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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Smashwords – Dashboard- Soros A ROBBER BARRON!

Smashwords – Dashboard:

The current status of George Soros: Robber Barron or Philanthropist is
Needs modification 
autovetter errors
• Your cover image is not showing. Please remember when using Smashwords Direct to import your cover to the beginning of your Epub. 

• Your book contains some possibly corrupt formatting. If you take a look at the EPUB, you'll notice there are slight font size differentiations. This is caused by your mix of inconsistent on-screen formatting. One option is to do a CTRL-A and change everything to Normal style, then modify the style to enforce the characteristics you want. 

• When you're finished correcting your book, go to Dashboard: 'upload new version' to upload the manuscript. Thanks.


This book needs modification before it can be reviewed for the Premium Catalog.
  • Footnote Error - Smashwords does not support automatic footnoting using Word's footnoting field codes. If you need footnotes or endnotes, please use plain text in brackets, and then use Word's "Bookmark" feature, described in the Smashwords Style Guide to create your hyperlinks to your footnotes and endnotes. For example, a paragraph could end with the following footnote... [234] (and then for your footnote or end note you could manually enter [234] followed by the footnote information.) 
  • Tab Error - Please eliminate all tabs from your document. A tab is created by pressing the "Tab" key on your keyboard. Do not use tabs for first line paragraph indents, or to position text on the page. If you activate Word's "show/hide" feature, you can locate them in your document. The most reliable and automated method of removing tabs is to use Word's "Search and Replace" feature to find and remove them. (Press the keys "CTRL" and "H" at the same time to bring up the Search and Replace option. In the search field, enter "^t" (without the quotes) and replace with nothing (leave the replace field blank), then click "Replace all.") See the Smashwords Style Guide's Appendix (at the bottom of the Guide) for additional time-saving keyboard tricks. See Step 9 for additional information on tabs. 
  • Space Bar Error - You are attempting to use space bar spaces (created by the tapping the long space bar at the bottom of your keyboard) to orient text on the page, possibly to create indents for the first sentence of a paragraph, or to center text on the page. In most ebook formats, these space bar spaces disappear, rendering your book difficult to read. If you're trying to center something, see the Style Guide for tips on how to create a custom paragraph style that defines centering. If you're trying to create first line paragraph indents, follow the instructions for Step 7 in the Smashwords Style Guide. To locate the offending spaces, activate Word's "show/hide" feature then do a Search (press the "CTRL" key and the "F" key at the same time) and then search for three spaces (press the space bar on your keyboard three times). Delete all space bar spaces preceding the start of any paragraph. Limit yourself to one or two spaces after each period. Remove all strings of space bar spaces that are used to orient text on a page (such as attempts at centering or indenting). 

About Premium Catalog distribution


If your book "Requires modification," the notes above may not fully reflect all the improvements required.  The page information that follows below is intended to provide supplementary information on some of the most common issues that might prevent Premium Catalog approval.
Before you re-submit your book(s) for review, carefully review and implement the guidelines below in this page, which are also explained in greater detail in the Smashwords Distribution information page and the Smashwords Style Guide.
To gain distribution in the major online bookstores supplied by Smashwords, your book must satisfy minimal formatting and metadata requirements. The comments above and below will help you produce a more professional looking book that satisfies these requirements.

EPUBCHECK - If your book is failing EPUBCHECK, check out the EPUBCHECK help page. 
NCX NAVIGATION ERROR IN EPUB - If you have an NCX issue, first download and install Adobe Digital Editions(click to download), a popular e-reading app.  This makes it easy to view and check your NCX.  Next, see Step 20 in the newly revised Smashwords Style Guide for troubleshooting tips that will help you construct both your ToC and your NCX.
Watch the Video on How to Add Navigation:  This new video explains how to add navigation to your ebook. Learn how to create a great linked Table of Contents and NCX:
TIP: If you haven't done so already, activate "Show/Hide" in your Word document to assist your repairs. If you're not using Show/Hide, you're editing blind. The Style Guide will show you how to find the "show/hide" button, which is designated by the "" symbol in Microsoft Word's menu bar.
See our Troubleshooting FAQ on the support page to fix common formatting problems.
Remember, we're trying to help you satisfy retailer requirements, so please help us help you. Make the effort to carefully study this page and the associated resources. 
Do You Need Help?  Three options: 1.  Contact the Smashwords Support team and ask us for additional guidance.  Click the "?" at the top of any page to reach us.  We want to help you achieve approval!  2.  If your formatting is corrupted, try the nuclear option as detailed in the Style Guide.  3.  If you'd rather hire someone to fix the formatting problem, go to to obtain "Mark's List" of low-cost formatters and cover designers.
How to Upload a New Version: If the required changes relate to inside your book, make the necessary changes after you read the two guides above, then go to your Dashboard and click "upload new version." NEVER NEVER NEVER update your book by unpublishing it and then publishing it again as a new book.
How to Fix other issues: If the required changes relate to issues "outside" your book, such as the book cover, or metadata such as the title of your book or the book's description, you don't need to upload a new version of the book - just click on "settings" from the Dashboard and make the changes and click save.
After you make the required changes, return to your Dashboard, click "Requires Modification," and then at the bottom of this page click "Resubmit."
If your status reads, "Pending review," it means the book has not been manually reviewed yet. If your book has been pending review for more than ten days, it may indicate you did not carefully implement all the guidelines in the Smashwords Distribution information page and Smashwords Style Guide. If you have unresolved AutoVetter error messages, that will prevent or delay review.  By following our simple instructions, you'll help us expedite your approval process. Help us help you get included in the Catalog!
How We Review Books - We follow a two-step process for evaluating books. The first step is an automated filter called AutoVetter that analyzes how closely your book satisfies the Premium Catalog requirements. If AutoVetter identifies potential formatting problems, it will tell you up above.  Books that pass AutoVetter are "fast tracked" and reviewed first. Do not ignore AutoVetter errors (see below for how to fix them).
The second step is a manual evaluation process. If you did not address AutoVetter's recommendations above, your book will be last in line for review. If your book doesn't pass manual review, we'll leave you notes. If your book does pass the review, your book is added to the Premium Catalog!

