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Sunday, March 30, 2014


March 30, 2014
 I feel so good today. I have found long lost friends, and loved ones.

For example JAMES, a wonderful friend, now in Sacramento. I am going to contact you everyday from now on, ok? Missing YOU

Maria Ivanciuc was one of my students 76 577 3497, and so was her husband Vasile-Aurelian. I  Love her daughters: Iasmine & Andreea 726-768-396 Such lovely friends, will keep them forever. TISA 135.

Also PIP Saulic Grigore, has contacted with me today. Grigore Sauliuc and his wife Stela Sauliuc who works at CJ PENSII, in Sighet. I LOVE THEM A LOT.
206-296-1234 and 40-70-36-93 cell, or landline 40 36-27-39-319 STELA, his wife, and Emanuekl DEMETER Sauliuc, ORI 1800 325 6165.

Working on: petition K1-Visa, where AGENCY provides in 4 hours for $350, all docs signed for fiance visa.

Call 7 Days a Week at 800-872-1458.
{On 23rd of July, is Alexandru BALEA s birthday, in 6125 - 189 th PLACE SOUTHWest Cod 98036, LINDWOOD, WA, linga SEATTLE, WA.


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There is no reason to pay somebody else hundreds or thousands more just because they have to do this process manually. Do you really want somebody manually typing your forms and sending all your most intimate personal information through the mail, only so you can mail it back with corrections and then repeat the process over and over until it is correct? Our website is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption, the same security used by online banking software. Other processors take weeks and charge $600 - $1,500 to prepare the exact same petition we provide in 4 hours for $350.

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Stay away from the many amateur processors out there with a website but no physical office, business license or employees! We have rescued many customers who first wasted money on a mom & pop processor trying to run a business from their kitchen table. Some of these processors are not even in the United States. Do you really want to trust such an important process to somebody who isn't successful enough to afford a real business office, a toll free number and paid employees?

Many of these mom & pop sites are started by well-meaning couples who went through the process themselves and now feel qualified to provide the service to others. Despite their good intentions, most underestimate the complexity and expense involved and go out of business quickly. We see 6-10 of these websites pop up every year, and an equal number disappear. So while they may be around when you start the process, they will probably be out of business when you need them later for the interview process.

If you have already been a victim of one of these websites please give us a call and we can get you back on track. Read this blog article for tips on determining the legitimacy of an online immigration business." From



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