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Saturday, December 31, 2016

(17) Don't censor "fake news"; let it all out into the Free Market of Ideas, and let the People decide.

(17) Don't censor "fake news"; let it all out into the Free Market of Ideas, and let the People decide.:

'via Blog this' Don't censor "fake news"; let it all out into the Free Market of Ideas, and let the People decide. People have a lot more sense than we give them credit for, and are very capable of knowing what's good or bad, and right or wrong. So, give them all a microphone, let them make their cases, and let… See more Civil Rights #free speech #laissez-faire 388 158 Agree Disagree Write a reason why you Disagree... 44% 170 AGREES 56% 212 DISAGREES ALLAGREEDISAGREE Best Reasons Judy C. DISAGREED 8 days ago You give people too much credit. Most people who are susceptible to believing fake news aren't bright enough to do their own research and arrive at an educated guess 4272 Comment Upvote View previous comments Kevin Torzala AGREED 6 hours ago The problem is, THAT is where real deception and misinformation is allowed to thrive, because you don't allow yourself to critically think anything through, because again..."Open up; here's comes the choo-choo train!" (Spoon feeding) Upvote TD Tim Delaney DISAGREED 5 hours ago You're really missing the bigger point here. Fake news isnt the problem...the messenger is the problem. When you get main stream media distorting the truth and are presenting it wholesale as if it is accurate, it becomes a problem. If fake news is acceptable, then why have any news at all? Upvote Edward Kupetz DISAGREED 8 days ago ...It's called 'fake' news for a reason, and how many readers will cling to what they have just read because it supports a deeply held bias or belief? Why is there even a need for fake news in the first place? And it it's fake, then honestly, it's not news! 2811 Comment Upvote View previous comments Jill Catherine 19 hours ago Each person needs to decide for themselves what the # fake news is. When that the happens, CNN, Fox News, and other sites like the Washinglton Post will go out of business. That will be a good day. Upvote Frank Allen AGREED 8 hours ago i agree we dont need bias to tell us what we need to beleive we have already been show the how the goverment wants to suppress the truth that's why Obama is starting a war with Russia Upvote Bill Kinniard AGREED 8 days ago We have no choice. Too much "real news" is questionable these days and commentators are so plentiful that it hard to distinguish between news and commentary too. Let it all flow and let people decide. It's free speech. 245 Comment Upvote View previous comments Norma Dikeman 8 hours ago With many, if you repeat a premise often enough they consider it true Upvote Frank Allen AGREED 8 hours ago I agree i dont want to be told i will have someone decide for me whats next censoring books Upvote Raj Jawa DISAGREED 8 days ago You know how at university you have to find the "scholarly articles" and can't cite Wikipedia, our daily news intake should be held to the same standard if we want to be a well-informed populace. 170 Upvote Lisa Layton DISAGREED 8 days ago When common sense just ain't so common, when a 70 year old nitwit twit tweets us into WWIII, and his vacuous zealots still yell "Hurrah" and the rest of us will deal with the fallout. Fake news and fools got us into this mess, naive people who couldn't discern truth from fiction if it was laid out in cheat cards for them. They are just that ignorant. 102 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago I reckon. But this reveals the need to make Us less gullible by helping each other to see the facts of the matter.. Upvote Lisa Layton DISAGREED 7 days ago absolutely. How? Upvote PC Patricia Copenhaver DISAGREED 8 days ago I think fake news can be highly entertaining (i.e. National Enquirer). The fake news on Facebook and Twitter is a different story. Those news stories are written by people in Croatia, probably paid for by the Russian government. You have to google just about everything you read in the news feed to determine if it's real or not. Take that story about Hillary running a child porn ring. For those of us who have known and supported her for 35-40 years, we know that story is bullshit. That guy who… See more 97 Comment Upvote View previous comments MK Michelle Keller DISAGREED yesterday Patricia Copenhaver -- I think your comment that those people are now unhappy with trump is FAKE NEWS. There's been no trumpster to come out against him cuz he hasn't shown up in office yet. Upvote Norma Dikeman 8 hours ago Most of what was said about Trump was fake if you listened to the main stream media. iwatched and learned. Upvote Kevin Torzala AGREED 8 days ago TO EVERYBODY ON THIS DEBATE... Let's set the record straight right now...the actual source of what determines "Real" as opposed to "Fake" news came from a list composed by one woman; Melissa Zimdars. She is a self-identified feminist, activist, and assistant professor at Merrimack College in North Andover, MA, for only 15 months when she wrote said list. Her claim was that she created the list to keep her students from using what she thought was slanted or too-biased news sources for class,… See more 96 Comment Upvote View previous comments CT Charles Temm JR AGREED 22 hours ago can't say I understand so large a segment of people afraid other people are too stupid to be allowed to read what they may and decide for themselves the veracity of it all but then one notes where they stand on the political spectrum and the answer becomes obvious Upvote Jill Catherine 19 hours ago The sites.listed are the actual news. The large o especially like CNN, Fox, and especially the Washington Post are t he # Fake News sites. Upvote Thomas Perozze AGREED 8 days ago Give the government the power to define "fake news" you'll find that you'll be receiving fake news to indoctrinate the people. 