Why? Because P.A.C.E. isn’t about going all out as hard as you can. You always leave yourself a little bit of room in your workout where you could have gone harder. As you get closer to your peak, you become more aware of it, and by controlling it you have room to improve the next day.
But it’s not just that you give yourself the incentive to improve. To succeed at something, you have to focus your conscious intent on it, and that has an effect. With P.A.C.E., instead of focusing on going as intensely as you can, you turn your attention to the level of intensity.
We have a capacity for doing things this way that we ignore. We try to distract ourselves by watching a video or listening to music, but that makes exertion totally ineffective. Be aware of your level of intensity and your mind will coach your body, giving you better results. It becomes very natural after a while
Every time you work out, it gets a little bit easier to go at a slightly higher level of exertion. This progressivity over time – flirting with that maximum intensity without reaching it – raises your peak output.
But it also puts you in control of your exertion. And I think this is where your workout interacts with and enhances your oxytocin output. Because you will always feel more in control and more natural as you continue to do P.A.C.E.
In a very short period of time, you’ll be using more energy, burning off more fat and building muscle with each workout... but it won’t seem like you’re working hard. Your body takes over and makes it easy to do because you’re working with your body and your hormone system.
Together, I believe that if you take these three steps, you will produce the best you possible, and get much closer to waking up at your best, and being the vibrant, charismatic, energetic person you want to be, all the time.

Hollander E, Novotny S, Hanratty M, Yaffe R, DeCaria CM, Aronowitz BR, Mosovich S (2003): Oxytocin infusion reduces repetitive behaviors in adults with autistic and Aspberger’s disorders.  Neuropsychopharmacology 28:193-198.

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