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Friday, December 30, 2016

SCAN YOUR BUSINESSCARDS: CircleBack - Contact Manager/Address Book Updater on the App Store

CircleBack - Contact Manager/Address Book Updater on the App Store:

'via Blog this'Rights and love are like flowers. You need to understand their characteristics in order to keep them and make love grow. This blog is to understand and prove equal rights; the equal rights of men and women, and to discuss and develop your own usable philosophy of love and success. I am a writer, write about social science subjects and especially individual rights and man-woman relationships. The writing I include is from my work that is not yet published. I want to see if there is reader interest, and if so, I will teach the material to interested students. My background is in psychology and education. I have a doctorate in educational psychology and have a marriage and family therapist license in the state of California. I do not do any counseling currently but would love to teach if there is student interest.

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