84 Comment Upvote View previous comments Jill Catherine 18 hours ago Kevin and Thomas, you'5re Upvote Jill Catherine 18 hours ago You're getting it! Upvote Elizabeth McAlexander AGREED 8 days ago And maybe go after the real fake news providers who admittedly do this for a living, exclusively spitting out fake. 84 Comment Upvote View previous comments Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago Know these for what they are and proceed onward toward Truth. Upvote Elizabeth McAlexander AGREED 7 days ago You're right, Kevin. Censorship is a slippery slope. Upvote Robert Gildart AGREED 8 days ago And when the news is fake or misleading, everyone call them out on it. Take charge of our information highway. Kick the fake , paid for media to the curb 82 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago But remember that "the fake" often includes elements of the Truth. Upvote Robert Gildart AGREED 7 days ago True. Most "good" lies have a kernal of truth in them. It's what makes them believable. Sorting the true from the fake is not an easy task. Opinions, statistics and irrelevant studies all add to the confusion. Upvote Allen Larson AGREED 8 days ago Dems still blaming Fake News For Hilliary's Failure? Suckers! 80 Comment Upvote Geordon VanTassle DISAGREED 8 days ago Calling it "fake news" obscures what it actually is: either propaganda, outright lies (sometimes witglh only the intent of collecting shares abd ad views), or biting (baiting?) satire. In either case, it is mist assuredly NOT legitimate news. See also this interview: We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned Source: 72 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago Good considerations here. Upvote Geordon VanTassle DISAGREED 7 days ago Thank you, Daniel. Upvote EC Elizabeth Craine AGREED 8 days ago We are all intelligent people. We can decide for ourselves and do our own research. The fake news will be found out. 72 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago I agree. We just need to work at it. Upvote Lydia Coates DISAGREED 5 hours ago Many people lack the critical thinking skills necessary to sort out fact from fiction. THAT is the main problem here. Add to that the many half-truths from all quarters, but especially the 'net, that muddy the waters considerably. One good thing about social media, is that it is MUCH harder to hide when there are videos everywhere!! Upvote John Hume AGREED 7 days ago The First Amendment protects all speech, no matter how crazy it is. 72 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago Just because it is "protected" doesn't mean that We should embrace it as True. Upvote John Hume AGREED 6 days ago I agree 100 %. Upvote Kevin Torzala AGREED 8 days ago This American concept of "Free Speech" and "First Amendment" seems very lost on you Fascists. (I'm speaking to the "Liberals"; you all no longer deserve that name, because the way you behave does not give credit to the classical definition of "Liberal" whatsoever) 610 Comment Upvote View previous comments Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago Kevin Torzala shares information about "Liberalism": "...freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government." Should We have a better understanding of "Freedom" in this context? Freedom to what extent? This should be specified more, in my opinion. And, if government is limited, would it provide limited ability "that governments exist to protect individuals from each other."? Upvote CT Charles Temm JR AGREED 22 hours ago fascism is the other side of the coin socialism, both want control of the people for their own "good" Upvote Krista Boston AGREED 8 days ago Absolutely. We are all grown up and can figure out what is fake and what isn't. I figured that out early on in the race. Anything else is socialist and communist. If i wanted that i'd move to China. 62 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago There are things about Socialists and Communists that are not "fake". They have part of the Truth too. Upvote Krista Boston AGREED 7 days ago Go review some of the early Adolph Hitlers early speeches during his rise to power. It will remind you eerily of today's progressive agenda. No thanks. Upvote David Hack AGREED 8 days ago And, when they are wrong don't be afraid to call them out on it! CNN, TNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times et al are not infallible, even though they think that they are! 61 Comment Upvote Jill Catherine 18 hours ago Those are the true # Fake News sites! Upvote Connie Carter AGREED 7 days ago It doesn't matter! News that is true is difficult to ignore! It slaps you in the face! It's says hello there are you listening yet? Can you see it clearly now? Did it sneak up on you? Yes, lord the truth is a great big kiss! There it is right their on your lips! You know you don't want it to be true but now you can't escape it! 53 Comment Upvote View previous comments Geordon VanTassle DISAGREED 7 days ago Actually, real news is usually boring. Since at least the 1980s, the antra has been "if it bleeds, it leads," meaning that the inflammatory stories take the place of honor. Upvote Kevin M Tinker DISAGREED 7 days ago "News that is true" is often left behind while the "Fake News" is built up, headlined, focused on and made spectacular because that is what is sells. . . It is no longer bout reporting about the truth, but making money. . . . If you thought you were purchasing the "truth", you are being ripped off. Upvote CT Charles Temm JR AGREED 8 days ago deciding what is fake news is often subjective; good example is the panel Facebook wishes to do the judging given it's members often spotty and very partisan past 41 Comment Upvote Daniel Penisten (Jones) AGREED 7 days ago Yes. Two different viewpoints can be part of a singular Truth. Upvote Boyd McFail AGREED 8 days ago I do find it very strange that since the election a new phrase was coined to explain a loss in the election 40 Comment Upvote

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