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Friday, December 30, 2016

CEPHALEXYN is 4 TIMES DAILY; Campaign Management

Campaign Management:

'via Blog this' link; selt a sierra tango zulu. watching Cloud Atlas, fascinating; Your purchase has been initiated and $16.50 (including $10.00 for shipping) will be charged to your credit card ending in 4377 in 24 hours. You're receiving this product virtually FREE For a limited time only, when this product is fully purchased with your credit card or PayPal, 100% of the purchase price will be deposited into your empowr balance as "economy builder bonus" earnings, in essence making this purchase totally "free" for you! Thank you for your efforts towards building the empowr economy, a critical step towards the accomplishment of our mission. Resources: Instead of paying for this purchase now, you could earn a profit by sponsoring (reselling) it You can choose a different payment method, such as your empowr balance. You can adjust settings for future purchases here To not pay for this purchase, you can make it an unpaid item

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