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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My AUTHOR HOUSE ESSENTIAL PACKAGE: Dropbox payment received, account upgraded - - Gmail

 Book Title; Brilliant and Dark Sides of Globalization

Our Essential package combines all the great features of the Discovery package with additional image insertions, complimentary copies, promotional materials, and both copyright and Library of Congress registrations.

·       Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-Book)
Digital Formatting and Distribution provides digital reformatting of your book’s content (book block and cover) for multiple digital devices on the market. Once your book has been digitally formatted, it can be downloaded to a digital device that allows the buyer to adjust the font size and more for readability.

AuthorHouse will format and submit your ePub file for the Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble NookTM, Kobo Books,, and iBooks Store* which is available on the iPhone and iPad application. With this service, you can reach more customers than ever. For more information about e-book pricing, royalties, and more, visit our

Please Note:
ePub files cannot be created from PDFs. To create a market-ready ePub file, AuthorHouse must have the source file in a Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign file.
AuthorHouse will make every reasonable effort to make the formatting of the ePub edition reflect the format of the print edition; however, some design elements are not supported in the ePub format. AuthorHouse is not responsible for making changes to the design of the ePub edition.
·       Paperback Publishing
AuthorHouse softcover books are formatted as Black & White trade paperbacks. Trade paperback is an industry term that describes a book that is of better production quality than a mass market paperback. Trade paperbacks are also produced in a larger size and offered at a higher price than mass-market paperbacks. Books in mass-market-paperback format are generally cheaply made and printed on newsprint or other low-quality paper, which will discolor and disintegrate over time. Trade paperbacks, on the other hand, meet a higher standard and are printed on high-quality paper.
·       Cover & interior customization
Our team of talented artists will work directly with you to design beautiful artwork for the cover as well as the interior layout of
Your  book.
·       Up to 25 Image Insertions
If you have images that you like to be included in your book, we can work with you to place them. You are allowed to include 25 pictures  inside your book.
·       Electronic proofs of your book
Once the design team has completed the work on your book; you will receive an electronic galley (preview of your book) and a
cover. These will be sent to you for approval and so that you will see how your book will look like.
·       Interior Revisions – One Block of 25
AuthorHouse gives you one opportunity to examine your book proofs and make up to 25 corrections. It is imperative that you list these corrections on the proof form provided in order for the changes to be made. Publisher errors such as hyphenation errors, formatting issues or misplaced graphics which occurred during production must also be noted on the proof form, but will not count against the first 25 corrections.

Remember to carefully review each page of your proofs for any formatting or typographical errors that were created by either you or AuthorHouse. Our proofing process is designed to give you the final say about your book’s appearance by allowing you to rectify any remaining problems or errors.

If you wish to make further proofreading corrections after the initial 25, there is a charge of $100 dollars for every group of 25 changes.
·       Professional Marketing Consultation
We will assign a Professional Marketing Consultant to you who will help you map out a strategy in order to tap into the target
market and choose the right services to make sure that you effectively reach your goal.
·       One-on-one author support
We will be providing a dedicated team to work with you, who will be in close contact, to make sure that all the specifications that
you want for your book will be carried out.
·       Authorhouse Bookstore Availability
·       Online distribution thru Amazon, B&N and other book retailers
AuthorHouse makes your book available for sale to several online retailers sellers like,,  and many more via the world's two largest distributors (Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor).

*Ingram and Baker&Taylor will retain the discretion in deciding to which specific stores they will have your book available depending on what type of the book to maximize potential buyers
·       ISBN assignment
We will provide a registration of the book so that booksellers can find and order your book; the International Standard Book
Number identifies one title or one unique edition of a title from one specific publisher so this will help you to ensure that the books are identified, ordered and shipped correctly.

·       U.S. Copyright
Registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office provides you with peach of mind as well as a public record of your ownership of the material. If you select the U.S. Copyright Registration service, AuthorHouse will complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to the U.S. Copyright Office along with the two required copies of your book. Once registration is complete, you will receive an official certificate that verifies your book’s coverage under U.S. copyright regulations.
Steps/fulfillment timeline:
§  Approximately two weeks after live date (or after contract date if title is already live), two copies of the book will be ordered and shipped to AuthorHouse.
§  Copyright forms are filled out and placed with copies, then shipped to U.S. Copyright Office
§  It takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for a completed Certificate of Registration to arrive at AuthorHouse.
§  The certificate/registration number is logged for our records and then the original document is forwarded to the author via Priority Mail.
·       Library of Congress Control Number
The Library of Congress Control Number (LOCCN) is a serially-based system of numbering and cataloging records in the United States Library of Congress.

·       In its most basic form, the number includes the year of registration and a serial number. The year has two digits for 1898 to 2000, and four digits beginning in 2001. The three ambiguous years (1998-2000) are distinguished by the size of the serial number.

·      Librarians all over the world use this unique identifier in the process of cataloging most books which have been published in the United States. It helps them access the correct cataloging data (known as a cataloging record), which the Library of Congress and third parties make available on the Web and through other media.

·       Paperback Author copy
·       10 Paperback package books
Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the free books and BookStubs, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

·       Amazon Search Inside
Optimize Your Online Book Marketing Campaign
Offer your readers a preview of your book via the Internet and increase the marketability of your story. When searching Amazon and Google, customers receive a limited preview of your title. Up to 20 percent of your title may be viewed — just enough to sample the book, as if they were browsing in a bookstore or library.
Readers have the opportunity to navigate the preview pages through a navigation bar as well as the table of contents and enter in specific search terms located within your text.

