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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

a look through the looking glass moment - Google Search

a look through the looking glass moment - Google Search: Globalization a look through the looking glass moment

Lewis Carroll wrote Through the Looking-Glass as a sequel to Alice in Wonderland. 

Through the Looking Glass has Chess as a theme (as well as mirrors) in the same way 

that Alice in Wonderland had Chess as a theme; many things in it mirror the opposite 

from real life, such as clocks running backwards. As it is used in Lewis Carroll's book, 
Alice goes through the looking glass to find a world both clear and recognizable yet turned sideways. Thus, through the looking glass is extended as a metaphor into any time the world turns strange, or when things get turned around, as if one were Alice, inside of the mirror. 

The link below connects to chapters in the book "Through the Looking Glass."

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