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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Avoid Addictions of Any Kind: Potatoes and Supplements Trump Harmful Alcohol or any other Drugs


AA is only one approach to alcohol addiction, but AA is incomplete and varies from group to group. This approach is totally wrong, as it insistes that people are alcoholics forever, which is not true.

The nutritional method seeks to restore the and maintain the chemical
electrical balance (in the body and brain) upset drinking alcohol. Even a thimble
of alcohol ( 10 drops) will cause the alcoholic to relapse.

In short, the nutritional method means dropping sugar from the diet
(sugar is the base addiction for the alcohol addition) and shifting from
carbs (also full of sugar) to a high-protein diet, vegetable/fruit diet.

Most important are adding to the diet vitamins and minerals, which have been
depleted by alcohol, this causing body & mind stresses):

Immediately put & keep addict on the following daily
DO NOT TAKE any product to which you may be allergic

PQQ, buy at for energy.
L-Glutamine 1500 (MRM brand, 1 capsule has 1,500 mg) take 1-2 capsules
3 times daily to calm the mind and body, take with or without food,
defeat cravings
Vit B1 (eg fromVit Shoppe, 500 mg 2 at breakfast)
Vit B5 (Pantathene by NOW Foods, 600 mg at breakfast 600 mg lun or din),
Vit B6 Country Life brand at Vit Shoppe, 1 pill (200 mg weekdays, 2 pills on
B12 (sublingual) 5 grams (500 mg) several time daily
Folic Acid (800 mg with food)
Vit B-100 Complex, 1 capsule has all Bs (but with only 100 mg each)
to assure integrated coverage, preferably without folic acid which
is already taken above), take with with food

L-Theanine (To enhance the effect of pills above and below)
vs URGENT stress, nervous, worry, cravings for sugar & alcohol
(Suntheanine is the type, 200 mg each capsule at breakfast, lun, din, bed
and anytime cravings are strong),

Grape Seed Extract, 1 or 2 capsules daily
Vitamin C 1000 mg with food (vit C as Ascorbyl Palmitate will not upse stomach)
Lecithin caps (if allergic to soy, take egg-yolk lecithin) at least 600 mg daily
Nuero-Mag (Life Extension brand at Vit Shoppe), 3 caps (2000 mg daily),
with or without food, calms the brain (THIS IS THE RARE PRODUCT
Magnesium (Now brand, 400 mg, 2 at bed to calm the body (if causes loose
bowels, take only one; if generally constipated, take 3 caps), also protects

Vinprocitine 1 pill of 10 mg daily with food for healthy brain (Vit Shoppe brand
Omega 3 (Fish oil 1,200 mg daily)

POTATO WITH SKIN (is not a carb), baked and use grapeseed oil
(Pompeian from Sprouts in tastiest) or butter; eat several times a
day and to help relax for a healthy night of sleep
see below:
Potatoes, Not Prozac (1999)
By Kathleen DesMaisons
In Potatoes [symbolizing complex carbohydrates], Not Prozac [symbolizing drugs & alcohol], Dr. DesMaisons makes her clear convincing case that persons who fear that they are self-indulgent, undisciplined, or lazy, may be in reality among the billions of people who are “sugar sensitive”.
Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don't even know it; they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, cookies, cakes pasta, alcohol or drugs.
These products trigger feelings of exhaustion and low self-esteem because their biochemical impact makes sugar-sensitive people crave these unhealthy products even more.
This vicious cycle of ever deepening cravings can continue for years, leaving sufferers addicted to being overweight, fatigued, depressed, and lost in alcohol or drug binges.
The Kathleen DesMaisons approach to preventing these unhealthy addictions involves preventing the imbalance of 3 factors:
1. volatile blood sugar level (shifting between low and high levels caused by unhealthy reaction to “simple carbohydrates,” which need to be replaced by “complex carbohydrates,” such as potatoes baked in their own skin;
2. low serotonin level (brain chemicals) that needs to be raised to stop impulsive addictive behavior and encourage feelings of calm confidence, well-being, self-esteem, and happiness;
3. low beta endorphins (the strongest of four endorphin brain chemicals) that need to be raised to counter addictive impulses of temporary euphoria that soon shift to exhaustion, depression, and often angry rants/tears, as well as feelings of failure and social isolation. Unhealthy levels of endorphins in the brain may be changed only seemingly for the “better” by taking sugar and a number of drugs such as alcohol, anabolic steroids, heroin and other opiates.
Do not engage in dangerous sugar and drug “highs” that result in physical and psychological “lows” caused by damaging biochemical reactions to body and mind.

The raising of beta endorphins releases natural pain killers, ends feelings of shyness, and creates feelings of “connectedness” and self-esteem, as well as “healthy excitement” about life in general.

Further, according to :
endorphins are most heavily released in the human body during or in moments of great pain or stressful events….. Also endorphins may be triggered by the consumption of certain foods, such as chili peppers, “which have been utilized in various kinds of medical treatments, especially as part of therapy for chronic pain, and are sometimes considered an aphrodisiac”.
Certain kinds of physical activity have been associated with endorphin [release] in recent years as well. Undergoing massage therapy or acupuncture, for example, is believed to stimulate endorphin release, and the natural painkillers may be responsible for the euphoric feelings known as ‘runner's high’ and ‘adrenaline rush.’”

Balancing these 3 factors is crucial to restore and maintain a healthy mind and body.
Sucking on cinnamon toothpicks helps a lot, gives you the endorphines.

P.S. Also, avoid grosse, stupid instructors like Dennis Kenmore, of High Gain Project, in Santa Monica; it will save your life!

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