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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are You a Radical Woman? Sessions 7, 8, & 9. - - Gmail

Dear Olga,

I know you are called to deeper more authentic living and leadership. We all are, the veils have thinned and there is no more time to dance around the possibility of your full self Beingness. The time is NOW.

In today’s session, I sit with THREE truth speaking medicine women to bring you some serious SOUL medicine on both the mystical as well as the practical path to wholeness.

It’s the weekend, so sit back and take in the Magic.

Session #7: How to Live the Rhythm Way, everyday!
A Peak into this Soulful exploration with our Sister Laura:
  • What role does the Deep Imagination play in our evolution and current opportunities?
  • How to marry the Lunar principles to the Solar principles in creation and your life. 
  • How do you identify your initiation points in your own development?
  • How do you trust your deepest longings and desires?
  • The cost of looking to the external world to be your compass.
  • What is Negative Capability?
  • How do we step out of the archetype of the Sacrificial Feminine?
  • And so much more….
Session #9: Bringing Light to the Shadow as We transmute our Pain and set our hearts free.
Some of what we covered:
  • How to move beyond the hurt that has been perpetrated by sisters and come into TRUE uity.
  • How to move and dance with the shadow of the feminine as we create our new reality.
  • How to overcome the generational gap through support and mentorship.
  • How do we begin to peel the layers back and trust each other with the depth of our hearts and loving?
  • What role do courage and vulnerability play in healing the feminine wound?
Session #8: Truth-Telling as an Art
Kelly’s keys for living in BIG service while being a mom of 6:
  • What defines you? What story is your life telling? Get behind the curtain.
  • How does this mom of 6 find time to meditate.
  • Does balance really exist?
  • Kelly shares her inspiration behind Women for One; How do you identify where to put your creative energies?
  • How to fall in love with Messy?
  • What is a Truth-Teller? And how do you become one?
  • And so much more…
In love,
headshot option.jpg
Anahita Joon Tehrani
Embodied Feminine Leadership Mentor
P.S did you miss yesterday’s sessions on healing the feminine wound? No worries, we’ve got you covered, here is Eva Clay and Sheila Kelley.
P.P.S Are you ready to take your full spectrum expression of the sacred feminine to the next level? Force of Nature Women starts on Feb 4thschedule a call to explore whether this sisterhood is the next step of your evolution.

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Are You a Radical Woman? Sessions 7, 8, & 9. - - Gmail: " Dear Olga,

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