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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

EMPOWR: Want Super Powers? RULES

Want Super Powers?:


Want more people to view, comment and like your posts? Power Users reach a larger audience, further increasing their earnings.

Pay your Ad Platform fees

As your Power Level increases, you can pay a larger portion of your ad platform fees with 0-day earnings.

Get to the front of the line

We are always developing new product features. Power Users get exclusive access before everyone else.

Increase your network value

Get into the green zone! The higher your Power Level, the more network value you achieve from every share, bid or purchase.
First, Choose your Power Level
Then, choose your DegreeBasicFirst DegreeSecond DegreeStar
Pay this percentage of your Ad Platform fees with any (matured & non-matured) profits:10%16%22%28%
Number of communities that you can create or admin:0123
Number of posts you can make:60/ mo
(2/ day)
90/ mo
(3/ day)
120/ mo
(4/ day)
150/ mo
(5/ day)
Number of shares (likes, comments, reposts):1,500/ mo
(50/ day)
2,250/ mo
(75/ day)
3,000/ mo
(100/ day)
3,600/ mo
(120/ day)
Number of bids you can make:30/ mo
(1/ day)
60/ mo
(2/ day)
120/ mo
(4/ day)
240/ mo
(8/ day)
Number of listings you can make:30/ mo
(1/ day)
30/ mo
(1/ day)
30/ mo
(1/ day)
30/ mo
(1/ day)
Get it now:
As low as $0.20 per day, $6/ mo*
As low as $1 per day, $25/ mo*
As low as $2 per day, $50/ mo*
As low as $3 per day, $100/ mo*
* If your subscription is terminated or your power level changed manually, or automatically via your earnings accelerator setting, a new subscription might be initiated and therefore your effective daily cost may differ.
You are currently a First Degree Orange Power User until September 1, 2016
Change your Power Level, get a refund and more: Settings
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