What is the Smashwords Premium Catalog? - The Premium Catalog includes Smashwords titles that meet certain mechanical requirements for distribution into major online retailers such as Smashwords partners, Barnes & Noble or Apple. Smashwords books that achieve Premium Catalog status receive the greatest possible distribution across Smashwords' growing distribution network. If you're a serious writer and you want to reach the greatest number of readers, you want inclusion in the Premium Catalog. It's free.

What are the requirements for distribution? - See the Smashwords Distribution information page for complete guidelines. All books must carefully follow the formatting and content requirements of the Smashwords Style Guide. Our intention is to provide distribution to every Smashwords author and publisher who earns it. The requirements are simple, common sense, and will improve the quality and readability of your ebook.
The most common reasons for rejection include:
NCX problems
The NCX is the .epub file's external navigation.  See Step 20 in the Smashwords Style Guide to learn how to control and troubleshoot this, and/or what our Youtube Video.  Check your NCX by downloading Adobe Digital Editions so you can read your .epub files on your desktop.
If your book isn't passing EPUBCHECK, it means something's wrong in the source file.  See our EPUBCHECK HELP page for more.  Warning:  EPUBCHECK errors are tough to diagnose unless you're an expert in HTML.  The Nuclear Method described in the Style Guide is one reliable option, though it requires a complete reformatting of your file.
Too Many Consecutive Paragraph Returns
Paragraph returns are created by hitting the ENTER key on your keyboard. A paragraph return only belongs at the end of a paragraph. Multiple consecutive paragraph returns creates blank ebook pages in small-screened devices. Activate Word's "show/hide" feature, described in the Style Guide, to see them. Limit yourself to no more than three or four in a row.
Missing indents or block paragraphs
It's important you provide your readers visual cues to separate one paragraph from the next, otherwise paragraphs blend together and create a horrible reading experience. Either use first line paragraph indents at the beginning of a paragraph, or use the block paragraph method by modifying your paragraph style to have a 6 or 10 pt separation after each paragraph. First line paragraph indents are preferable for most books, especially fiction and narrative non-fiction. DO NOT USE both indents and the block style. Use one or the other only. Books with heavy dialogue usually look best with first line indents. Avoid separating block style paragraphs using a paragraph return on an empty line.
Inconsistent Paragraph Styles
The Smashwords Style Guide recommends you unify your entire book under a single paragraph style (Normal) and common font size. If you want larger headings or titles, make only 2 or 3 pts larger than the text in the body of the book. Authors who flout the unified Normal style recommendation often end up using multiple conflicting styles that cause unexpected results, poor visual appeal, and can lead to retailers refusing to list your book. Depending on your version of Word, go to Format: Styles: Normal: Paragraph and make sure the coding is consistent with recommendations in Style Guide.
Copyright Error Message or Front Matter Error
If you don't clearly claim copyright, your book cannot be accepted into the catalog. The copyright holder must usually match the author or publisher. Make sure your book contains the copyright page and other "front matter" such as the license statement.  Although it's optional, we recommend you add the words, Smashwords Edition, or Published at Smashwords, or Published by [your name] at Smashwords (without the brackets), or Distributed by Smashwords (and without italics). Here's an example of a good, short title and copyright page, followed by the Smashwords License Statement:

My Brilliant Memoir

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