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Friday, January 20, 2017

How to clean your bladder to avoid infection

Ministry called Reservoir, she is responsible for storage and excretion of waste fluids being involved in transforming these fluids to form urine.

Bladder function of transformation depends heavily on energy fluids kidneys. If this energy is low because of the toxins, then the bladder will lack the energy needed transformation and symptoms such as frequent urination or incontinence.

In bladder unpeeled creates conditions for developing cystitis, an infection which mainly affects women because, on the one hand the urethra (the tube that carries urine) is shorter than men, on the other hand , urethral orifice is located near the anal populated with bacteria and fungi that can cause changes in normal operation.

How to prevent UTIs?

• Through a rigorous hygiene of the genital area. Deleting be done from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria from the anus to the urethra. Urinating before and after sex and keeping strict hygiene, avoid using spermicides or diaphragm, condom use and a lubricant easy, natural.

• Adequate hydration (30-50 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day) with pure water, biologically active, compatible with human cell, to ensure proper functioning of the kidneys.Hydration and belts with herbal tea soothes the discomfort caused by cystitis.

• Regular cleaning or permanent.

Teas that cleanse the bladder:

1. Leaves cranberries - diuretic, antiseptic, stimulates the work done by the kidneys and bladder.Prepare an infusion of that drink three cups a day.

2. Horsetail - useful in urinary retention. You can drink as an infusion or can do sitz baths.

3. Yarrow - powerful anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. You can drink as an infusion or can do sitz baths.

4. Nettle - detoxifying action.

5. elderflower - diuretic and antiseptic.

6. pine nuts - acting emollient, disinfectant.

7. bean pods - diurectica action, antispasmodic. Prepare a decoction and drink two or three cups a day.

8. juniper berries - diuretic and antiseptic. Prepare an infusion of one teaspoon of seeds in 250 ml water. Drink one cup a day.

9. Leaves blueberry - antidote against bacteria that cause cystitis. Is an infusion of one, two teaspoons of herb per 200 ml water. Drink two or three cups a day.

10. Flowers, leaves and roots of marshmallow. Contribute to the restoration of renal epithelium.Infusion of a tablespoon flowers and leaves in 250 ml water, drink one to two cups a day. Cold soak a tablespoon root in 250 ml water for 2-3 hours, drink during the day.

11. Tails cherries, corn silk, couch grass root.

Teas action can be enhanced by the addition of sodium bicarbonate.

Other natural remedies:

Lemon - You can start the day with a lemon juice dissolved in a glass of pure water, lukewarm.

Propolis - strengthens muscles in the bladder. A course lasts 6-8 weeks and is as follows: 40 drops of propolis tincture, three times daily before meals. As maintenance can still take 30 drops before bedtime.

Tincture of cow parsnip - strengthens the muscles of the bladder, workflow and boosts immunity. Cura takes 40 days and is as follows: one teaspoon three to four times a day, dissolved in 50 ml water.

Decoction of parsley , prepared as follows: a liter of water to boil 250 grams peeled and cubed root, until the water drops to half. Strain and drink during the day, in triplicate, on an empty stomach. On that day you are fasting, consume only water and tea.

Spinach juice - 500 ml per day to increase diuresis, do wonders in weakened bladder and cystitis.

You can choose any method or any combination that you think suits you, but regardless of your choice, do not forget that to maintain the health of the bladder, proper hydration (as described above) and diet rich in natural foods, They are very important. Do it weekly.

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