What are the benefits of the Google and Amazon Search Programs?

Better Discoverability and Visibility — Customers are more likely to purchase your book based off of the preview they are able to view.
A Feel for the Book —This is an excellent preview experience to the customer, giving them a true sense for the physical book.
Customer Experience and Satisfaction — Educated through the preview provided, customer are satisfied on the expectation of their purchase.
·       Google Preview
·       Barnes & Noble Preview
·       Book Buyer’s Preview
Be discovered with increased keyword search capability
With See Inside, customers get a limited preview of your title – just enough to sample the book a bit, as if they were browsing in a bookstore or library. See Inside allows your books to be browsed, searched and discovered. Customers can not only navigate the pages through the navigation bar, but through the table of contents. They can also enter a search term in the search box and find pages which include their search term.
·       Social Media Set-up Guide
BookMad is AuthorHouse’ very own Digital Magazine, downloadable from the Apple Newsstand or Google Play. It’s a central
hub of writing information, store links from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and our own stores, as well as the latest news on upcoming
books and rising authors – all presented in a compact, easy to read digital format ready for browsing on a computer or tablet.
This provides an easy access point for you as the author to keep up with digital trends and for readers to learn about the next hot
item to pick up, or the next author they should follow via the author ads.

What are the benefits of BookMad Digital Magazine?
Quick and Easy News – BookMad collects pertinent information on news events, writers, and book releases and presents them in
an easy to read manner
Digital Exposure – Books featured in BookMad ads gain a large amount of exposure simply by appearing in an individual’s most
intimate of technological interactions, namely a home computer or handheld device.
Page Preview – Take a sneak peek at the pages where your book will be featured before the issue goes live.

·       100 Promotional materials: bookmarks
Bookmarks are a great way to spread the word about your book. At AuthorHouse, we use full-color design with a full-bleed image for high impact. You also get to customize the message on the bookmark to better target your audience.

Size: 2" x 8"

·       100 Promotional materials: business cards
Business cards are a great way to professionally promote your work. At AuthorHouse, we use full-color image for high impact presentation printed alongside the information of your choice.

Size: 2" x 3.5"
·       100 Promotional materials: postcards
Capture your audience's attention through the mail by sending them a postcard with your book cover on the front. The full-color and full-bleed image will catch the reader's eye as well as introduce them to the next book they will want to purchase. The postcard will include ordering information as well as customized text created by you.

Size: 4" x 6"
·       12-month Bookseller Return Program
Encourage booksellers to stock your book by allowing them to return unsold titles. The Bookseller's Return Program increases your chances that a bookstore will be willing to stock your book. If a book does not sell well, bookstores want the ability to return unsold books to publishers for a complete refund. Because traditional publishers always take returns, AuthorHouse has developed the Booksellers Return Program so that bookstores are able to return unsold books to the wholesaler. The best part is, AuthorHouse authors receive their retail royalty for every book sold in the Booksellers Return Program, whether the book is returned or not. When a
book is returnable, the bookstore has no risk of losing money on unsold inventory and will be more likely to stock the book than if you don’t enroll in the program.

Benefits of Booksellers Return Program

§  Encourages bookstores to order your book
§  Improves chances of scheduling book signings and appearances, especially with hometown bookstores
§  Allows book returns yet will not reduce author royalties

AuthorHouse has assembled the largest, most prestigious editorial staff in North America. Our editors frequently work on jobs for Simon & Schuster, Thomas Nelson, Zondorvan, and Penguin Random House.
Our Editorial Assessment evaluates sections of your manuscript to gauge what type or level of editing could help polish it. As part of the process, a portion of your work (typically the first chapter or about 1,700 words) will be edited to provide you with a sample. We will give you a general assessment of your manuscript and commentary toward improving it.
The estimated time frame for the Editorial Assessment is two to three weeks. Depending on the results, the editorial evaluator will recommend the services of either a line editor, content editor, or developmental editor. If you choose to purchase the editing service recommended for your manuscript, we will assign your book to an editorial specialist who will take your book through a thorough editing process and address issues raised in the Editorial Assessment. You may also opt to work with your own editor or make the recommended changes yourself.


Sub Total
Essential Publishing Package
Editorial Assessment

TOTAL: $2,198.00
YOUR PRICE - $1,198.50

1ST Installment: $429.50 (includes $30 one-time processing fee)
2nd Installment: $399.50 (30 days after 1st Payment)
3rd Installment: $399.50 (60 days after 1st Payment)

Note: Approved offer is extended until July 30, 2016 exclusively for Olga Lazin’s Account with AHUS895468754 coupon code. Authorhouse never set any deadlines on manuscript submission. You can submit your manuscript anytime and work on your own pace. Secure the package and the package price by paying the 1st payment. You have an option to pay in full via check or wire transfer, or do it using our convenient payment plan. Up to 3 installments, by paying the first payment we can start working with the publication (editing, cover design, layout, registrations).

Best Regards, 
Ian Alberts
1663 Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403
Toll Free: (877) 820-5393 Ext. 5841

Dropbox payment received, account upgraded - - Gmail:

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