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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Secrets: TREATMENT FOR A PERIOD OF TIME FORGOT, resumed today in many countries, affecting MIRACULOUS!: " TREATMENT FOR A PERIOD OF TIME FORGOT, RESUMED TODAY IN MANY COUNTRIES, AFFECTING MIRACULOUS! In the book "Medicinal Plants from A to Z", dr. Ovidiu Bojor pharmacist and PhD. Biologist Mircea Alexan shows us another way of using plants, especially those aromatic - external treatment as medicinal baths - fitobalneologia. Whether infusions or decoctions of plants, either in the form of wraps or as lifestyle products with extracts or oils, in the composition of foam or some balls effervescent bath, medicinal plants are used increasingly more often in balneology . Because the skin is the largest organ of our fitobalneologia is based on direct action, on skin, various active substances with sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-itch, activation of the peripheral circulation. The skin is quite permeable, and all these chemicals go directly into the blood stream and thus throughout the body. Due to this action, herbal baths are used in therapy of internal diseases with quick turnarounds and better than in the case of products for internal use. Good results are obtained exhaustion, excitement, rheumatism, gynecological and skin, weakness, circulatory disorders, respiratory, neurovegetative disorders, menopause, detoxification or in the case of diseases of the stomach, liver, pancreas, kidneys which prevent the uptake of nutrients and eliminate toxins. It is used in special plants that contain volatile oils, tannins, allantoin and other active substances. As ways of extracting the active ingredients are used infusion, decoction, percolation (creep) - where dyes or entrainment with water vapor - in the case of essential oils. To obtain pellets baths, essential oils dissolved in concentrated alcohol or tinctures. A simpler process consists in introducing medicinal and aromatic plants fragmented into a double gauze bag with infusions or decoctions are prepared concentrates, which are then placed in bath water. Duration is 20-30 minutes and bathrooms are cures for at least three weeks. Routinely practice two kinds of bathrooms: 1. General Bai. In the bathtub after a shower beforehand, meant to remove sebum covering the skin layers, water is brought to body temperature or slightly warm (40 degrees), not to cause contractions and spasms and obtaining a vasodilation of peripheral favoring the absorption of substances active. The amount of mixture is 20-25 grams per liter of water (infusion or decoction) and a bathroom for about five liters is used infusion or decoction of. 2. Local Bai. It is recommended in case of purulent wounds, diseases of the joints or gynecological hemorrhoids, prostatitis, for bathrooms eye, scalp disorders or for stimulating hair growth. The amount of mixture calculated per liter of water will be higher by 30% to 60% than in the general baths. Teas and blends are found in plafaruri climatic and natural products stores under the names of "vegetable products", "external use", "antirheumatic", "Antifungal" "antieczematoase" etc. "

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