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Saturday, August 6, 2016



Adult contentProviding Services, Products or Premium Blog Packages relating to sexual and escort activity is not permitted.
Affiliate MarketingProviding Services, Products or Premium Blog Packages for affiliate marketing purposes is not permitted.
AlcoholProviding alcohol intended for consumption or liquor licenses is not permitted.
Animals & WildlifeProviding animals and wildlife products is not permitted (including live animals and mounted specimens).
Catalytic converters & test pipesProviding items that are designed to defeat, bypass, or shut down catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and malfunction indicator lights is not permitted.
Cell phone service contractsProviding a cell phone contract without being an authorized reseller of cell phone services is not permitted.
Counterfit currency or stampsProviding counterfeit currency or stamps as well as equipment designed to make them is not permitted.
Credit cardsProviding currently active bank, store or debit cards is not permitted.
Describing drugsProviding or describing substances in a way that suggests using them to create similar effects to illegal drugs is not permitted
Drugs & drug paraphenaliaProviding narcotics, steroids and all other controlled substances is not permitted
Restricted electronicsProviding electronics that de-scramble cable TV, control traffic signals or radar scanners is not permitted.
Restricted surveillance equipmentProviding wiretapping or telephone bugging devices or services is not permitted.
Embargoed goodsProviding embargoed goods is not permitted.
Firearms, weapons & knivesProviding firearms, weapons & knives is not permitted.
Restricted food & healthcare itemsProviding food past its "use by" date, food not properly sealed food, or food not properly stored & shipped is not permitted.
Unauthorized food & healthcare itemsProviding items containing drug cliams, or those intended for the use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans and/or animals is not permitted.
Government IDsProviding government IDs or travel documents is not permitted, even as novelty items.
Hazardous materialsProviding hazardous materials is not permitted.
Human remains & body partsProviding human remains and body parts is not permitted.
International tradingProviding international trading (Forex) is not permitted.
Lock picking devicesProviding lock picking devices or services is not permitted.
Lottery ticketsProviding lottery tickets, fast food game pieces, and codes & coupons for sweepstakes, raffles, or drawings is not permitted.
Medical devicesProviding medical devices is not permitted.
MLM, pyramid & matrix programsProviding anything affiliated with a MLM or similar type offer is not permitted.
Native American Arts & CraftsUnder the Indian Arts & Crafts Act, items described as Alaska Native, American Indian, or Native American must be made by an enrolled member of a state or federally recognized tribe or by someone certified as an Indian artisan by a recognized Indian tribe.
Offensive materialProviding ethnically or racially offensive material, or Nazi memorabilia is not permitted
Police-related itemsProviding law enforcement badges or official law enforcement equipment is not permitted.
Prescription drugsProviding prescription drugs is not permitted.
Slot machinesAll slot machines must be antiques over 25 years old
TobaccoProviding tobacco & related items is not permitted.
TravelProviding airline tickets, cruise lines or cruise points of departure or destination is not permitted
Inactive Blog(s)The blogs that you are providing are no longer active.
Contact information presentProviding anything with your contact information included in the listing is not permitted.
Missing ImageThe image(s) for your Provide item are missing. Please try to load them again.
Negotiable PriceProviding a Product or Service without clearly indicating its price is not permitted.
Intangible ItemListings that do not offer anything for sale or those that offer intangible items are not permitted.
Contact Information Present / Outside URLProviding anything with your contact information or an outside URL included in the listing is not permitted.
Irrelevant ImageProvide listings with images unrelated to the item being sold are not permitted.
Pirated MaterialProviding items or material without showing proof of authorization to sell it is not permitted.
Product In ListingThe product or service you are offering is already made available in the listing you have submitted making the product or service available for free.
Plants & SeedsThe product you are offering is not allowed to be sold.
SoftwareSelling software without offering an original hard copy and license is not allowed.
Unauthorized Blog VendorSelling a blog or collection of blogs created by another person, other than yourself, is not allowed unless you have authorized consent from the author of the blog.
Bad Shipping CostThe shipping cost is not suited for the product or service being offered.
Product/Service Not AvailableThe product or service is no longer available.
Insufficient Product/Service DetailsBased on the information you submitted with your listing, it is unclear what you are trying to sell.
Recurring Price for non-recurring itemProviding a non-recurring Product or Service with a recurring cost is not permitted.
Insufficient valueProviding items or services that have little or no monetary value.
Encouraging illegal activityProviding items that encourage illegal activity is not permitted.
Negotiable Price / Off-Site PaymentProviding a Product or Service without clearly indicating its price, or requiring any form of payment outside of empowr, is not permitted.
ClicksYou may not provide clicks on empowr blogs.
EbookEbooks are not allowed for sale
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